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  1. no I really don't. Very few people I know are comic book enthusiasts...I was never much of one either actually. Most of my knowledge of Marvel comics comes from a rpg I played a lot when i was younger that used to be produced by TSR, now wizards of the coast ,called Marvel super heroes. They used to release large folder packs with detailed powers and histories of even the most obscure marvel characters. I don't think Iron man was ever anywhere as popular as say spider man but every pictures or posters I ve ever seen where they would show a bunch of Marvel heroes grouped together, he was always front and center along with Spidey, hulk, Captain America, Thor, some of the X-Men and the fantastic four
  2. Its still ranked 147 on bgg...out of thousands of games worldwide even though its 7 years old. I m not saying it would have flopped if it had included Ms Marvel among its initial offerings but it makes it easier to market with top tiers characters before going to the lesser known. I seriously doubt Guardians of the Galaxy for instance would have even received a pitch meeting if it had been the first proposed MCU movie. They went with Iron Man as their opening salvo and to be honest going back 48 years I cant remember encountering anyone who ever went "Iron who?"
  3. Legendary certainly is a success. Its been in print for 7 years and has spawned an entire line of legendary deck builder games (Alien, Predator, X-files just to name a few) with marvel legendary being their first and most popular title by far. I beg to differ when it comes to Iron Man. He s always been a top tier character of Marvel comics. even before the movies, everyone had heard of Iron man and he has had dozenss of popular comic lines over the decades.
  4. Unfortunately, virtue signaling and throwing good money after bad have been staples of marvel comics business practice for a while now. All these characters sell at numbers that used to be well below cancellation numbers when the company didn't have a thriving cinematic side to prop it up. They keep trying to reboot them and never grow the audience for them no matter how often they try. FFG would be better advised to follow the example of Upper Deck's Marvel Legendary approach and rely on the core characters to build a solid base from which to expand before trying to market 3rd and 4th tier toons
  5. No she is not one of the most popular character of any decades. Ms Marvel never gets in the top100 in sales according to comichron...neither do Squirrel Girl or Gwenpool or America Chavez or any of the new characters from the disastrous all new all different run at marvel. There are literally dozens of far better known and liked characters to choose from here.
  6. Seriously why Ms Marvel? she s at best a D-lister. With all the characters they have in the roster, they re gonna waste a pack on Kamala Khan? Whats next, Gwenpool? Squirel Girl?
  7. 200$???? are you out of your **** mind?
  8. Well I gotta say aside from AH3rd which MAY be interesting, this years gencon in flight report has got to be the most underwhelming in years...almost all the "new stuff" are extensions, some of which like mother of dragons feeling more like padding and really the only new game is basically a reskin of blue moon legend with a few gimmicks added.
  9. Well I for one certainly hope that this other the other weird card game is not their big reveal for this year cuz that would be a huge disappointment. I m quite happy with my AH2nd and with the lcg version and the "unique" card game doesn't interest me in the slightest. I m hoping they do a world of Warcraft type game with elder scroll since they have the license with Bethesda
  10. will there be a way to use the 6 print on demand packs released for the first ed?
  11. the medium base with 2 holes is for the hunting horror and 3 holes is for the riot minis
  12. The reason for the quality if the miniatures being inferior to that if their more recent products is probably due to the fact that they are using their allready existing inventory of premium Arkham miniatures that came out some years ago.
