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  1. the veteran greatswords+call for reserves+rodrick raiders. i like also emperor's chosen.
  2. you're welcome. This combo will be popular in the next spanish championship :D :D . A friend of mine plays it a lot, and i will try to stop it with my dark elf deck.
  3. In cataclism there is only 1 battlefield phase with 2 atacks. I have a question, what about raiders and scout units, if i atack a fulcrum from a player that is undefended and a zone of same oponent and my unit with scout or raider survives, will i get the benefit of his keyword twice? Or BDK will make his action when declared as an atacker twice?
  4. Hi. No i'm not polish, Bery told me this in an octgn play. We were playing 1st round of 2nd international octgn tournament and this situation occurs in final turn of final game, my 2nd zone was burned by 1 point of damage becouse the unit that enter in play later in turn gets the -2 hp. The grudge thrower works different. The diference is that the hydra text says: when this unit enters play...is a triggered efect, triggers when the hydra comes into play and all the units in the corresponding zone in that moment suffers the efect, and thats all. Sorry Rasdsaris, Bery just put a google translation from your blog to clarify the question and i was agree with him in that moment, but i want to be sure of that for the next time we meet. The veteran slayer works the same way than the grudge thrower Bye.
  5. I'm agree with you, but there is a polish player called Przemo, that finish 2nd in polish tournament on june with and end of times deck, that plays it on the other way, generating a constant effect in the corresponding zone until the end of turn that gives all the units there -2hp, and does not matter the unit was already there or enters later in the turn. He plays Scions of misery in the same way. For me, playing empire, the diference was important.
  6. The question is in the topic, some people plays like that but i'm not sure, if i put a new unit from hand or move a unit from another zone to the zone that the effect of the hydra was aplied, the new entering unit gets the -2 hp? Thanks for replays.
  7. Just combined with snotling invasion is good. The theme is not prevent the atack, is destroy the oponent developments.
  8. Hi, Steve. How are you? i'm happy to hear about you and all the people i meet in America. It will be a regional in Spain and i will attemp to go, but the company that publish the game in Spain haven't give any dates for the LCG days, that is the name they give to our lcg regional tournaments. My dark elf deck was over powered with muster for war and all his stuff and now is weak against many decks, but i'm triying to improve it. Is true that i suffer the restrictions as many other decks, remember world championship final, but new faq with all his changes was necesary to give fresh air to the game and balance it. Here in Europe many players play orcs ( not combo) and dwarfs again, and now the warrior deck is stronger against control than before. About the netrunner i must say that i've only played a couple of times, is too diferent to our beloved Warhammer and play two LCG at the high level is not easy and expensive. My best regards to you and your group.
  9. Hello everyone. Congratulations to Steve for organization ( ¿ what happens to the warrior deck? ) and to Adam for victory, with this tournament you begin the road to the worlds, as FFG says. I hope see you again here. Bye.
  10. The action of this legend must be trigger in the declare atackers step, or can be trigered in any moment during the battlefield phase? The same question for swarm of bats, and BDK, or other units that says. action: when this unit atacks ………. Thanks
  11. good with mounted marauders also, if they atack all zones , defending player must sacrifice something in any atacked zone.
  12. Mallumo said: Actually, you don't get to deal your total combat damage to every zone, you distribute it among the zones. So i will deal a total of 15, and distribute it as i wish? Seems too powerful.
  13. i have a question about this card. i play this card and then atack, the amount of damage that my atacking units deal ( for example 5) is deal to all zones, or i can split it over all zones that are not burning. In other words, if my oponent has no burning zones and i deal 5 damage with my atacking units, i deal 5 damage to every zone if he does not defend?
  14. hello. I have not play a lot with these cards, only with the empire one, but by now i think there are too few cards to make the ambush ability a powerful weapon, they have cool abilities but they are conditioned by many factors to be activated. I prefer the raider ability.
  15. if you want to make the spoils of war useless for the rest of the game move it to the oponent battlefield zone, gives no resources, he can not sacrifice itt 'cos you control it and he can't move it. I realiced this in the last round of the world championship with Lukas confirming that was correct.
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