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  1. Check out that your google play is active. It normally ties your programs to your account. you can always contact the play store when having problems.
  2. I am really waiting for Agent Carter! Definitely the best character in Marvel universe i like that she don`t have any ”superpowers”... Well actually she does somewhat, though They Are much more mundane than other heroes. But she has wits and hard knock and good looking hat. How can she not be the best character in the game when she (Hopefully) appear in the game.
  3. It is just a game... so it is not allways logical. i don`t think that you did mis anything. I Also did ”win” wilpower wictory and well was not too happy. But I did avoid it at the second run. The Lotr Lcg is a pusle and you just have to figure out how to solve it. And no, it does not make any logical Sense
  4. The norm for Computer programs is that there Are bugs... and no it is not allright, but it is a matter of fact.
  5. I know that the game is not fourth edition... But it definitely is in the same ballpark. The short game time is huge bonus, so waiting to see this in live!
  6. Actually he should increase other players threat by corrupting them One other possibility is to make him a hero that can not have other heroes in his deck... To emphasis his solo attitude.
  7. Not played yet with that new expansion. But as always we mostly likely need some paches to get everything run smootly... I think that it will get easier when we have more expansion and game developers have seen what causes problems in expansions and what does not. Have to check out how this works in iOs.
  8. It hurts somewhat but the game has been designed so that you most likely lose some scenarios. Also it allows different story routes depending on success and unsuccess in the future and that is really cool! You want to lose so that you see those alternate story paths! Some scenarios give in AH extra XP for failure and so gives some extra oomph. Also extra time can give you extra XP because you did clean up more victory locations and kill more monsters. But normally losing will make next scenario much, much harder in AH. Much more harder than in Jime so far. Short adventures definitely. Playing guide not so much. Some people like to learn by doing everything by themselves. Some people come to read Gaming forums and ask advise. I think that that is better way of doing it. The Gaming mechanics themselves Are easy. How to play effectively is not and that is the best part of this and many other game! I will always play to the bitter end... but on the other hand I have lost only few scenarios among Many Many scenarios. The normal mode is not very difficult, when you learn the game. That depends on the story! It depends. I personally like to change characters, but on the other hand I rarely lose in these games so learning curve is not too high to me. But after saying that. To most people is best to play two or three first scenarios to learn to play the game. And then restart by using those same characters, maybe planning how to multiclass them. The game gets easier if you have optimal role for battle maps and another optimal role for the journey map! There is normally more fighting in battle map and there is not so much room to maneuver. In journey map you have to move a lot and maybe fight Little bit less. Different roles suits better to each situation! Calculate the time you have left. Learn your character weakness and strong points. Use character combos to their fullest. And take your time to learn your character. this game is good in the second and third playthrough Also! Yeah! I like it too. Not my favorite game, but definitely among those easy and quick games that I can play along my friends with very Little "how to play" instructions to get it running smoothly. Rules Are simple, the game play is not and that is a good mark in my book. I have some good games in my collection that Are good, but are really hard to teach and learn to new people and because of that those games rarely get played and most of the time just collect dust...
  9. It is hard! I have 6 cores in hobbit ajan Also chazad sum expansion for extra dwarf stuff and one expasion with Erebor battlemaster... so I did add a quite a lot cards to the pool and the game is still hard, but not impossible to win. We have played the first half of the adventure so far. Not have gone for ollu mountain yet...
  10. No much deckbuilding in core but that is expected. So core is like a board game. Just use all cards and play. Simple and easy. If you want to make deckbuilding... buy expansions and a lot of them.
  11. The mouth of Sauron type of character I supose... he is a Human sorceror at all...
  12. That was quick. We did get 3rd edition half year ago and now fourth edition... Well there is always room in mythos to new games. The speed seems to be the best thing in here. Interesting to see if the game play is interesting and fun. But it is nice to get even faster mythos game. Does this Also get expansions or is this now it is ”ready” game from the box. Ffg so not likely. But that would mean that 3rd edition and this competes to have expansions. Interesting to see how that goes.
  13. Yeah. Hunter, burglar Legolas and Guardian, pathfinder Gimli is killer combination. Works very well! I really like the multiclass aspect of this game. It allows a lot of interesting combinations.
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