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  1. I wouldn't consider you lazy, but wise beyond your years. All of that went by the wayside when we found out there were better ways to spend our time. I prefer playing war-games to painting minis; and I prefer playing card games to opening-sorting-researching-deckbuilding-buying-trading-etc... This game seems right up my alley. Not a big investment to start, and really, what two gamers couldn't come up with a way to defeat the "unique" aspects of the game? Like morning cereals - straight outta the box or add your favorite fruit.
  2. Unlike the situation with that powerful rare card in other CCGs where "unless you get really lucky or wait to buy off of the secondary market" you don't get what you want. I'm with you on the Mars thing but the Angels and Demons seem interesting, too. Willing to give it a try as I, like Garfield, remember the early days of MTG and playing with the cards we had - before the players and the game went "electric".
  3. Before today I hadn't heard of Broken Token or Go7 or anything like them. I appreciate folks taking the time to discuss, share photos, and provide links. I just ordered AH:LCG so I also ordered the BT organizer that's recommended on their site...Browse by Game menu option. I ordered the five FFG painted investigator figures, too. My storage for LotR:LCG is standard cardboard cardboxes with a ton o' dividers. I'm hoping the BT organizer severely limits the number of dividers.
  4. At least two players at A-1 Comics in Roseville, California. Sacramento Metro Area.
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