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  1. Thank you for the answer. I hope my english was good enough to understand it so I try to wrote how I understand it. So it is possible to attack the Forge with the 2 archers (also if I know, that I can't win. I ask because in many card games it is not allowed to target an illegal target) to untapp for example Frostgate and Vinevale. Then I stop the attack. Loose it and have 4 influence that I can spend for expample to buy a neutral card. Or if I want to use the abilty of the "Forge Master". Start hand is 3 "1 Gold" and 2 "Forge Master". I attack for example a city or a landmark with the first Master. Reveal 2 cards and discard one. Then I attack with the second "Forge Master" and do the same. In the best case I have after the attack, which I loose and can't win 5 "1 gold" cards in my hand and can buy a unit befor I end my move. Is this correct? The second point with the co-operative I don't understand really and I haven't played any co-operative scenarios at the moment. =(
  2. Hello, I always have the same question when playing a match. Somebody asked it before in the "FAQ Questions-Topic" but didn't got an answer. So I just post his question again, because it is the same I would like to know and I think that his english is a better one. Quote The Litari Elves unit card reads: When Played: Refresh one city or stronghold you control. If I had 3 elves in my hand and there was nothing on the field for me to attack successfully, but there were some uncaptured neutral cities (with a defense of say 4 or more) could I play the elves as if i were attempting to take control of the city, knowing full well I don't have enough of an army to actually take the city, but just to use the elves for their "When Played" ability. There is no consequence in the book for failing to take control of a neutral city that's still in the central play area, and there is no written word that says i cannot attempt to take said city with too small of an army. So in my mind… as a strategy for the elves… instead of discarding the three elves that i cannot use to take over any thing else, why not just utilize them for their When Played ability by declaring a capture of a neutral city. Yes? No? Unquote Sr. that I take the same text without asking the other user. So many cards have useful "when played" abilities I would like to use. For example the ability of the dwarfen unit "Forge Master" which reads "When Played: Reveal the top 2 cards of your deck. Draw 1 revealed Gold card into your hand and discard the remaining card(s). And so on. Many thanks for the answers and sorry if the question was asked before and I didn't find it in the forum. Christian
  3. Many thanks Finn, now I have got it Wish a nice day/night and bye. Christian
  4. okay this is clear but following situation: A simple Highlight. On the one side for example a Skaven Thrower (has no abilities) with the ball on it. On my turn I play the Human Blitzer and tackle the Skaven Thrower. The tackle was successfully. Where does the ball go?
  5. Hmm I'm not sure whether my englisch is bad but if I understand the answers correct, Hando is not the same optionion like myrm and Gmax101? I think Gmax101 said that the ball doesn't go on my player if the ball is on the player which I tackled successfully. So if the player I tackled doesn't have Sure Hands or what ever the ball goes to the middle. And Hando I think is the same opionion like me. The ball goes to the Human Blitzer if the ball is on the the player (without Sure Hands, ...) I tackled successfully. Or did I misunderstood something?
  6. Hello again, since my last play there comes an other question which I couldn't clear. If the Human Blitzer tackles an other player with the ball, does the ball (after a successfully tackle) goes to the center and than to my Blitzer? Because of the ball symbol the player gets after a successfully tackle. Hope this would be my last question Bye
  7. A okay, now it is clear. Think I thought to complicated. Many thanks for the fast answer.
  8. Hey to all :-) First of all sr. for my bad english. My question is concerning the GUARD skill and all abilities with the key words "if this player successfully tackles an opposing player" for exeample the player RAT OGRE (if this player sucessfully tackles .... you may look at 1 cheating tokenon this player's card....). Rat Ogre successfully tackles my Ogre with a cheating token on it. But i use the guard ability of my human lineman. The dice result applys to the lineman. And now my question: could the rat ogre use his response ability and look at the cheating token on my ogre or is it not possible because of the guard ability? I think it is possible because only the dice result applys to the lineman (and it was a successfully tackle) but it would be nice to have a second or more opinions. Many thanks if someone could give me the right answer.
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