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  1. It looks fun. I wish it could play more players.
  2. I need this game. I played this along time ago and I loved it. I came wait to get this.
  3. I have a group of friends (8 including myself) and this game seems like it would fit well in our game nights.
  4. How is the gameplay? I think my daughter would like this and just wonder if she would like it and not get to bored with it.
  5. I was reading about this game. Seems like it would be a fun one. How does it play compared to 2 players to 5 players?
  6. I have played Arkham Horror it was a tough but great game. I need to get it and I really like the idea of Elder Sigh. I hope to add this to my collection soon.
  7. It looks like a great game. I have a friend that played the original and cant stop talking about this. It just needs to come out sooner.
  8. I have wanted to get this game for some time and now with the 2nd Edition coming out I am not sure which one to get. I was thinking since I dont have the game at all just to start fresh with the 2nd Edition. What does anyone else think would be best?
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