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  1. Supplementary Tokens and Dice

    Yeah, you can use dice for that. But you can't use them instead of fate or honor tokens.
  2. Fu Leng's Name

    Most proper names should also follow Japanese pronunciation, I think. Some Unicorn names are clearly foreign to Rokugan, so they follow other conventions.
  3. Calling in Favor + Watch Commander

    @Tabris2k Even though fiveringsDB isn't owned by FFG, all rulings you can find on it come from official sources, so I wouldn't hesitate to use it during a tournament (I was a judge at the Paris Grand Kotei).
  4. New Previews

    The name doesn't matter, it's all in the traits.
  5. New Previews

    Hard to hide a non-scout Crab, to be honest
  6. When does Lordsport Shipwright act?

    "As a player action" means marshaling a card has the same timing as using an Action ability. So, after you marshal Northern Keep, the next action opportunity is for the player to your left. So your opponent can kneel your Northern Keep between the moment you marshal it and the moment you use it.
  7. It's big enough for 2 players, though.
  8. Come on Fantasy Flight!

    Some of my friends got the bugged packs (and were not at all upset about it). I didn't, because I buy the cards in English.
  9. Come on Fantasy Flight!

    They were put in copies of The Miskatonic Museum (pack 1) rather than Blood on the Altar (pack 3). The leaflet was that for pack 1, though, so only the cards were out early.
  10. Assistance in understanding. Newbie

    Also, Seeker roles allow you to play 2 provinces of the their element, so going with Seeker of Air would allow you to swap a non-Air province for Fertile Fields (extra card draw) or Manicured Garden (extra fate).
  11. Yeah, the traits stay, because nothing says otherwise.
  12. Assistance in understanding. Newbie

    You said "playset of Crane", my bad. Yes, you're limited to 3 cards with the same name across both your dynasty and conflict decks (this is future proofing, there aren't multiple cards with the same name yet, and none have been announced either). So, with those cards, you have enough choices for strongholdy and dynasty stuff (as much as with 3 cores, provided you stick with Crane). But for the conflict deck, you're missing out on the possibility of including additional copies of your splash cards (obviously, you'd need to remove some other splash cards to stay within the influence limit).
  13. Assistance in understanding. Newbie

    Do you mean 1 core set and 2 additional sets of Crane cards? I don't see how you get 3 copies of Crane cards otherwise.
  14. From the "Cardtypes" section in the Reference:
  15. Kitsuki Yaruma + Charge

    It does provide a valid trigger for Seeker of Fire (though it's still limited to once per round like all abilities).