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  1. Whoops, that definitely should be Melee (Light). I've fixed that up. I like the idea of simplifying training back to giving you a reroll, I might try to work something out around that. I can see the logic behind wanting training to have a difficulty attached, but that does inherently ratchet up the mechanical complexity; it means negative symbols needs some concrete mechanics attached. And I agree that training involves pushing yourself but people also learn pretty massively from failure, or from just going through the motions and repeating stuff which is familiar, so I think you could make the argument for any difficulty pool here pretty comfortably from a fluff perspective. I'm more interested in what would be mechanically sound. I'll give it some thought. Apologies for the relative silence in here, still chipping away at the book, just been a bit slow due to a pretty hectic work and personal life in the last couple of weeks. Here's a couple of samples of the reworked psychic power chapter. I've decided to include the full rules text for powers in the Dark Heresy book here, rather than referencing the spells in the Genesys CRB. Playing a psyker currently is very intensive on flipping between books so I've tried to eliminate that as an issue. Also, rather than putting Narrative and Structured versions of powers in separate places, I've lumped them together which I think makes a lot more sense from a formatting perspective.
  2. I think getting into multiple levels of training is getting a little too granular for what is meant to be a pretty lightweight little gameplay system. It's a neat idea but I'm not looking to get quite that crunchy. Appreciate your work on the proofreading, no need to apologise! Another quick update; I've started my rework of the Psychic Powers chapter. This is a more thorough re-do than other chapters have had; goal is to eliminate page-flipping between Genesys and Dark Heresy by reproducing most of the magic rules directly, with some mechanical tweaks to suit psychic powers better. Should hopefully make for a much less clumsy experience for psyker players. Here's a preview of the first few pages. - LINK - Oh, and here's what I'm currently leaning towards for the book cover. I like the left one more I think, it's much more... evocative?
  3. Alrighty, two chapters fresh out of the oven for you. Firstly, the finished armoury chapter with all content complete. - LINK - Secondly, the Narrative Tools chapter. No major rules changes here, but I've renamed Downtime Encounters to Interludes (thanks, Expanse RPG!) and have added Research and Training as interlude options. I'm not really happy with where Training's at mechanically, give it a look and let me know your thoughts, open to suggestions on how it could be tweaked. - LINK -
  4. I'm well aware! Thanks for sourcing this content but it was intentionally omitted. My goal here isn't to adapt every single piece of 40kRPG content ever made, that'd turn this book into an unwieldy mess. Plus, half the content in those books are just slight alterations on existing weapons (different lasgun patterns, etc), which is something Genesys' design philosophy leans away from. I've also tried to represent some weapons using ammo or weapon attachments instead of entirely new weapons. Like the handful of toxic flamer weapons throughout the 40kRPG books are handled by using different custom ammo for regular flamers.
  5. Alright, newly updated and pretty-fied cybernetics rules are added to the above PDF, along with the text for servitors (the bulk of their actual rules are in the NPC chapter anyway). Same link, have at it! Almost through this mammoth chapter.
  6. Update to the Armoury chapter - the Wargear section is now done, featuring all general gear. This means all we've got to go are the following; Servitors and cyber-constructs Cybernetics Services - LINK -
  7. Yeah, I'm planning to rewrite the psychic powers chapter almost entirely to mitigate the amount of page-flipping you need to do between Genesys CRB and Dark Heresy, so I can probably slide that in.
  8. I'd say the Genesys rule wins there. The Defense cap is in place for good reason, things get pretty broken pretty fast without a cap in place, as seen in the Star Wars RPGs. However if for some reason an effect reduced his Defense, I'd rule that the first reduction just eats that excess point. Seems fair enough. Glad you're enjoying it!
  9. Here's the current list of gear, neatly categorised. Cybernetics and servitors are their own sections, so they aren't included here. Anything missing here that you'd like to see? I'm gonna do a flip through a few of the 40kRPG books and see if there's anything neat I'd want to port over, but I'm very open to suggestions.
  10. Quick update, armoury chapter now has all armour, weapons, attachments, ammo and etc done. Just the non-combat gear to go now. - LINK - I've added a few new goodies here and there, will prepare a full changelog eventually. Working on the rest of the gear chapter now. On that note, trying to figure out how to divide up the gear which is currently loosely categorised into either "Tools" or "Clothing and Personal Gear". Here's a current categorisation mock-up I threw together. Any thoughts? Better ideas? I'm all ears.
  11. Awesome, nice work. Bit behind on keeping up with your annotations but I'll give them a good look soon! As for the next thing to go through, it's up to you really, I'd appreciate any contribution. Might make most sense to just go on to the next chapter though?
  12. The structure of the talent pyramid on the character sheet isn't explicitly referred to in any mechanics, so I wouldn't place much stock in that. I think what you're looking for is essentially a statement disproving something the rules never really establish. There's no text stating an upper limit on talents, so it's safe to assume there isn't one.
  13. Awesome, really appreciate the work you've put into this! Will take a look at the comments you've left over the weekend and make the appropriate tweaks. While I'm here, here's the current special ammo offerings. Anything not represented here that people would like to see? I've added in custom needler rounds and toxic fuel for the flamer, everything else is the same currently, although with some minor rules tweaks here and there. - LINK -
  14. Not nearly done, but here's the first part of the Armoury chapter, primarily focusing on ranged weapons. Because I just can't help myself, I added some new goodies. New Haywire weapon quality (Essentially Sunder for electronics but with some tweaks) New low-tech weapons - Bolas, Bow, Flintlock Pistol, Musket and Sling Plasma Caliver Arc weapons Figured I'd port some of the more Acolyte-friendly Adeptus Mechanicus armaments to the game. I'll probably do a full AdMech splat down the line with all the fancy Skitarii toys, but this at least adds a couple of nice new options. The ammo rules have also been rewritten to use advantages always; weapons which previously required an action now just require 2 advantages. Not sure why I didn't do this in the first place, it makes a lot more sense. - LINK - I think ranged weapons should be well covered now but if there is anything I've missed feel free to let me know.
  15. I couldn't not include Squats. Plus, they're canon again now! Same with Beastmen, god bless Necromunda.
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