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  1. mdc273 said: If City of Spiders is copying the effect, why does the other not refer to another City plot besides City of Spiders? If the other is self-referential text, doesn't it refer to City of Spiders now? The currently revealed plot is in not considered to be in your used pile. So yes you can effectively double tap with City of Spiders assuming you've used no other City cards.
  2. mdc273 said: I can't believe anyone would attack the actual game mechanics of Magic. That's like attacking Citizen Kane as a movie. You're talking about a game that is considered one of the best games of all time and is what originated the whole card game craze. Of course the mechanics are dated, they're 20 years old. On the other hand, they have been pretty much unchanged since the advent of the game and yet the game is still the most popular one out there. Hell, most of this game is based off of Magic mechanics. They made a decision to NOT use LIFO (a decision I disagree with). They made a decision to have only one Marshalling phase (magic has two). They made a decision to not have characters actually hurt each other (in Magic they do). There are so many comparable aspects of this (or any) card game to Magic that it's difficult to not give Magic credit for it's obviously outstanding mechanics. Magic plays incredibly well as a gaming system, whether or not the cards are being designed well. The AGoT system is a hot mess compared to the simple elegance of LIFO. I'm not sure I would compare Magic to Citizen Kane. First, the movie is more interesting than a game of Magic. Second, I would more likely say Magic is more like Birth of a Nation and GoT is more like Schindler's List. The former is important in the development of card games (or movies) but there's something repellant about it. The latter certainly stand's on the shoulders of its predecessor's but made something much more uplifting. As someone who started casually playing Magic again (stopped because of money) my opinion of the game is unchanged. Its not a bad way to pass the time but its still a game about resource and card starvation. You get one card a turn and you're not guaranteed resources. I imagine a well tuned deck avoids these problems but such a thing costs money. Game of Thrones is a game where resources and draw are guaranteed thus placing more emphasis on player decisions. There's also a great deal more depth to it than Magic. Amongst other card games I've played (Warhammer, Netrunner, Star Wars, Vs, Vampire), Magic is worse than all of them. Magic continues to be beloved for no other reason than inertia. Its a solid enough game and its well supported and advertised. The lower complexity level of the game may also appeal to more casual players. GoT's still could use a lot more clamping down on certain things but even as I get frustrated with a few gaffes here and there, the cards are generally more interesting now than in older chapter packs.
  3. mdc273 said: As for post-challenge events, absolutely. I play Stark so my first thought was instant Bear Island or instant Harrenhal, though, haha. It would be pretty amusing to get a Guilty out of Stark… Interesting. Wow, that actually fixes one of the biggest weaknesses of running events in Stark… Its advantageous to play epic battles with this agenda with the additional upside that you can search for them for the next round. If you draw them normally you run the risk of losing them before next turn's plot phase. From a purely thematic perspective, a Black Sails deck that uses Kingsmoot would be cool.
  4. The only issue I have with it is that Warhammer and CoC are now getting less cards per year. If GoT went the same path I would like to see either bigger or more frequent boxes.
  5. mdc273 said: With regards to challenge control, you are no more vulnerable to it than any other deck. You do "lose" more (which is inaccurate as you just don't gain what you wanted) when challenge control hits, but that weakness is not inherent to the agenda. The agenda does not create a feedback loop by which challenge control can unwind your deck. Your comparison to TMP is a good one, but I was not looking to compare it to existing agendas in this straight up analysis. I intend on creating another thread that looks at the comparative power levels of agendas at some point. I made the comparison to TMP because they're agenda's that derive card advantage from winning challenges. Other agenda's require challenge wins but are often power related and are easier to meet. Black Sails has the most difficult challenge requirement of all agenda's (discounting some chargenda's) requiring specific characters doing specific things. Granted the end effect is very good so I won't say its unbalanced. Its a riskier deck type than something like KotR in my opinion but its better than simple draw. It also occurs to me the agenda is well suited to running post-challenge events. There are a few good ones available but if some interesting events are added to the game this could increase Black Sail's power since it will quickly search them out.
  6. mdc273 said: I am getting at nothing and simply making an objective statement on what cards are impacted. Your point, however, is what I was hoping someone would make. These are not negatives, so what is the negative of this agenda other than being unable to play a different agenda? I am of the opinion this agenda should've appeared no sooner than CP3 of the cycle. The downsides are obvious. First, you're vulnerable to mill. This can be addressed by recursion (a subtheme of this cycle) and power rushing. Second, you're vulnerable to challenge control. With TMP you have some ability to resist control and you're not required to win on the attack with a specific character. Black Sails requires you to win on attack with a naval character. This can be addressed by having a variety of naval characters but its too earlier to tell how good these characters are. Further, it might be possible that each House is designed with a Naval "gap" in their icon spreads. I think that's where the truly vulnerable part of Black Sails will sit.
