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  1. Given how much wealth the one space-elevator aka beanstalk is giving to New Angeles, I think other options would have been considered, but have not provided any good solutions.. (I don't yet have the SotB book.. have read most of the novels.. got the WoA book a while ago, haven't read it yet..)
  2. Doesn't work that way.. the beanstalk was built _from_ the midway building both up and down.. Basically the origin point is in the geosynchronous orbit. From there they spooled a "string" both ways (so it stays in the orbit, using also the captured asteroid as counterweight..). I have a suspicion the science is not exactly accurate, but it's close enough for sci-fi purposes..
  3. Do read the Free Fall novel. It has much explanation about the Beanstalk itself.
  4. That's was kind of my point. If the movement rules are strict in this sense (how tall obstacles should be), it really affects the useful terrain. Or for example how wide should an river/chasm/lava stream be (on foot) for basic troopers to be unable to cross. There are several examples of beautiful terrain in these forums already made. Hopefully the rules don't introduce some unwanted side effects. So FFG, any chance of more detailed movement rules, or just a sneak peek article?
  5. Do we know anything about the movement rules through terrain, climbing, jumping chasms etc? These could be kinda important when designing terrain, maybe?
  6. This is very nice. As I just a week ago bought my very first 3d printer I had to print this! I however had big problems assembling the vaporator tower straight and I made some modifications.. I made a hole through all the "body components" and made a couple of rods to go throught them. I also combined the three "fin" thingys on top as one. I was only able to make a huge mess of superglue and plastic with the separate ones I'm still looking at the three "outside" rods, and how to fit them.. the groove on them is not of appropriate size to the connecting pieces on the body. dukncuver, I could send the file to you to see if it's of any use to you?
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