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  1. Hannibal_pjv

    Saga Question

    Yes they are different Saga campaigns. And they do not carry over. You may mix them somewhat... But I would not do it. Boon cards can not be used, but some normal player cards yes.
  2. It depends... gloomhaven is legasy Dungeon gravler. A lot of stuff and the card system is nice. But is it a must game... I would say no.
  3. Hannibal_pjv

    Very quiet on the release front

    Maybe FFG has stopped making expansion to their games... 🤣 Yeah... Not big rush so far... May they have learned and only release one new expansion each year. So we will get first expansion at the autumn? Nah, neither that is not very FFG... All in all they did lose their main developer, so they may take their time to consider where to go with AH 3rd. And it is quite possible that the first expansion comes at the end of this year. They seems to give first info about new release about 6 month before the release so autumn or near christmas can be quite accurate ques for first expansion.
  4. Hannibal_pjv


    Prepainted seems to cost something like $4.5 to $8.0... for Human size miniatures. So 8 heroes for the fist set would cost from $35 to $64... not sure how Many would buy those. That was problem Also with arkham miniatures. but, yeah They would be nice!
  5. Hannibal_pjv

    How long will this game run?

    Not sure if They see any Profit on that... by selling individual packs They can ask more of them. In big box people Expect some discound... my two sents... but yeah, the bigger the pool gets the longer reprint cycle.
  6. Hannibal_pjv

    New LCG on the Horizon?

    I am guite sure that there will not be new Lcg yet... maybe next year. The SW and exspecially Netrunner did take them by surprice. the best selling among those left. Are arkham and Lotr so one more co-op maybe? The competative games Are not going too well I supose. Very Little buss among competative Lcg and very few players.
  7. Hannibal_pjv


    Yeah... that would be nice, but unlike option to happen.
  8. Hannibal_pjv

    Connected Campaigns

    The power balance is really hard in open ended campaigns. So it is possible, but you have to manually rebalance everything and with app... not likely.
  9. Yep. I Also like the card mechanics more. It is more predictable. That is why some players use cards in games like Setlers of Catan.
  10. Hannibal_pjv


    Normally They come about one week fefore the release or just after the release.
  11. Yep... They now have the board game to be developed and tested. They Also have the app in three to four platforms that has to be developed and tested. I have seen some multiplatform apps that Are working just fine in one platform and have curious bugs in another (untill They got fixed ofcourse), but multible moving parts means more time needed to make it right! So june or July Are my bets!
  12. Heh! I would hope that I would be 🤣 i am just an optimistic Person I think. Most likely FFG personnel put their kids to good school by using the my money that I have thrown to them. 😂 i have almost all Lotr Lcg products and there Are huge amounth on it. When I go to Local Gaming store and see how much space They have to all Lotr Lcg stuff, it is less than I personally have in my bookshelf to Lotr Lcg products, so the space/ varehouse /inventory problem is very real to old and popular game like Lotr Lcg. There is more stuff that can be put together (in economically sensible way). And I am very hopefull to see more Lotr stuff, just because it still is very popular and Also one of my personal favorite fransises!
  13. Ou... has it been so bad? The list waiting for reprint seems to be quite good for Lotr Lcg by looking the uppcoming list. And there Are so much still in Lotr Lcg, that it is almost impossible to keep everything available all time. It would eat huge amounth of storage space... i am quite positive that Lotr Lcg will get new expansions even in future and reprints from time to time, but there will newer ever again be situation when everything is available at the same time. Two or three products/sycles at most.
  14. Hannibal_pjv

    Thank you FFG!

    Nah... Just redirect your salary directly to FFG 🤣
  15. ??? What do you mean? The other LOTR games are doing just fine I suppose?