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  1. I really hope someone in charge of the web pages and books sees this post because an error has been made pertaining to the UAC. Every time it is written in full, you have it written United Aerospace Corporation. It is, in fact, the Union Aerospace Corporation. Please please please notice and make the change because even though it's a small issue, it would be like calling Vault-Tec something like Shelter-Tec or the Umbrella Corporation something like Umbrella Incorporated. It's just jarring. In other news, I am incredibly excited for this game and plan to pick up two copies when it releases.
  2. When you install a Djinn can you put already installed viruses from your rig into it or do you install new viruses?
  3. I paid a click to play this card and it says to make a run. Do I also pay a click for the run itself or is it already paid in the original click for the event?
  4. I know it says can spend clicks to break subroutine, but it is causing a debate. The Corp player thinks you can't use a Decoder to just break the subroutines and that the only way past the Ice is to use the clicks on the Viktor card. I have Yog.0 Decoder
  5. Am I right in assuming that if an ability has a ":" in the pay cost you can use that ability as much as you have resource available such as "Pay 2 credits: Break a subroutine" , and if it doesn't have a ":" you can only pay it once?
  6. I just recently started playing Netrunner and was looking through my cards and came across Data Raven. I am have a hard time understanding or I'm overthinking the card. Can some one give a in game play by play on how this works (It's mostly the Hosted power counter I'm confused on and the timing). Do you get a power counter every time the trace is successful?
  7. Android the RPG PLEASE!!!! Just got my blue ray of Blade Runner and then busted out my Android and Netrunner stuff. Love the Novels too. So why not an Android RPG with the SW EotE type dice. I am getting chill bumps just thinking about it.
  8. Thanks for the info. Another question though. Would I need to buy more than 1 copy of anything such as Cycles decks?
  9. I have the starter boxes for Star wars, Android netrunner, Warhammer invasion, and Call of Cthulhu. So far we have only played with the recommended decks in the books. I was just curious as to how the cycles and deluxe boxes (and I see now they have draft sets) work. Confused as to what to buy other than the obvious EVERYTHING!!! Is there an order that I should follow? Is it themed for a story? I would like to know because I just ordered 40k conquest, AGoT, and LotR LCGs also.
  10. He is Mandalorian which = Badass He has awesome armor He is known to disintegrate people He got the shaft hard in Return of the Jedi but in the EU climbed out of the Sarlacc pit Cool original trilogy voice (Side note: The Imperial Officer that escorted Leia in cloud city and used her as a body shield when Luke shows up is the guy who played Boba Fett. So he got some actual Face Time. He is also the Pilot in Senator Bail Organa's ship in episode 3) In closing Yes I still love Boba Fett even though Geogre Lucas could have done more with him in ROTJ. It would have been awesome to see him and Han actually duke it out. I also introduced him to my group in the Long Arm of the Hutt at the end to retrieve the still living Teemo the Hutt and it gave everyone chills. So I guess PRESENCE also counts in Boba's favor
  11. My group has an astrogation droid that they pick up in an earlier adventure ( we are using the standard card for the droid) recently they also put in an astrogation droid brain. Under Mod Options it say 2 Increase - Does that mean you can increase the skill twice for a total of 4 ( 2 original and then the 2 Increase)? Skill question On astrogation difficulty of hard with 2 setback dice and using the droid brain with the R4 assisting does the dice pool look like this? 3 purple 2 black 4 green and 1 blue from assist from the R4?
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