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  1. I doubt it very much... But still there were at least one... I did not order from that company!
  2. Some companies even did sell them as separate products...
  3. Hannibal_pjv

    Restricted List Updated

    Yep Core 2nd edition would be just fine in few years! Much better than having broken cards! I would not mind of having less "counter spells" in the future. I really like those new Games of Thrones Counter spells much more. Like "Words are Wind" Interrupt: when effects of opponen event would initiate, that opponent must choose, either: cancel those effects, or you draw 2 cards. You can cancel effect, but opponent can counter it by giving you a benefit! Feels much less punishing that way! Would like to see that kind of cards that remove attachments. How many plays those 4-6 cost attachments? Not many, because you can lose them so easily. But if card would say. Discard attachment or opponents gain 2 fate... Then you can chose and that would be good thing!
  4. Hannibal_pjv

    Prey question

    All investigator have 0 so all have most clues. In tha case investigate chose who to chase.
  5. Hannibal_pjv

    Getting Started with Got 2nd Edition

    Pick your favorite factions from introduction decks and buy one or two core set. Then deluxe sets for those factions when They get released.
  6. Hannibal_pjv

    Expansion Thoughts ?

    That is quite possible if considering the modular board. Instead of bridge or road we could have a gate... So it can be done quite easily... If not by FFG I am sure that one fan will make it eventually!
  7. Yes and no I don't like Heartstone at all... But I like the Digital LOTR lcg even it does not have anything common with the tabletop version. And I really think that tabletop version is much better than the digital one. But still the digital version seems to be the second best solo / coop digital card game around. I think that Pathfinder adventures is best, but it is so full of bugs that you really have to like to play it. Next comes the LOTR DLCG and third seems to be Legendary DXP... So no much competition around at this moment. All in all LOTR DLCG will have more content in the release than the tabletop game did have. But it "suffers" from more simpler game play. To some people it is a good thing to some bad thing. But it is what it is. Enjoyable solo/coop digital card game.
  8. Hannibal_pjv

    Dedicated Multiplayer Product

    Does anyone has info how that multiplayer event did work at Worlds?
  9. Yeah... It is faster to make simplifield version and even in this version there Are bugs... more complex... more bugs. So no, it will be completely different than the tabletop to the end of the product life span.
  10. Hannibal_pjv

    Let's Talk Strategy

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
  11. Hannibal_pjv

    Patrol monster movement

    Yeah. That is the problem with two rulebook. The other gives you basic and other ”everything” else and it takes some time to find those exact points to all rulelawyers
  12. Hannibal_pjv

    L5R: LCG Digital Game soon?

    So true... I have now 10+ decks and win all scenarios with them all... the game just is quite easy at this moment.
  13. Hannibal_pjv

    L5R: LCG Digital Game soon?

    Used to be... Now it is more like true LCG with some reward / special cards that use in game currency.
  14. Hannibal_pjv

    Our Verdict

    Don`t ask Ansver from the elves because They ansver Yes and no i would say that this game is better than EH without expansions, but expansion would definitely make more variance...
  15. Hannibal_pjv

    Rule book?

    Hmmm the first official day to sell the games.