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  1. Hannibal_pjv

    Dedicated Multiplayer Product

    True! But honor mechanic could be the balancing factor that could help in here in one way or another. Your idea is good, not sure if it is punishing enoug. The good thing is that it balance things when the situation is very even. have to test and try... one additional thing is that it could make honor victory easier as well as dishonor when attaking weaker would be punished and attaking stronger rewarded by honor.
  2. Hannibal_pjv

    Modular gameboard?

    Yep... the big board is really a problem in EH with one investigator. It seems that AH 3rd is manageable even running only one investigator. By using money you can travel quite quicly to the problem spot! and Also the expansions does not nesessary increase the area that is needed to be cowered. For example EH using antarctica and with only one investigator can be a real pain...
  3. Hannibal_pjv

    Dedicated Multiplayer Product

    Heh! in our Gaming croup we do play differently, but the optimum would be to beat the weak... but we allways try to kick the Person who is winning, so the game in our croup is much more balanced and Also fun to all... Except to player who is winning How about of getting honor is you attack the player who has most rings at that moment and losing honor if you attack a player who has least rings? That could work... rule suggestion if you attack the player who has highest amounth of claimed rings, you get 2 honor. If you attack player that has smalles amount of claimed rings you lose 4 honor... that could work!
  4. Hannibal_pjv

    Dedicated Multiplayer Product

    The good points and weak points have remained the same. Weak points: you can only win at this moment by enlighment victory the easiest way to win is to bash the weakness player (croup can avoid this if They chose, but it is build in option) good points: it is still much faster than normal two player game Multiplayer is just fun compared to two player version we need something new to solve those fist two issues to make multiplayer really good. So either store tweaks and/or new cards that solve those two things.
  5. Hannibal_pjv

    Announced: Arkham Horror Third Edition

    Yep. Visually not so keen on this, but modularity allows different versions of eac district to be used. Sometimes these tree buildings Are important to the story, sometimes other tree places in the same district can be the usefull ones, so this opens up a huge amounth of development room! really interested to see what the developers do in the long run!
  6. Hannibal_pjv

    Well, I'm back ...

    Seems to make old good town exploring with more theme so... I am happy so far. The old 2nd edition has been idle in the game shelf a quite a long time so definely wanna try this version to see if it capture the old feeling with less hassle. but interesting implementation in anyway.
  7. Hannibal_pjv

    Borrowed Time Resources

    It convert actions to resource markers to the card, so the markers come from the token bank. only a marginally good card. If you have actions you don`t need at that moment, you can spare to the next round. for example the situation where you don't need more cards or resources and you have to wait the end of the round or something similar.
  8. Hannibal_pjv

    Support of the X

    Hopefully newer again gonna see shadowland faction as its own IMHO... one of the weaknesses of the original ccg. i like this splash something from shadowland aproach much better!
  9. More faster shift in roles during the year... Yep something I hoped for!
  10. Hannibal_pjv

    Player Archetypes/Arkhamtypes

    Hmmm... I think that I am 40% storyteller, 40% ritualialist and 40% nihilist... so in total it makes me 120% mad i have rpg player backround and have always enjoyed good books, I have played Many competative ccg during my life and I enjoy the challenge and am really bored if there is no real chance that I will not survive this time. Some of my friends don`t like that aspect at all and wonder why I would like to play the game at harder difficulty level than is needed... So mad??? Arkham Asylum, here I come!
  11. Hmmm for me to see scorpio playing keeper of water for a change would be just fine, so role locking indeed can change the meta. What is needed that the faction can not chose the same element or same keeper/seeker role that it did have previously and maybe not even the same combination that has been used in last x years. Then each year clan would Flip from keeper to Seeker and vise versa. Also They have to rotate the elements and that combination shift the meta together with card pool. Otherwice it is quite possible to see the same role confinations from the year to year. but Lets see what happens. This game is still young again, so things can and will change.
  12. I personally think that role locking is good. To my eye the problem is that the role does don’t change often enough. How about changin role four time a year? There Are 10 different role combinations, so within 2 and half year every clan would have had all roles available for 3 months. Or something similar if 3 month is too short period for spesific role.
  13. There are Computer games where you play the dark side and there Are Computer games where you play light side. So co op for each one could sell, but there Are so Many Star wars games that I am not sure if there is enough people who Are willing to get one more SW game... so not likely, but Hopefully there will be at least one! If there is one, it most propably will be from the light side.
  14. Hannibal_pjv

    How's your local LCG scene?

    Yep.... too Many Lcg to get gritical mass... if you take mtg deck with you and go holiday to new plase, you will find people to play with. If you take one of those Lcg... most likely not, or at least not the one that you did pring with you. the MTG is just so huge and because of that it will stay huge.
  15. Hannibal_pjv

    The Jade Throne Podcast

    Yep. It would be nice to have faster cycling of the role cards! It would change the meta Also faster!