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  1. You could probably make it work, although it has no Only War focused content. But you can easily make Guardsmen characters, and pretty much all the gear you'd need is represented.
  2. All the chapters I'm planning to include are already in the preview of the Deathwatch character creation rules, although I've revised them a bit since, will push out a new version once I review the whole chapter to iron out any issues. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Yni-fQwE0Kz4CF60ajhX5zShv22zuEOY
  3. What do you mean by an NPC sheet? I'm happy to share the stat blocks templates and stuff, but I've never really used dedicated NPC sheets so I'm not sure what you mean there. I think any generic Genesys resource would also work fine , there's not a lot about NPCs in this hack that is significantly different mechanics-wise.
  4. Hey Clint, looks like your account was approved pretty late, I just got the new post notification for this. I guess Edge/Asmodee have sorted out getting some moderators for these forums again 😛 Sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner! There's no real secret story here, I just like Dark Heresy a lot and was generally pretty unsatisfied with the outcome of the Dark Heresy 2e beta, so ever since I've been looking for a better way to run DH games. I've experimented with a few systems along the way, started some minor work on an Edge of the Empire conversion a few months before Genesys was announced, so it was a perfect fit. I've never worked professionally in the RPG industry or anything like that. In terms of the polish of the books aesthetically it mostly comes down to extracting assets from Dark Heresy 2e's books and editing as needed, I spend a lot of time in Photoshop and InDesign tweaking everything obsessively. Really appreciate the positive feedback! Ooh, this is good stuff. If I ever end up revisiting Corruption rules or a potential Black Crusade conversion I'll definitely keep this in mind (and credit you of course, if I end up using anything).
  5. Looks like pretty solid work to me, although I already did make some abhuman stats at one point. Here's those if you want to take a look - https://docs.google.com/document/d/136RX7WmnS9Gcj_F15BlumAVGgDKzZgIm1zlLSgZkpzI/edit
  6. Quadruple posting, oops. So I've been working on Faith Powers and would like some input. I'm trying to figure out a system for how you actually go about acquiring them. There's two options I'm currently tossing up between. Just make them a series of talents with pre-requisites. This is a straightfoward and easy option, although it does mean they have to fit within the existing tiers, and most faith powers would likely be in the 3-5 range. Using a system similar to Force Powers in Star Wars RPG, arranging the different Faith Powers into trees. Below is a hypothetical mockup I made of something like that using some of the powers from Blood of Martyrs. This does mean that characters focusing on faith would climb the talent pyramid a lot slower. Thoughts? Any other cooler ideas?
  7. Might need to view this image in a new tab to read the text, forums squish it a bit. First pass at the Grey Knights psychic discipline (also accessible to normal psykers).
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oiI8tDFYjKo55ScXSPxFae84uNnIopmu/view?usp=sharing Oh hey Grey Knights are (mostly) done too. Still need to do their psychic discipline, but everything else should be good to go.
  9. They're next on the list, haven't really done anything with them mechanically yet beyond their gear though as of yet. Vague plan for them; One Archetype option. I thought about ways to give them a Home World or Home Chapter equivalent that lets them have some more variety, but I couldn't think of anything that really made sense (briefly toyed with the idea of basing it on their heraldry, but it's a bit of a stretch). They're a pretty homogenised bunch. Six careers - Strike Marines, Purgators, Purifiers, Tech-Marines, Librarians and Apothecaries. An Elite Advance similar to the one used by Deathwatch Marines, but with some extra bonuses to represent what makes Grey Knights unique. A new psychic discipline (Sanctic Daemonology). Probably no new powers in this, I think the existing powers cover what Grey Knights can do pretty well, but I might add in some Minor Power talents if there's any weird edge cases I think are worth representing. They'll also get some dedicated talents in the talents chapter when I get to that, and access to all the general Space Marine stuff. EDIT: Here's a first pass at that Elite Advance.
  10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hhre4IAnCIH-iAXbvBp-HRV4EhKUummD Here's the Sororitas character creation chapter. Pretty short and sweet, just a couple of elite advances and some character creation guidance.
  11. First pass at Adepta Sororitas Elite Advances. The idea is the specific non-militant orders will get expanded on in talents, the Elite Advance is kept generic to cut down on bloat. Thoughts?
  12. It'd be interesting from a design perspective for sure, but I'm honestly not sure what you'd actually do with those rules. In your average Dark Heresy game you're not likely to have any use for a Knight on a regular basis, and your PCs wouldn't really be able to get one anyway unless they were part of the Questor Imperialis (which raises the question of what on earth they're doing hanging out in an Acolyte Cell). I guess a campaign about a squadron of Knights could be interesting but it's basically a different game at that point 😛 I'm kinda fond of leaving Titan scaled stuff in the realm of "if you stat it, players will absolutely find a way to kill it, so maybe just don't".
  13. I'm a big fan of Black Crusade! I'd love to do an adaptation, and a lot of the groundwork has been done already. Most of the work would be figuring out Infamy, Corruption and all the Mutation rules, the actual character creation, gear and etc could be pretty easily ported over. I've been planning to do a book focusing on Daemonic stuff in more detail; sorcery rules, daemon weapons, possession mechanics, that kinda stuff. Maybe when I get to that I can look at building in mechanics for Chaos-aligned PCs, or at the very least it should lay a lot of groundwork for a proper Black Crusade conversion in the future. One thing I've considered is offering Xenos player options when I do more of the books like the Tau expansion I did ages ago. It'd be pretty easy to slap in a few archetypes for the different Tau castes in there if I ever revisit it to bring it in line with the newer editions of the core book. The question of why Xenos characters are hanging around in an Inquisition party is something people can answer for themselves, I guess. In terms of Rogue Trader I think the main design challenges would be coming up with good mechanics for Profit Factor (not impossible by any means, there's a lot of good examples of money-less systems out there for Genesys), and building in good rules for voidships. Ships would require a lot of work, that's why I ended up leaving them out of the vehicle expansion. I'm potentially keen to do this but Rogue Trader is the one 40kRPG I've never actually played myself, so I'm not super familiar with the source material, might have to do a bit of research. Dark Eldar and Kroot too, I think? Definitely a solid source of inspiration, and it helps with adding narrative justification to what they're doing in a party of humans.
  14. Quick question for everyone - once the Chambers Militant book is done and dusted, is there any content you particularly want to see? I've got lots of plans of my own but I've never really asked what content players are actually keen on seeing added - I'm very open to ideas, although I will ultimately prioritise stuff that I'm interested in, whether that's because it's something I want for my own games, or something that seems like a cool design challenge.
  15. If you use the chapters in the Deathwatch rules as an example, you could pretty easily build your own chapters using the archetype creation rules in Genesys. If you take the Xenos Hunter rule out of the Deathwatch advance you've basically got a standard marine (you'd probably want to reduce the XP cost by 15 or so as well, to compensate). As for Xenos PCs, there's no rules as of yet, but you could pretty easily build them as archetypes using the normal Genesys rules. For xenos species that are particularly exceptional, you might want to add in a mandatory elite advance like with Deathwatch Marines.
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