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  1. actually its far more similar to descent 2e ed than mom 2 ed was to the first. legend of the dark function basically with the same mechanics. mansions of madness first ed used completely different game mechanics than the second edition. As for a descent 3rd edition, i seriously doubt there will be any
  2. Most similarly priced Kickstarter boardgames offer far more content as a rule. As a veteran of both previous editions of descent , though i played the second edition far more than the first, i can tell you that the proposed iteration and its asking price comes as a serious disappointment. Even when they took mansions of madness in the second edition and turned it into a full coop app driven experience, they at least had the good sense to make as much of the first edition material as they could usable in the second. we dont even that that little smidgen here
  3. 175 $ is what you pay for KS games with 2-3 times the content shown here and with far more replayability than a measly 16 quest one and done campaign.
  4. Yes but the thing is so many other coop dungeon crawls dont need any app to play. and most of the games in the 150 to 200 dollars range offer a far more comprehensive experience out of the box. Gloomhaven, Tanares Adventure, Sine Tempore, Tainted Grail to name a few. They are priced to compete with the big Kickstarter bloats and i fear are gonna come up way the f**k short.
  5. Lord of the ring was 100 dollars. The last game they had around this 175 price range was TI4 and it had a lot more content and replayability. At 100 it would be a good price to hook in new clientele. 175 is not likely to get many newcomers, especially for a one and done core box
  6. Necromunda is not a narrative dungeon crawl. its a skirmish game meaning it has infinite replayability . the core box of descent is basically a one and done like the core box of journey to the middle earth....and again one that requires you have a tablet meaning an additional purchase for some people. I m afraid they are misreading the market here.
  7. Blackstone fortress has a much larger scope. you can play one offs or campaigns and it doesn't require a tablet to play the game. Plus, its Games workshop and their minis are the gold standard when it comes to quality of details. and the tiles are a lot better looking than what we ve seen here.
  8. 175 bucks for a 40 miniature game that requires you to have a tablet handy? Thats the point i m making. Lord of the ring was 100 dollars and had about the same amount of game time...a 15 quest campaign, each playing about 1.5 to 3 hours. And with no ability to use all the minis we bought for the second edition? come the f**k on!
  9. ...or at least that was my first impression, content-wise. I know its not really fair to compare it to kickstarter bloats coming down the pipe next year but...lets face...thats whats out there. They re not competing against their second edition...they re competing against Storm sunder, oathsworn and Tanares Adventure. I fear this may turn out the be a very large box containing a very large amount of air.
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