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  1. They could specify a different deck size on the hero card.
  2. It would be written on the hero card, presumably on the alter-ego side. That's what they did in Conquest for warlords who had nonstandard alliance rules.
  3. FFG could release cards with effects that check for uniqueness.
  4. Each hero comes with 1 identity, 15 signatures, 1 obligation and 5 nemesis cards, so that's 22 cards dedicated to the hero. That's a significant part of the pack, even if there are still plenty of cards left (at least 25, possibly up to 35).
  5. Black Panther could afford to skip the double resource cards, because he has 3 double wilds in his package.
  6. You get a playset (or more, in the case of neutrals) of everything (since a playset is "however many copies you can put in a single deck"), because the "Power of" are limited to 2 per deck and the uniques to 1 per deck.
  7. Yeah, only the modular encounter sets have a difficulty rating. The Standard and Expert sets are unrated (the Standard set is always included, and the Expert set comes in when you play on Expert). So the ratings are: Bomb Scare Masters of Evil Under Attack Legions of Hydra The Doomsday Chair
  8. True, those are the titles as they appear in the unboxing videos rather than how they were written in the google sheet (the typos are "focussed" instead of "focused" and "armour" instead of "armor" - even though "armour" is a correct spelling, it's not the one used by the US-based FFG).
  9. Yeah. There are also a couple of typos: Focused Rage (only 1 S) in She-Hulk's signatures and Mark V Armor (no U) in Iron Man's.
  10. I'm pretty sure Wakanda Forever is a 5x: in the unboxing video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHUMnISNIHA), they show 4 versions with different resource symbols. At 4:55, you see a version of Wakanda Forever with a physical resource and signature #5; at 4:59, you see a version with an energy resource and signature #3; at 5:04, you see a version with a mental resource and signature #4; and at 5:22, you see a version with a wild resource and signature #6.
  11. From the card numbers given in the FFG article and the signature numbers on the cards, those are the numbers I've deduced: Spider-Man/Peter Parker Black Cat (1) Backflip (2-3) Enhanced Spider-Sense (4-5) Swinging Web Kick (6-8) Aunt May (9) Spider-Tracer (10-11) Web-Shooter (12-13) Webbed Up (14-15) Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers Spider-Woman (1) Crisis Interdiction (2-4) Photonic Blast (5-7/) Energy Absorption (8-9) Alpha Flight Station (10) Captain Marvel's Helmet (11) Cosmic Flight (12-13) Energy Channel (14-15) She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters Hellcat (1) Gamma Slam (2) Ground Stomp (3-4) Legal Practice (5-6) One-Two Punch (7-9) Split Personality (10) Superhuman Law Division (11) Focused Rage (12-13) Superhuman Strength (14-15) Iron Man/Tony Stark War Machine (1) Repulsor Blast (2-4) Supersonic Punch (5-6) Pepper Potts (7) Stark Tower (8) Arc Reactor (9) Mark V Armor (10) Mark V Helmet (11) Powered Gauntlets (12-13) Rocket Boots (14-15) Black Panther/T'Challa Shuri (1) Ancestral Knowledge (2) Wakanda Forever (3-7) Vibranium (8-10) The Golden City (11) Energy Daggers (12) Panther Claws (13) Tactical Genius (14) Vibranium Suit (15) After that come the player cards, probably sorted by aspect (with Basic last), type (with events last) and name, then the villain cards, probably with the obligations and nemeses last.
  12. You could always negotiate with the other players, since it's a coop (at least in theory - determining a winner if the villain is defeated is a big strike against actual cooperation). But that problem cannot happen in a LCG, because you build your deck before the game even starts. Sure, you can argue about who gets to play which hero (it's pretty much a given that they must all be different) or who gets to play cards that would be useful to different heroes (this can be mitigated by each player having their own collection, but there could be equivalents to AH's unique assets), but that's it: you don't add cards to your deck during the game.
  13. We'll have to wait until they give us the full deckbuilding rules and card breakdown.
  14. Not quite, there's a once per round limit on their forced ability. So they move at most twice (if they go to an empty space the first time).
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