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  1. Hannibal_pjv

    Request: Arkham Horror 3e and MoM 2e

    Also peoples own house made scenarios could use that idea.... but yeah AH Lcg fills that role quite well.
  2. Hard to say... it is so different that it is almost completely different game. If player goes from tabletop to it, he is completely lost for a while. Same with moving from digital to tabletop. Everything you learn in digital is done completely different way in the tabletop version. there was/is huge outrage in the Steam about how bad the digital is. Expect to see huge outrage in here a Little bit later when people from digital come to here and tell why the tabletop is so awfull compared to digital in reality these two does not impact each other. The tabletop can Outlive the digital or vice versa. Maybe we will get Lotr 2.0 that has same rules as digital version some day who knows... but all in all They Are so different that They don`t touch each other in anyway except use same graphics.
  3. I like these changes. The Pathfinder adventures cards game did run to serious economical problems because people were playing it without paying a dim... And the development of the game ended too early because it was not sensible to make new content to it (without getting development money back). They did try to change the economy mode later, but it was too late for that. Now FFG at least know that they have steady income with each expansion. (If the game is popular enough) Also many country seeks and destroys games that has loot box systems... So putting on the market new game with that system would just lead to attacks by government official and lawyers. So more likely than not they would have had to change the economy mode in anyway sooner or later. So it is better to do before the real release. In competitive environment you have to spent money, so that you don't lose to players that have all the new cards and you don't. In coop, you can easily play without ever using any money, because it does not matter if other players have better cards. You will get them sooner or later. Sometimes many year later. In competitive card game it would have been real pain, to loose all the time to opponents that does have those new cards, so there is a pressing reason to sink money to the game. And the game does not live a long if it does not make profits to the developers. You have to play salaries, earn something to the share holders and so on. Now there is change to that.
  4. Because the game is shorter (much less rounds), so there is less time for dishonor victory. But I think that is the game time is shortened, also the startin honor has to be lovered or dishonor victory becomes impossible. There is a balance in there. Just where it is, is harder to determinate! Maybe the staring honor has to be 3, 2 or one smaller than in normal version, but it can not be the same.
  5. Intersting... I have Also been thinking same kind of changes. I personally prefer a Little bit shorter games, the problem may be if there will be new honor running cards. That may make honor victory too easy. The easy solution would be redusing starting honor. Starting honor (-4) so something between 6-8 depending on faction. But that depends on how the meta change. Also givin a Little bit higher hand size can help. Maybe starting with 2 extra cards? To balance that you can not easily bid 5 in the first round.
  6. Yep... the easy target is still easy target but it is easier to stay in the game.
  7. Wait for the monk tattoos and make your individual warrior with his life and attitude and history printed on his skin! I am Unicorn man, but waiting to see some tattooed kunfu or buddish monks to solve problems with force or wits! Just for the diversity... But nomad horselords will remain my Main faction to the bitter end!
  8. Hannibal_pjv

    Arkham Horror 3rd? Why?

    Yep! I have AH 2nd, I have EH, I have AH lcg and I am gonna also get this AH3rd edition... But I still can play my old games if I want to! And both AH 2nd and EH have so much expansions, that it hurts to think all of them... Those game don't need anything more... Well compiled rules from all the expansions in one book... That I would like to buy. There are so many that it is very difficult to find the rule you are looking for. Hopefully 3rd edition will remain more clean... AH lcg is not too bad at this moment, so maybe this AH 3rd edition will also remain cleaner. But all in all. All old games are playable as they are! I personally just want to get something a little bit faster to the gaming table from time to time. It is good to have options!
  9. I still am waiting for Lossoth expansion, aka adventures in the far North! Ice demons, hard winter conditions, trolls, a lot of trolls and maybe some orcs from the old Angmar...
  10. Hannibal_pjv

    Good couples game?

    This is reasonable good couples game because it includes a lot of team work. But... The gard management, the timing, the resource management, action management can be really hard in this game. I like card games. Have played some of the most deep and difficult ones during my life, so this one is easy compared to them, but it still is a card game and thus not on the easy side. And I am not talking about losing the game, just managing it. It is a matter that has to be taken account! Theme... Does your wife like horror and grim stories... If yes, then even a harder game is manageable. Because this game has THEME all over it. If she is familiar with games like Magic, LOT lcg, even Dominion, then there is a hope. If not, it is hard uphill, unless the theme wins out! IMHO Dying in these games is the salt and butter, so it should happen!
  11. Hannibal_pjv

    Well, this was....sort of unexpected.

    Yep There still is a lot of to play with those two games. I am somewhat pleased that the EH does not get even bigger and more harder to manage. Even now there are a lot of things to include to the game and find all the pieces... Though much easier than in AH 2nd The new version seems to be interesting and different enough that it will take place beside my old AH 2nd and EH and AH LCG and be a proud member of that game family!
  12. Hannibal_pjv

    Will there be new investigators?

    Riddick is a badass criminal from Pitch Black movie... But yeah suitable person as an investigator 🤣 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riddick_(character)
  13. Hannibal_pjv

    Will there be new investigators?

    So the Askan Pete is only available in Arkham Night pack. Sniiff...
  14. Yep. The tutorial really lack useful information... I also agree with Velenks that the card pool is too good for one hero per sphere characters and too bad for multiple heroes of one sphere. And so there is almost none reason to teak deck based on scenario. Three sphere deck is always the best choice... Maybe there will be some card erratas. For example stelward definite should be two hero version as well as that green enhancement that allows to heal at the end of phase... and so on. So there would be real reasons to build two or one color decks also. Most likely the card pool is so low at this moment that there is not enough cards to put in the higher level pool. But some card that already are in level 1 pool seems to be too good to include in there... Well maybe we will see level 2 healing enhansement that heals 2 points and level 3 that heals 3... Really interested to see how those high level card are handled. Level 3 sword like Glamring that does 4 damage and reduce threat if you kill enemy? Who knows
  15. One more option. Blood bowl team manager card game... very few cards and quite easy if one player knows rules.