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  1. durek_7

    Ship jacking

    Not piracy and ship theft that way. But proper smart ship jacking; from space ports and such as the (in)famous Niles Ferrier. Mostly involves stealth and slicing with some small form of force for a few crew left. Targeting starbase fighters and shipyards where the small ships wouldnt have crew on them 24/7
  2. My crew of players want to try their hand at ship jacking.... Any advice on how to do this? or pre made fan or not campaigns?
  3. thx guys....never got notification this was replied to. Sry for late replies
  4. Thank you, much better than the multi level ones Ive seen. As for Star Liner....I just cheated and used a Carnevale cruise liners deck plans....
  5. Looking for our groups HWK-290 (current plans vary widely) and a luxury or star liner deck plans for a art heist similar to 5th element. I can make them...but with writing the adventure I would love to find something to save time. Thx
  6. Our group just re started and wants to do a heist adventure. Been looking through Leverage RPG and some Serenity RPG stuff for ideas for an art or jewel heist. Just noticed that Jewel of Yavin is a heist adventure. Would like to know how good it is before I buy it and if there are any other fans made ones or suggestions. Thx
  7. Hi all We are starting our first game of EotE. After the first little intro which the group ship gets quite trashed they get a little money for a job (artefact retrieval; not sure how much to give them cant find a price guide) they will visit a used shipyard. They will need to borrow some credits for a purchase as well as use up their "savings". Problem are: #1 How much does 5 or 10 Obligation give them post creation for a credit loan from organised crime? #2 As stated earlier is their a chart or rough guide i missed reading the book for credit for services or such? Please help Thx
  8. Thx guys Eventually discovered it on my own at around the same time you posted the answers
  9. Now... I might be very tired from work or blind as a bat...but I cant seem to find link to download the program. I can ge thte mission but not one to create. Is it a limited beta?
  10. Anyone hear when they will be available to the general public?
  11. ah ok, the recording wasn't the best quality and I may have misunderstood the word or he mispronounced it. Thx
  12. no clue it was mentioned during a recap of FFG In-Flight session with all the other star wars stuff. This is what im hoping to discover. Is it a encounter deck or a adversary stat deck...?
  13. I heard someone mention on a Podcast during their FFG section something that sounded like a "Stata Deck" for SW rpg. But I cant find any info on it. Was I wrong in hearing this, or does it exist and I didn't hear the name right? If anyone can help enlighten me it would be appreciated.
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