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  1. I'll see if I can make it to the Cranberry Cafe today to play Netrunner. Also, Wakks, I got yo' cards.
  2. That would be the point. I think that if you don't feel a terrible impending sense of dread from not having the necessary items to avoid the permanent 2 sanity loss, I don't think the Great Old One is doing it right.
  3. Sure, in solo play. Now go fight Cthulu with The Nun solo. See how bad that -1 to both stats is.
  4. When you successfully complete an adventure, you take the adventure card as a trophy. The number in the green slot next to the game is a number of trophies associated with the card. Because you have taken the card, you must move your character back to the entrance, because the adventure card is no longer in play. If you were allowed to stay in the same slot, then you could assist for the next player who moves into that slot, assuming you haven't move out yet. The entrance is honestly a bad name for visualization. Call it "The Lobby". If you've ever been to the Met in NYC, it would be like that big lobby.
  5. Replies: Dr. Jay: A task is a single row on a card. To complete an adventure, you must complete all the tasks. Therefore, when a monster is put on a partial, it replaces parts of a row, and then adds it's own set to the task. Walk: I have another piece of tactical advice. Throw all the monsters onto a low-penalty and out-of-order card. This allows you to throw all the monsters into a single task that would not hurt you if you lost, but still allow you to beat the monsters. This means if you have a turn with practically no advantage, you can go "monster hunting", which would let you keep a dump area for your monsters, while also allowing you to kill them with little-to-no penalty. Jenkins: This is part of the terrible and vague rules on assisting. Can you influence other investigator's rolls? If so, does that count as assisting? Can you use your items for other people, when it isn't your turn? I right now minimize the amount of assisting, except for focus slots, because I win more than lose. When I finally add a house rule that makes the game too hard, I'll decide if I make a house rule that allows assisting in other fashions to balance that out.
  6. Replies: ALLular13 1. No. 2. Yes. More incentive to beat monsters that are irrelevant if the Great Old One awakens. 3. Yes. That way every death makes the game harder. Cthulu adds a token ONLY during midnight, not every turn. So it would make sense that if he killed off a bunch of you in a go, he would suddenly become stronger. Same with any other Great Old Ones. Dr. Jay 1. Yes. You remove the dice that you used to beat a task, and they are LOCKED. You may not re-use them during the adventure. The adventure implies your turn during a battle. They should really make a quick-reference that says : "The most negative effect is always the one we intended."
  7. Like I said. Errata to permanently, and it's done. Simple, clean fix. Also allows a distinction but a little flavor difference from Cthulu.
  8. Replies: Mine: 3a. Although clues are not EASY to get, they aren't hard to get either. Most tasks are beatable with a little luck and prudent behavior, as well as the fatalism to allow yourself to lose. I promote that idea because I've won almost every game I've played, which is unfortunate. Daverman: 1. I believe you need more context. Where is a monster "removed"? Do you mean when you spend them as a trophy? Like all trophies, they get recycled into the game. 2. My cards say defeat, which means they defeat the monster instantaneously, which acts as if you beat the monster out of turn. However, if the monster lies upon a monster-slot that has a task within it, the player has to continue to beat the task, at least in my opinion. Thank you for your input guys. Me and my group of friends are working on clarifying rules and creating more difficult variants, as well as clarifying rules on monsters, so maybe I'll be able to post a clarified "house-rule" set.
  9. Lock till they fail. Basically, it's a special Adventure card, where there are N tasks, where N = number of doom tokens, and instead of resolving the whole adventure, you remove M tokens where M is the number of successes. You have to lock the number of dice, or lose them, so there isn't a chance to solo in ONE turn. The point is, you have to let the monster hit you. Alternatively, they could also say "You can only remove up to 4 tokens at best, for each player turn."
  10. Oh, I never noticed that. Errata it to "or lose 2 Sanity permanently." and it'll be solved. Same deal as Ithaqua and Vincent Lee (The Doctor). Errata it to "permanently" and it'll be fine.
  11. Thanks for the replies so far. Responses: 1. Agreed. 2. Agreed. 3a. I think you're wrong. If that was the case, then there would be no purpose to using spell cards. The spell cards that allow the hold of a roll are subsequently circumvented completely by individual choices of clue tokens. 3b. Thought so. 4. That's weak as ****. 5. Yeah, a subsequent read through the rules makes me notice that. 6. Yeah, after a few reads I realized that. Then I realized there was an Ancient One that removes Elder Signs, and they couldn't be owned personally, subsequently. 7. Why do the Spell Slot spells seem to refer to active player in the manual? There shouldn't be a need to specify spell targeting if only the active player can actually use spells. 8. I think they should only be able to influence if they are within the same room, if able to affect them at all. 9. Agreed. 10. Yeah, I logicked that one eventually. Recycling is more effective. 11. Okay. That seems fair. Moar questions! 12. These are all character specifics. 12a. If Mandy Thompson allows rerolls, is a turn a turn of the clock, or a turn of the player? I think it does, since otherwise it is BROKE as ****. 12b. Does Joe Diamond allow his second reroll to NOT occur on immediately? I think it occurs when you want it to, but only within that adventure.
  12. 11. Can you discard/defeat a monster that isn't in the room with you using a spell?
  13. These are multiple questions that are unclear (to me at least).: 1. Can you choose to NOT move? It would seem a bit obvious, but then there lies the question of just sitting at the entrance and healing 2. Is it heal one Sanity AND Stamina, or one Sanity OR Stamina. If you look at the rule book, it's AND, and if you look at the card, it's OR. I like the card's interpretation better. 3a. Clue tokens: Does it allow you to reroll ONE or ALL, or ANY NUMBER or ALL? It just says "any or all". The implication is any one die, or all the die, but this probably needs clarification. 3b. Can I keep using clue tokens after another role to complete a task fails? I think this is yes, but I'm unsure. 4. How the devil does assisting work? Does the person just act as another focus area? If you read it, it just seems that any ally assisting acts as another focus area, but then it seems just a bit weak. 6 guys in ONE room still doesn't do **** in terms of having an advantage. 5. Summoning monsters when there are no free monster slots just mean it fizzles, right? 6. Elder Signs don't get lost from being devoured, correct? 7. Can spells be played out of turn, and for other people? 8. Can characters that affect rolls (such as Mandy Thompson, and Michael McGlen) outside of their turn? 9. If an Ancient One devours the investigator representing the player, that player is OUT for the rest of the game, correct? He does not get reintroduced as another investigator, correct? These are all the small inconsistencies/questions I had during 3 playthroughs. Thanks for answering! EDIT: I have another question. 10. When we use trophies at the trophy shop, they just go to the bottom of the deck, right?
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    I called a store, got a release date of Thursday, September 8th.
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