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  1. It is about the game engine. All games that have been simple card games running unify game engine has been running really hot in my mobile devices!
  2. The Lotr Lcg is old, so the pace may get slower, but the Lotr Lcg is still among the most popular lcgs! When I present in convention Ffg Lcg games, the Lotr of the rings still is the most popular, the second is AH and the rest becomes far behind! So Yes, Lotr is doing just fine! lotr is something where parents will come with their children, Also fantasy fans will stop by it. AH is for gamers and ropleplayers. Competitive Lcg... well Are interest by competitive players and not too Many of those around. SW was reasonable popular and people did like the deckbuilding mechanic, it was less complex to card game noobies than most. New Marvel Lcg will most likely be big hit when convetions starts again, but I Expect that Lotr still gets reasonable audience among new players.
  3. Dune definitely have potential... but it has to be even faster. mulligan rules can make Dune definitely faster. We have tryed out using AH/l5r mulligan rules in Dune and it definitely did get faster. 3 to 5 round to win did become the very stable. The problem with Dune may be that the rules could be considered too complex in todays standard. Same problem as with Netrunner and l5r. The big audience avoid those game because the too complex game play... yeah... I like all those three but I know that I belong to very small niche and small niche does not allow long living games. But Dune has potential. There is room to some streamlining and modern mulligan rules make the game fast (with right tuned decks ofcourse..)
  4. Most likely l5r just is not succesfull enough and will be the next Lcg to go dead lcgs pile. New Marwell Lcg is much more popular. Lotr is still selling well. AH is AH and is selling well enough. Competative games needs more player and more support than Ffg can provide! It is just like that. This is a game where volume rules and you have to sell a lot of stuff to get attention and players. i like lt5 but to most normal players it is too complicated and too slow to become popular. I have run l5r demos in Many events and it seems that only l5r veterans Are interested in. And those who come to try first time, get intimidating by the game. Other Lcg get much more players in those conventions. Lotr and AH being the most popular... and I Expect that new Marwel Lcg can even beat those. This year cov19 prevented conventios, but I can see that it potentially would be big success in the next year if cov19 regulations soften up... AGOT was very popular while the tv series was running and did lose popularity fast after that. Star wars was Also reasonable popular and Many people were willing to play again, because of the speed! So the game has to be fast or it has to be coop or it has to have very popular fransize behind it. L5R has none elements of those.
  5. Complex card games Are pain in the ***** to program so that They Are economically sensible thing to produce. Even those card games that Are only digital and not huge succes. When you translate real card game to a program... things gets really hard really soon! i think that only Magic the Gathering has somewhat succes Also in Computer version...
  6. Yeah... you don``t normally have any inspiration in the start of the game Unles some special ability or card allows it. A house rule where you give free inspiration is easy to do, but this game does not need that if you understand the economy of this game. But for Beginners it may be what is needed to get jump start.
  7. So for the second adventure is moria and mirkwood!
  8. Yeah! Multiclassing definitely becomes super cool! The amouth of combinations just did go thought the roof!
  9. 10th... it was the same as with original box. The app was released at the official release date. Previwers did get beta access, but normal customers did get the app at the official release date even some people did get the physical box before that.
  10. Most likely not... card games not counting macig the Gathering Are not popular enough to be worth of putting digital game format. Lotr is guite complex card game, because cards and scenarios change normal rules a quite a bit, so each scenario is like one separate game... how Many would be willing to buy new game for each scenario... not Many,
  11. Yeah... if you like story, AH3rd is way to go. Ofcourse everything is up personal taste, but I and my rpg friends like AH3rd. For some people AH 2nd and EH Are way to to go, but in my house those collect dust.
  12. I use those extra cards to get card backs to fan made AH Lcg scenarios. There Are some pretty good in there!
  13. Allmost everything that is been made in China Are now about two months late. So that seems to be the standard Also in this.
  14. Maybe altered art draft packs? Then there would be reason to buy draft packs. Maybe 3 different picture variant to each card. Normal, rare, ultrarare so whales would try to get that ultrarare alt art set 😉 the problem is that art is not free and it most likely would be too expensive to do that...
  15. One core makes the game harder. With two you can have two pistols, two machetes in Roland deck along his own. i did try this game with one core and it was swingy. If I did draw machete I was fine, if not it was hurt. Having douple the essestial items help a lot in deckbuilding. In the Beginning I Also included a loput of those two icons skill boost cards in the deck so that I can pump up the test more. and +2 is the nice spot to get before drawing the token.
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