  13. So instead of doing a cool re-imagining of WHQ they do a rune age clone thigny...I have to say that so far I m pretty much underwhelmed by FFG's showing at GenCon this year
  14. Its a good enough game but we re not quite there yet...and it saddens me to say this because I was eagerly anticipating its release ever sine it was announced. I m a big fan of AH but also of a touch of evil and fortune and glory and when I first began playing the latter 2 I was thinking to myself how great it could be to combine them which is essentially what EH was in my mind. But I think they were a tad overambitious and spread to game too thinly in order to accommodate the AO custom games. As it is, I don't think its on par with even the AH base set yet so I ll continue playing AH for the time being and shelve EH until it has had some time to grow and become the great game I still believe it can be
  15. "I've only played half a dozen games but I definitely feel a difference in games between AOs. Although I wouldn't be opposed to it being more pronounced I disagree that it "doesn't come through all that much in actual gameplay". And I'm afraid you'd have to explain how it has been "at the cost of variety in the game" as I feel like swapping up AOs increases the variety of the game." well personally I d rather have had 40 more generic clue research cards than just 8 specific to each old ones although in this sense the game would be perfect if they had at least 20 of each. And the mystery cards do add a lot of specificity to the AO being used in a particular game but 4 cards when you have to resolve 3 is nowhere near enough...8 or 12 would be much better for replayability. "I agree that ending up in a different place every encounter even if it is the same gate does feel odd. But I do understand why they couldn't do it the AH way. The AH mechanic doesn't mesh with EH well at all. They's have to, I dunno, draw two tokens. One for the gate location and one for the other world and then separate the OW deck into multiple gates... And that gets a bit cumbersome. Easily home modifiable though. You'd just have to make those OW tokens." I understand that it can be fixed but I still think it was a mistake to go that way. "'Fraid I disagree on monsters completely. If it helps imagine that the monsters are hunting you and if you dally long enough to discover an encounter then the monsters have time to find you before you do. And although you can't sneak in EH you can, well, just move past them to a different location entirely." but my point is that a city or even a wilderness area is far too large a place to explain away the fact that you absolutely have to encounter the monster instead of encountering the city...like I said, if you are researching clues or trying to solve an expedition token or even closing a gate then it would make thematic sense to encounter the monster first who can be said to be guarding the token. But even if the monster are hunting you, the same can be said about the monsters in arkham...yet you don't have to encounter them to encounter the city itself.
  16. After having played a few games now I ve noticed a few things, some of which have already been mentioned here. I get what they were trying to do with the research and mystery cards, basically tailoring each game to a specific Old One but that actually doesn't come through all that much in actual gameplay because it is diluted by the regular encounter cards as well as the gate cards and the randomness of the monsters. And the problem is that they have tried to do this at the cost of variety in the game. to be honest, I m not sure if having more mystery and research cards for each old ones would really do that big a difference in this. And I m not particularely fond with the gate mechanic. Failing to close a gate means that when you try again and draw a new card, its usually not to the same place and to me that sort of breaks the consistency of the game experience. I much prefer the way they dealt with gates in AH. I m also puzzled by the decision to make monster encounter mandatory when you are on the same area. If there's ghoul wandering the streets of London, it doesn't mean you absolutely have to run into it...I could understand if it was say an expedition or a clue token that was being blocked by the monster but when its a city you wish to encounter it doesn't make sense. In AH you could actually go around monsters and even sneak by them.
  17. Its not AH 2.0 (or actually it would be 3.0 since AH first came out in the 90's)...the game flows much the same way but the rules are very different and none of the strategy you may have elaborated in AH will work on EH
  18. Needs more mystery and research cards but I don't mind the losing of research cards so much...played a few times and it happened to me once...sometimes life's a *****
  19. I ve played a few times now and I find that Azathoth is only a challenge when being soloed with one investigator..i ve lost one and won one against him using 1 character and the one I won I won by the skin of my teeth...played him with 3 investigators and I slapped the F out of him
  20. Its a good game. If you like AH you ll love this one as well...more mystery and research cards will make it a great game
  21. I ve just concluded my first game of EH. Soloed it with Norman Withers and I finished the game in the Himalayas with a leg injury,2 health and 3 sanity, a terrified personal assistant and a dark pact as well as the spell I began the game with and nothing more. The Old One was Azatoth and I beat him at 4 doom to go before awakening. I did not fight a single monster nor closed a single gate and I was 2 third into the mythos deck. One or 2 more turn and I would have lost. I enjoyed it as much as I do AH and I will continue to enjoy both. I would like for the research and mystery deck for all Old ones to be doubled as soon as possible and that would eliminate my one gripe with the game.
  22. I m wondering if it would be possible for FFG to create a premium figurine pack for EH...they have all the monsters in various previous packs as well as all the investigators and all that would be needed would be to assemble them in an EH specific pack or 2...or 3 for elite monsters
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