  7. I'm not sure what you're getting at with the impacted cards list. For example, Maege Mormont can not be impacted by Black Sails because you will never use the two of them together due to Maege's limitation. Khal Drogo could be limited but if a Targ Sails deck comes together its highly unlikely it'll have any Dothraki beyond the ubiquitious Jhogo and Refugees. It could be even possible that the Targ variant of this deck might be a poor military deck further limiting any Dothraki in the deck. Even the best card, At The Gates, may not be too limited since Maesters and Naval decks may not work together properly. Admittedly some of the better Maester's (ex Luwin) work well in any deck. Further, I wouldn't be bothered by seeing a new Chain attachement that works with Naval challenges. I think the only useful card that is genuinely boned by the Black Sails is Riders of the Red Fork. If any get stuck in the Hold, they're likely stuck there.
  8. Current Naval character count: Neutral: 1 (+1 forthcoming) Bara: 1 (+2) Lanni: 2 (+1) Targ: 2 (+0) Stark: 2 (+0) GJ: 3 (+0) Martell: None Supporting Plot: 1 (+1) They've had worse roll-outs for new agendas (cough chargendas cough). There's probably tonnes more to come. I'm also not bothered by its potential weakness to mill. If only certain other agendas had some inherent liabilities.
  9. I still think GoT is the best card game. Its not the only game I play however. I play other card games (CCG, LCG, deckbuilders, etc) as well as board games. I think Netrunner and Star Wars look fine but neither have multiplayer options which I think are huge flaws. It could be that because I play a variety of games helps keep from getting bored. Still GoT remains a favourite. Its joust format is good and has multiple multi-player variants without requiring any contortions to the cards themself. Hell, with Star Wars the only thing I'm looking forward to is the asymetric multi-player that's supposed to come out with the first expansion. I think perhaps the only thing GoT truly needs is a solid expansion (not CP cycle) with some additional game variants. PS Are you not enthralled with the Black Sails? Yeah, it might be better left with a full expansion but there will still be a tonne of naval cards in the early CP's.
  10. dcdennis said: Dont expect me to take that pink money with the goose on it seriously though. Don't call MacKenzie King a goose. Just because he made some of his political decisions by having seances with Leonardo DeVinci and Theodore Rooseveldt doesn't mean you should poke fun at him.
  11. WWDrakey said: An alternative view would be that we're just really bored for half of the year, since everything is Snowed Under or just Frozen Solid… As a Canadian, I prefer to think that cold weather helps create practical thinking.
  12. I'm beginning to think that saunas and excellent metal bands have turned Finns into superiour beings. And best of all, you didn't punctuate a single sentence with lol.
  13. flipperlord said: Wow, I have a perfectly valid post, and you guys expect me to articulate every detailed card interaction between these two cards… if you fail to at least understand my point, then I don't care about your opinions to be honest lol Yes that is exactly what I expect you to do. At minimum at least try to explain how an offensive strategy (kneel) vs a personal response (standing a character) interacts. Its still quite possible to stand a character and not be able to use it effectively. Kneeling an opponant's character is very rarely not useful. Should we restrict Darkstar? He can withstand multiple attempts to kneel it, is a useful defense against Intrigue and works well with other defensive cards (which Martell has no end of). The stripey bastard is practically a one-man anti-Lannister army. He probably bribed Littlefinger to screw up the 7 kingdoms. Clearly needs restriction.
  14. flipperlord said: My post obviously compares both LL's and CotR's relative strengths against other cards in the card pool… the two charts that I wrote illustrate that lol… I briefly stated that LL beats CotR just as an aside, which i obviously did lol… You did no such thing. For example, what are the advantages of Targ being able to stand their own characters? They have a narrow field of characters that kneel for effects (as mentioned before its 8). What advantages do they receive for being able to participate in multiple challenges? Targ has more Renown characters than given credit for but it exists largely only on expensive characters (mainly Armies). What about other beneficial challenge effects? What are the resources required to continually stand? Are they easy to play? They do have competition for other cards? Targaryen's influence curve still requires careful management. What are the relative advantages for being able to offensively control the opposition? How easy is it to perform? What advantages do you gain for doing so? Lannister may be suffering a little in their recent card pool but they still have diverse options for kneeling opponents. This is backed up additional control effects (ex Pentoshi Manor) and a healthy amount of characters with Deadly and/or Stealth.
  15. Twn2dn said: Separately, I think both Long Lances and Street Waif are good examples of why it's probably better to put powerful effects (and card advantage effects in particular) on unique cards rather than non-unique cards. I think its worth mentioning that Targ only has 8 characters that kneel for effects. Two are reducers. Two provide recursion. Two are really bad (Merchant and Ascetic). The last two provide modest utility (D.Handmaiden and M.Aemon). By way of comparison Greyjoy has 12. Some are pretty lame but Alannys alone would be terrifying. Throw in Murenmure, Wendamyr, Moqorro and the Ice Fisherman for more potency.
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