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  1. Yea, hmmm. The cover rules seem kind of weak in this respect. Feel like vehicles with a height advantage should be able to shoot at units in the open that are not close to any kind of cover without a penalty
  2. So had a couple of scenarios come up and needed some clarification. Trooper. Barricade! ATST So say an ATST walks up to a barricade and wants to shoot at a trooper that is 1+ range away from the barricade and in the open. Does the trooper get cover because the barricade is between him and the ATST? Even though he is in the open and when viewing him from behind the top of the ATST he is clearly visible and in the open? Does height of weapons on models not matter? Also Trooper. Barricade! T-47 Similar situation. Trooper is 1+ range from a barricade and there is a T-47 1+ range on the other side of the barricade. Trooper is in the open clearly and the speeder is at height 2, but does the trooper still get cover because a line passes through the barricade when drawn between them? When viewing the target from the T-47 it is clearly in the open. I guess I'm just trying to clarify this. It seems like it should be in the open based on every other table top game I've played, but the rules seem like it's trying to say different.
  3. my store was on the phone and sending emails to FFG Direct and their other distributors within an hour of the announcement. if that's not on top of it i don't know what is ... there was such little product the distributors didn't even bother to create a listing on the site. they are basically having to draw names out of hats to see who gets the kits...so imagine 30 shops want to get the kit while the distributor only has 3 avail and no more information avail on if there will be more... pretty messed up
  4. Kind of crappy to announce something like that and then have such low numbers available If any of those kits are on eBay before April 1 it should be a blacklist for the store involved
  5. Seems like your store got lucky. Down here in the southeast it is apparently a 1 in 10 type deal. The distributors said that they didn't even list it as available stock because they knew the numbers were going to be super low
  6. So just heard through the grapevine that the SoR event is going to be extremely limited, on the order of only about 10-15% of stores will have kits to run it. What's up with the supply issues?! Going to be a fun time...
  7. Battletech/Mechwarrior would be an awesome IP
  8. So i love Star Wars, but my other huge love is Battletech/Mechwarrior. I can't help but think that FFG could make a really really good Dice and card game like SWD if they could license Battletech from CGL or Topps or whoever they would need to talk to to get it. It's fast and brutal, has tons of units and characters, has a huge amount of material for upgrades and abilities, and is big stompy robots! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE! Someone tell FFG, quick!
  9. Based off the scores i just saw on the twitch stream it looks like he went 0-3 today. Round 9 was being played and he still only had 30pnts. Not a bad showing for 4HWKs, but it's just not resilient enough to wade through the meta when you are playing really good people.
  10. I'm just saying it will be interesting to see how day 2 goes
  11. Be interesting to see how far this list goes. While the "neat" factor is kind of there, I doubt it will do wonders against some competent lists and players. Day two should be a good indicator
  12. This seems like a perfect game universe for FFG to acquire license and turn into an amazing mini game. I know are a couple of people working on some home brew conversions but dont you think FFG could turn this into a pretty **** good game?!
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