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  1. Yes, such restrictions appear on identities in A:NR, on agendas in AGoT (faction cards have no text) and on warlords in Conquest. Arkham Horror goes even further in that each investigator has his or her own deckbuilding permissions and restrictions.
  2. Typical for LotR, I assume. Deluxes for AGoT2 come out about every 4 packs without a break beyond the normal month between products.
  3. And you didn't even have to remember to trigger the Hound first, since his reaction is forced, which means it has to be triggered (by the game) before optional reactions.
  4. Such a mechanism would have to go on a Stronghold, because deckbuilding permissions and restrictions that apply to the whole deck have to go on the card that's visible from the start of the game.
  5. Given Lost in Time and Space is announced for early July, Carcosa might even be available before GenCon.
  6. Dibs on the ribs!
  7. Yeah, AGoT1 had packs with half 1x and half 3x (up to the 4th cycle). The first deluxe was 1x; the second was 2x. It was terrible. They republished all of those packs and deluxes as full 3x before the end. Since then, the only non-Core Set product I can think of that didn't contain a full playset was the first SW deluxe (which made 2 factions fully playable - the Core Set did not). So I'm confident every L5R pack and deluxe will contain full playsets. FFG keeps its rulebook deckbuilding rules pretty straightforward. You get a minimum number of cards (sometimes an exact number) and a copy limit for each "deck" (dynasty/conflict/provinces/stronghold), and rules about including out-of-faction cards. The copy limit is by title (you can still mix and match for variety) and any weird permissions or restrictions appear on cards that are visible from the start (probably strongholds in L5R - it's agendas in AGoT, identities in ANR, warlords in Conquest) or specific cards. @Sparks Duh LCGs also don't have nearly as much binder fodder as CCGs.
  8. "Objective" lacks consistency because it covers every situation where advancing the act does not just require spending clues as a free triggered ability.
  9. They can stack, then, because they don't say they can't.
  10. FFG put out 15 packs and 3 boxes for AGoT2 in about 20 months. So, not quite 12 packs and 2 deluxes, but better than 8 and 1.
  11. I can think of limits like that, but for cards that attach to locations: Obscuring Fog and, in a more roundabout way, Locked Door. If the card's text doesn't specify otherwise, multiple identical cards can be attached to the same card.
  12. Whether you need an action to play a card is timing information. I also wish they'd indicated timing on events the same way as on cards that stay in play. "Play only during your turn" could still appear where required, but "Fast" could disappear from events (it would still be needed on assets). A few examples: Emergency Cache - [action]: Gain 3 resources. Evidence - [reaction]: After you defeat an enemy, discover 1 clue at your location. Shortcut - Play only during your turn. [free]: Choose an investigator at your location. Move that investigator to a connecting location. Expose Weakness - [free]: Choose an enemy at your location. Test [intellect] (X), where X is that enemy's fight value. For each point you succeed by, reduce that enemy's fight value by 1 for the next attack performed against it this phase.
  13. Actually, I find the timing system and terminology less clear and consistent in Arkham Horror than in other LCGs. An event with "Fast" could have the same timing as either a free trigger (possibly with some restrictions) or a reaction (a term that covers the equivalents of both reactions and interrupts in other LCGs).
  14. Any chance of a misnumbering on either Otomo Courtier or Fine Katana? Because having them as #122 and #200 leaves Unicorn 1 card short (adding dynasty and conflict together) compared to the other clans.