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  1. Similarly in the Unique Assets, there's the ALLY - MAGICAL RELIC Wooden Puppet. Bah.
  2. It's not a big deal - it's a big TALENT - BOON.
  3. I don't know why they'd do this to us. They have to know it'd just be a major annoyance.
  4. Right now I'm hoping that they even put one out
  5. I really like the illustrations.
  6. If your participating character dies somehow while in battle, can you still play character cards matching your _leader_ during that battle? It feels like the intent might be yes, but perhaps reading exactly to the letter, it could be construed as no.
  7. https://countingdownto.com/countdown/next-big-box-expansion-countdown-clock Ha!
  8. Been waiting (im)patiently for an announcement. Are they done with this and focusing just on the LCG? That would be unfortunate.
  9. I bought Forbidden Alchemy, but never opened it or played it because i heard the components were botched. I never got a replacement. Will this work with the new stuff, or will I first need my components fixed?
  10. Another issue is the solution must cover the fact that this situation is only an indeterminate state if Rebels "declare" somehow that they do not have / will never play the Death Star Plans. So if the solution is something like "Rebels must retreat", it must be accompanied by how and when it must happen. Something like "After any round in which Empire has no ships other than Death Star and Rebels haven't played Plans and blah blah blah...." I'd think instead, the rule will be something like a 1-die minimum if death star is involved. However, that would lead to silliness like 1 die having to be rolled repeatedly to take out an entire force of ships (which is why they probably added the rule that Transports must retreat or die if left alone).
  11. Space -- Empire: Death Star -- Rebel: X-Wing Ground -- Empire: Nothing -- Rebel: Trooper, 2 Ion Cannons Rebel does not reveal having death star Plans. What are the rules to how does this battle ends?
  12. >>> I plan to play by the rules as written Wait - which? That you "must move all Ships out of the system"?
  13. The two sentences are contradictory. An official clarification is necessary.
  14. Yes, rules are played correctly. You get to the point where you fight the Abomination with no enemies on the board, then you just chip away. Think twice before exploring.
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