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  1. Hey, it's me, the dude from Corpse God's Secret Stash. I'm absurdly busy with other stuff right now which is why I've seemingly abandoned that blog but I am still alive and hypothetically will return to the project when things calm down. Permission is hereby given, in perpetuity throughout the universe, to repost, host, modify or otherwise do things you might think to ask me permission for with these miniatures. I appreciate being informed when someone wants to use them on a site or whatever but it's not necessary. One of my pet peeves is people who make derivative works and then screech about their own IP rights endlessly. "Waaah! Waaah! Someone else drew my 'original' fanfiction Naruto character." I appreciate the respect of asking me, but I would never attempt to stop someone from sharing something I created for free. I'm going to look into updating the links on my blog, at the very least. I'll need to find a good stable alternative to megaupload first.
  2. Someone posted saying they were prompted to download membership software of some kind by my blog. That shouldn't be happening. Has anyone else experienced this? On a somewhat related note: What the heck happened to the last thread? Something weird.
  3. I only use the rules in Asteroid fields or what have you. If one ship is chasing another in open void with no obstacles, then whichever ship has the highest speed wins. If you want to get super tactical about it you can work out if the ship can move far enough away to jump to warp with an equation if you happen to know how far from a planetary body in VU a voidship has to be to jump to warp, but that's getting too complex for my taste. I could be wrong, but I don't really think the rules were intended for straight up open-void races.
  4. Yeah, this is really what 40kRP needs, more ways to drive off women gamers. I do not comprehend the obsession some people have with giving female characters in RPGs strength penalties. The sample size of humans is so huge that any gender trends are meaningless when considering an individual. This is not comparing Orks and Eldar here. I'm not even going to get into this because I can't express the thought without being inflammatory, but seriously you don't come off well when you make these arguments.
  5. crisaron said: Is it not in Lure of the Expense where the player find a drifting Batleship and their are supposed to let it go to oblivion? That was the funniest part I ever read. I mean come on as a DM I was tryign to find loop hole as I strated reading that section on how In the Emperor name's I coudl try to prevent them from claiming it... I mean come on it would be so simple...Thinking about it, that quest end is pretty lame all together, the players loose everything in the end again as the world is swollen away in the warp... I said it was the best one, not that it was good. It's the least smelly fart, it's the prettiest pug dog, it's the best episode of The Steve Wilkos Show. It's like standing in a voting booth staring at a ballot where the choices are "Carrot Top or Hitler". You vote for Carrot Top, but you don't feel proud.
  6. Rather than giving the published adventures the ribbing they so rightly deserve, why don't we try to work as a community to create an online "module" that accomplishes what the OP wants: Introduce a group of players to what makes RT awesome and different from other RPGs, but one built without tracks. I guess the first step would be figuring out what is especially fun about Rogue Trader, and what separates it from other games. Obviously there's the increased personal power of the PCs. One thing that bothers me about the published adventures, and something that would be nice to see addressed, is the idea of a personal army. Most Rogue Traders float around with enough soldiers to occupy a small moon, yet the big fights/other violent situations almost always assume that the PC side of the conflict will consist solely of the PCs. Any really good, demonstrative Rogue Trader adventure would need to make allowances for, but not require, having a small army at your command. Moral choices, where the immoral option brings with it much in the way of personal gain. Being heroic is more meaningful when you sacrifice something in order to do it, and being the bad guy is more fun when you win. Most Rogue Trader crews either fancy themselves heroes, or act like the cast of Blackadder (or both). Giving them a chance to demonstrate these attributes is fun and flavorful. The ability to significantly influence what is going on is also important. A rogue trader with their ship and crew is a serious force to be reckoned with, and the ability for such a group to cause significant change to at least small areas of space should not be underestimated. A really good Rogue Trader Module would have copious notes on how the events alter if the PCs begin bending individuals and organizations to their will, either by diplomacy or force. What else? What other things are emblematic of what makes Rogue Trader awesome?
  7. Sadly you have mutually exclusive goals. As much as I love all of the other Rogue Trader material, the published adventures are so railroady you'd think they were published in the 90s. Unless you want your players to think of Rogue Trader as "that game where players can't make meaningful choices" I'd make my own adventures up, or heavily modify the published ones. That said, Lure of the Expanse is the best one from every angle. It's the closest to playable as you'll get from any of the RT Modules, and it comes with a lot of bonus material that you can probably use even if you can't use the adventure (I love the Appendix of Rogue Trader vessels, and the planets described are always useful in some way). Still, it's not great. A sizable chunk of it is one long video-game style meaningless fetch quest with only a tenuous connection to the rest of the adventure that acts as an anti-immersion seeking tactical nuclear warhead. Still, it's easily the best one. If you're willing to modify the everliving **** out of it, on the fly no less, then I can see it being enjoyable. The amount of work you'd have to put into any of those modules to make them playable, however, would be less than the work it would take to design your own, better adventure. If I were you I'd pick up Lure of the Expanse, pick one of the planetary profiles therein, and make up my own adventure. Or, better get, grab Edge of the Abyss and expand on one of the hooks in that book.
  8. I made these for my own personal use after noticing that while there were some nice BFG proxies on the internet, they were not intended for use in Rogue Trader games and were severely lacking in many areas. These miniatures, on the other hand, are intended for use solely in Rogue Trader games. I've put them on their own blog for now. It can be accessed here. Currently I have made as many Imperial ships as I can (almost all the Hulls available with the current sourcebooks), as well as most of the statted Ork ships. I just uploaded some Eldar ships today, and I'm working on Chaos next. The voidship minis I made are listed under "New Voidships", another batch of BFG paper proxies I found is also there under "Found Voidships". I just thought some people here might find some use for these. If this counts as spam I apologize and please delete this post.
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