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  1. Hannibal_pjv

    State of LCGs

    I Have played the original ccg and RPG so I know what you Are talking, but to people who does not have that backround, Japan and Anime is what comes to maind So I was talkin about fransise appearance to completely new player. And there Are not so Many that Are not films or books that got recognition!
  2. Hannibal_pjv

    The Next LCG

    New Android game has appeal, but will people get to it after get burned by Netrunner... but Yep, Android universe is better known that TI is. So it could be. Android is Also more suitable to both competative and co-op system so there is room for one or another. For me TI Sounds more like competative Lcg format.
  3. Hannibal_pjv

    State of LCGs

    Ti Lcg just would not be very popular... It is like making Lcg based on.... well it is hard to say any other fransise that is as Little known... even carcassone, or catan Are big names compared to ti. Robinson Crusoe or Treasure island Are better known by general public. Unless there is a movie or tv series about TI it is very hard to see it become very popular. It is not impossible though! But fransise has a big impact! Cthulhu is well known fransise as is games of thrones and LotR and Star wars. L5r not so but manga and japan have some love on their own. interesting to see what comes. Ti is very good candidate for Lcg because it has backround and history, but it is possible that it will remain quite small and not so popular as other candidates. Netrunner did have strong history and the game system was allready quite good even thoug it was not known by big public. So it is possible to have big and popular Lcg even without well known fransise.
  4. Hannibal_pjv

    3 player game

    So thoughs. Phonex has a lot of cards that Are very wonky in multiplayer. Some Are good and some Are really bad. No deals... that mechanic is just not working at this moment. Only enlighment victories. No killing opponent stornhold, no honor victories, no dishonor victories. Only getting those five rings. Main reason seams to be that all other victory types Are just too slow compared to enlighment victory. And while that makes games fast, it is Also in the long run guite boring. Other victory condition should be adjusted to make those Also more viable. Now there only seems to have one way of winning. You can make the game longer by not making elementary conflicts or by not attaking at all and only trying to prevent other players getting those rings... but that would make games longer, while allowing room to other victory type too... but that seems counter intuitive. I would consider either... requiring the destroying of one stronhold after you get rings. (An alternative way of getting to stronhold could be having al those rings.) or redusing the starting honor and decreasing the reguired honor for honor victory. Variant 1: win by 5 rings, starting honor reduced by amounth of players. Reguired honor victory (25-2•players). You can attack stronghold after 2 broken provinces. (This is the speed version) variant 2: normal winning condition, but enlighmet victory requires broking one stronhold (much longer games, but less rule changes) i would prefer option one. It would allow other victory types Also a chance in two to three round games. But have to see what other players say. Maybe our decks Are just too slow at breaking provinces or hoarding honor, or redusing honor. But in multiplayer you have to deal two opponents and that just make other victory types slover than in two player games.
  5. Hannibal_pjv

    3 player game

    Three more multiplayer games 1. Phonix, Crane with Crab (duealing deck), Unicorn with Grab. Phoenix did win in second round. Unicorn was very near Also. Dueling decks just don`t work yet. No deals... 2. Grab with Unicorn, scorpio with phonix, Crane with Scorpio. Two counterspell decks... 3 round multiplayer game. Crane did win with lot of counterspells and scouts to beat military conflicts with a lot of pumps. No deals... 3. Same setting as in second game. Grab did win. Mainly because scorpio did kill buffet scout with assasin... Scorpio did end the game with 1 honor, while Grab did beat the Crane who was sufferein acute lack of manpower. Game did last 4 rounds so very long multiplayer game...
  6. Hannibal_pjv

    Custom miniatures from Hero Forge

    Just after coat painting the cheaper plastic versions I can say that Also those looks good. Not so good as those 30$ but detailed enough! Before costing They seemed to be really bland, but the black coat really make difference They look really good. Just information to those who think that the premium plastic is too expensive. Of course it is better, but worth of that extra cost IMHO.
  7. Hannibal_pjv

    Arkham Horror LCG and Six-Week Schedules

    Yep. Competative games Are very different beast... we play in our Gaming croup about ones in two months so we Are getting behind in the releas shedule. We just don`t have time to this every week. We have other games and Also weeks without time to anykind of games. So slow release shedule has not been a problem. In game like l5r the game balance can be affected a lot by single release of pack in favor of one clan or another. So speeded up release is good. Even better would be to release all packs at the same day...
  8. Hannibal_pjv

    Honor bid (lower & higher)

    Yep. The dueling always change the honor dial state.
  9. Hannibal_pjv

    Tainted Lands Preview

    Ah... good! but still very good card when you have 3 claimed rings!
  10. Hannibal_pjv

    Tainted Lands Preview

    Yep... very fun in multiplayer... we have now 12 claimed rings...
  11. If this is the trend I definitely would hope one big release ones a year. Now six week is just why... it would be cheaper to shoot to keep just one big expansion box for whole cycle. And the release small pack here and there in between.
  12. Hannibal_pjv

    Another co-op LCG?

    There should be shorter time for rotation to make it easier to jump in to the competative Lcg. No core, no deluxes. Everything should rotate so the game would not get boring and the cost would not get too high. it could be possible to rotate cards back to the game, like happens Also in mtg.
  13. Hannibal_pjv

    The Next LCG

    The problem is to get good and interesting consept. And so that you don’t lose lisensse. Vampire and Dune Are big multiplayer games, but it is very hard (impossible to get lisense). their own games don`t have so big audience, except arkham mythos, but in that mythos there Are allready a lot of games in there. Now we have two co-ops that Are doing fine. Lotr and arkham. No reason to make more just yet. two other Are competative. Both have two player and multiplayer options... So there seems to be enough of those games too... what new there could be... we have now one horror, three fantasy games now... So scifi one would be one that is missing now. So what we have left... start wars, Star trek and Dune as big names. Twiligth imperium from own gategory. After Netrunner Twiligth imperium would be my bet. Though I am not interested in buying that and that may be problem Also in big picture... Star wars has too Many games already and Main reason why Lcg version did go away. Star track would be big enough, but who own lisense now? Dune lisense is impossible to get... How about black horse... something new. Firefly lcg, Alien Lcg, terminator lcg, battle Star galactica lcg, babylon5 lcg, matrix lcg, star Gate lcg... not likely though... i Expect that no new Lcg for a while. It takes time what ever They Are planning after losing Netrunner.
  14. Hannibal_pjv

    what LCG will be the next to die?

    Both Are lisenced games so They end when lisence ends... otherwice Lotr can make still a long run!
  15. Hannibal_pjv

    End of Netrunner

    The good thing is that They did make new core before this. It is possible to make working environment by using allready released sets. Maybe new core and x of those earlier sets would be best combination in the long run?