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  1. Yeah, it's part of Melee (Light). I did have this outlined in the book, but somewhere in the editing process the write up got eaten. For what it's worth here's what the book used to say. I'll fix it up when I get around to releasing a new version of the PDf. Definitely been dragging my feet on that, but I do plan to get into it now, I've got a list of everything I want to include. "Melee (Light) operates as described on page 68 of the Genesys Core Rulebook. The only difference is that in Dark Heresy, Melee (Light) also governs unarmed brawling attacks, replacing the Brawl skill from page 67 of the Genesys Core Rulebook."
  2. Yep, definitely intentional. I was always dubious on how balanced it'd work out to be, but the goal was exactly what you guessed; ramp up the grimdark factor by making injury matter a lot more. Haven't really had enough playtesting opportunities to figure out if it works well, but I haven't had any complaints about it, so that must mean something?
  3. Tom Cruise

    Creating setting from existing game, how to not get in trouble?

    Valve could send you a cease and desist any time they wanted, and you would generally need to comply with that (unless you feel like seeking genuine legal advice and seeing what your options are). But generally speaking that's very unlikely to happen, especially if you make it clear that your setting is a fan work and isn't claiming any rights to the intellectual property you're referencing. As long as you don't try to make it out like you have any ownership or right to the Half Life IP, you're probably going to be fine. It can't hurt to throw in some sort of statement to that effect in your release somewhere, but honestly I'm not even confident that makes a difference. This is what I put in my Dark Heresy setting book.
  4. Tom Cruise

    Genesys Mecha

    Really excellent work as usual! Keeping a close eye on this, I'd love to try running a mecha game in Genesys in the future.
  5. Tom Cruise

    Star Wars Resistance - new trailer

    Half that work was already done, and is likely sitting in a server farm somewhere gathering dust. And it's a very short run, so financially much less of an expense than making an entire multi-season series. I wouldn't be surprised if it's still unprofitable, but they're banking on the long term benefits of bringing disillusioned fans back into the fold.
  6. Tom Cruise

    Star Wars Resistance - new trailer

    Wasn't TCW essentially funded by George Lucas pouring millions of his own personal riches into it with no real return? I think expecting Disney to adopt the same strategy is just not realistic, they're a profit driven company, they're only going to put in as much as they need to turn a profit.
  7. I've definitely considered it. I think it's easy enough to narrate your way around the different damage types, but it wouldn't hurt to have some separate tables ready to go. Something to consider for the eventual second edition. Haven't really made much more progress since the last time I posted a PDF sample. It's definitely something I want to get done, just haven't been super motivated lately (settling into yet another new job, getting obsessed with Monster Hunter, bad combo as far as productivity is concerned). On a related note, Wrath and Glory is out now! Been leafing through it a little, interested to see what ideas I can steal and bring over. It seems like a solid game, but I probably still prefer Genesys.
  8. I've bought this, although I've never run it. I have played Blades in the Dark though, the game it's based on mechanically, and that is excellent. So I assume this is too. A lot of the concepts can map over to EotE campaigns pretty well, even if the mechanics don't mesh very well.
  9. Tom Cruise

    Community Created Setting Graphics

    I did everything for my Dark Heresy conversion myself using InDesign. It's pretty easy to pick up and learn, although if you don't already have the software the price can be pretty offputting.
  10. Tom Cruise

    Pokémon, a simple version?

    Base it on the Pokeball being used? Maybe like, base difficulty of 3P for a normal Pokeball, 2P for a Great Ball, 1P for an Ultra Ball? The various type specific balls could have their difficulty change depending on the kind of target, or maybe just add boost/setback.
  11. Yeah, I've been strongly considering merging the core and the expansion. Probably for a big 2.0 release with some rules improvements, it's likely gonna be a big job if I do it. The Liber Heresius content feels less like expansion material and more like core material, and I'd like to have the Influence and Subtlety systems baked into the core book so it's no an awkward mess referencing them in future expansions. Thanks for the typo corrections, I'll get that fixed up in the next release.
  12. I could probably throw together an editable template version, although it'd require some InDesign knowledge. I'd also need to figure out how to make InDesign documents portable, considering that as is the books are very reliant on my local file structure, which might make everything break horribly if opened on a separate PC.
  13. Tom Cruise

    Conversion Legality

    I haven't received a single whiff of a C&D and my Dark Heresy hack's been out in the open for months.
  14. Tom Cruise

    Genesys Mecha

    I was thinking, in regards to the Minion problem you identified earlier (where mechs are way too sturdy to make for satisfying minion squads), would it be worthwhile having some kind of special rules for mechs when they're put into minion squads? Maybe a flat reduction/division of their hull threshold? Might be easier than providing Minion level stats for the various suits.
  15. Tom Cruise

    No More Android…?

    There's not really any good reason for them not to put out an Android book if it's in the works. They still own the Android license, just not the Netrunner one.