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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Some of what you mentioned was along the lines that I had already been thinking. But it's always good to hear ideas from other GMs and to receive confirmation of mine. :-)
  2. I am curious as to how other GMs provide monetary rewards for their groups? Most items in the armory (especially armor, cybernetics and such) are quite pricey. The players don't earn too much with the monthly incomes the characters receive given that most adventures take place over a week or two. Sure there may be a couple months travel between destinations, but all in all, "working for a living" doesn't pay that well. The game does allow for characters to be creative in obtaining funds, but there may not be enough time (in game time and/or real time). The most obvious source of extra income I can see is from the sale of gear from the various foes that they vanquish. Used equipment would typically sell for a significantly reduced rate from the "full price", allowing for adjustments upwards based upon successful barter attempts. Captured gear can also be a good source of equipment upgrade. But what about other sources of wealth? The few adventures that I've read through thus far make no mention of NPCs carrying or possessing any money or other items of value. Your thoughts?
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