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  1. Was Fenn Rau flying an A-Wing? Please let him be another A-Wing pilot with his ability!
  2. Trying this out next week: Quickdraw -Adaptability -Accuracy Corrector -Sensor Cluster -Spec Ops Training -Twin Ion Engine Omega Leader -Juke -Comm Relay Zeta Leader -Wired -Weapon Guidance Epsilon Squadron Pilot Just trying it out to see whats what.
  3. Man. that still is a great commercial!
  4. No. Two is somewhat the norm. A few of the people I play with have almost all their's one one peg if it supports the model. I myself like at least 2 pegs on mine as it looks like they are actually flying
  5. Go ahead! Buy a bigger table if you have to! I haven't used all 6 of mine in one battle yet, but we'll have Raider and Goz vs CR90 vs stolen Scum Raider this weekend. Oh, table size isn't an issue. It's getting enough interest to play Epic. Almost everyone in my gaming group is about 100 pt. death matches with virtually no talk about Epic.
  6. I wish there were more topics on Epic. I own 1 of every epic ship, but never used them yet. I would like to see what upgrades are used on the Huge ships; what works and doesn't work on them. They are beautiful models and I would like to start using them. (Also to justify the cost of purchasing them).
  7. [give me a minute] The one on the right. Confronted by Vader, surrounded by stormies, still talking smack. The right one is so iconic.Staring death in the face while still composed is worth it's weight in gold
  8. Stale socks is a deadly build no matter how you look (smell) at it.
  9. I have had dealings with their customer service and they are top-notch.
  10. Yeah actually I haven't gotten caught up since my hiatus. What's the regen card? Reinforced deflectors. Is the 3 point systems version of that droid Biggs loves. When you take 3 damage, gain a shield. The Lambda and the upcoming Upsilon can only use it. The Deci and Slave 1 are s*** out of luck.
  11. There were shots released earlier this year of a Royal visit to the set of EP 8 which showed Prince Harry in the cockpit of a new model A-Wing. Chances of that not getting into this game are about 0 I suspect. What would be even more amusing would be to have Price Harry as a PS 8 pilot Now I would buy that one
  12. I ran Quickdraw, Backdraft and Ryad against a Lothal Rebel and a Miranda list. I wanted to use the 2 SF's to see if all the negativity surrounding them was justified. My opponent is a bit better than I am. We played 2 games. First one he beat me. Rolling nine straight blanks on the greens doesn't help the First Order much. Second game , I crushed him while rolling average rolls on my side. He later admitted that he didn't know how to attack my formation as he never faced any SF's before. A surprise or two can help to even up the odds.
  13. Yes, Buzz Droids. Star Wars Wiki mentions the Zann Consortium used them in the StarViper. And there were millions available after the Clone Wars.
  14. Parsley? I bet those little buggers breaths smelled fresh and clean.
  15. General Mayhem

    Alex Davy

    How would wacking off your mech by using IA be considered a mod anyway? I would assume that would be a lucky shot that hit your droid instead of your ship. If anything, the card should have added another mod to you for free. And it should be available to any ship whose droid is exposed to the void. Period.
  16. General Mayhem

    Alex Davy

    When will then be now? "What the hell am I looking at?"
  17. As a lifelong Southsider and White Sox fan, I am glad that the Cubs won. A great day for the city and it's fans.Go Sox! By the by; this should be OT, but what the H***
  18. I flew this before Wave 8. Prince Xizor V I Autothrusters Guri Predator Virago Autothrusters Sensor Jammer 2x Binayre Pirate Inertial Dampeners 100 Pts
  19. I am using this list on my Monday League Night. Asajj Ventress 51 Pts Push the Limit Latts Razzi Black Market Slicer Tools Rigged Cargo Chute Shadow Caster Engine Upgrade 4-LOM 36 Pts Push The Limit Outlaw Tech Advanced Sensors Mist Hunter Tractor Beam Binayre Pirate 13 Pts Black Market Slicer Tools Total 100 Pts
  20. Before Wave 8, I used a Guri, Palob, Kavil list ; so I am familiar with using Guri and Palob. I am trying to come up with a list using your three, but tweaked for my style. I think I would drop IA in mine though. Thanks.
  21. I use Guri quite a bit myself. Toying with a Guri, Ketsu/Asajj list. Please post your list. Would love to actually see it. Thanks,
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