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  1. When the overlord plays the rage card, does he state who he is attacking with both attacks? Or does he make the first attack and afterwards decide who he wants to attack next? Thanks
  2. When the Human army draws tactic cards during a battle, do they get to use them that battle since it is their special ability? Or do they have to wait till the next season to use them?
  3. Is there a list anywhere of retailers that are holding preview parties?
  4. We are unsure how to handle the appraiser skill in RTL when there is a market shortage in town. If the market value is 2 and there is a market shortage, does the players get 1 or 2 items to look at? We've been playing that the person still gets to look at 2 items. Thanks
  5. Not sure if this has been answered, but my search for the forums is not working. Does the controlling player get to use the monster on that inital turn that the wizard killed the monster, or does the wizard wait till the end of the next turn to use the monster.
  6. They are talking about Road to Legends or Sea of Blood expansion. You keep the same character throughout the campaign. Heros use a map to travel to travel between cities and dungeons. Its great if you can find people willing to play on a weekly basis. I enjoy it a lot more than regular Descent since you get to keep the character to which you become attached.
  7. They have dice for sell now.
  8. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Our group had a disagreement about the amount of damage that each hero takes when magic is used against the gemstone dragon. Is it 1. the amount of hearts on the white dice that the overlord rolled for range. 2. the amount of damage that the hero rolled when he attacked the gemstone dragon. If it is #1, is the damage dealt to the dragon reduced by this amount?
  10. Thanks all for the replies. Just wanted a couple of dice to speed up gameplay. I'll try the blank dice.
  11. 1. Does a hero with fly have to pay 2 movement points to move into an elevated space (table, throne)? 2. Does anyone know anyplace that will custom make the descent dice? I found a place, but they charge $6.50 a die. Was wondering if there was anyplace cheaper. Thanks
  12. I found some 4x6 inch protectors at Office Depot. They area little bit big for the character sheets, but are the closest ones I could find.
  13. When going from Copper level to Silver level, does the OL automatically get to upgrade all the monsters to Silver level? Or does the OL have to pay exp. to upgrade each type of monster whenever the campaign changes levels?
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