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  1. Khudzlin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    The picture even suggest exactly that, showing a woman using a rifle as a club.
  2. Khudzlin

    Permanent 0XP Cards

    @Allonym Shrewd Analysis says "Limit 1 per deck", so you can't include 2. @gazzagames You can have 2 copies of Arcane Research (because it doesn't have a limit like Shrewd Analysis), but both will reduce the cost of the same Spell upgrade (it says "the first", so you choose which one).
  3. Looks good, might be even better with the first row greyed as well for constistency.
  4. There was a CCG holding (Chugo Seido) that you could sacrifice to change the target of an action to one of your samurai (in the LCG, that'd be a Bushi) if the new target was legal.
  5. Khudzlin

    Shipping Now

    That and writing the year in full. That said, YYYY-MM-DD (with any separator or none at all) is the most logical: we write numbers starting with the most significant digit and we sort words according to their first letters.
  6. Khudzlin

    Shake your head at my tale of woe.

    Suggest he plays Mystic with Rite of Seeking. That way, he'll have a good reason to do it.
  7. Khudzlin

    Grand Guignol

    Sounds good.
  8. Khudzlin

    Chapter Packs

    That depends on the deck you want to build. You can take a look at decks published on online deckbuilders and see which packs they use to get an idea.
  9. If an effect requires you to name a card before searching for it, it will say so (and it will probably also require you to reveal the cards you looked at). The closest there is in L5R is Test of Skill.
  10. Isn't she the Utaku daimyō? Not that she needs it to kick butt...
  11. Khudzlin

    Can Preston use Leo de Luca?

    Only going by the figurative definition of "criminal". I'm pretty sure that much government corruption (in the US or elsewhere) is already against the law (and the rest probably should be).
  12. Khudzlin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    All true. There are enough Insight cards in Circle Undone to make a legal Joe deck with only a single core and the deluxe itself (this came up during playtest, even though we tested with a full collection, including the cards from the previous cycle that weren't published yet).
  13. Khudzlin

    Large Melee/Core set questions

    There is no suggested way to deal with having more players than titles. Also, the rulebook says AGoT is a game for 2 to 6 players. So I suggest splitting the players into multiple tables if you have more than 6 (4 players is the best table size).
  14. They nerfed it shortly before the end (to 1 character each turn instead of any number of characters), but it was still pretty useful from what I heard (I had stopped playing at the time). The thing is, the cavalry tax made some sense in the CCG, since Cavalry had an inherent game effect and Unicorn strongholds had higher gold production. But it makes absolutely no sense in the LCG, because it no longer has any inherent effect and, excepting the upcoming Shiro Shinjo, all strongholds have the same fate production.
  15. Khudzlin

    Grand Guignol

    It was the same for both versions of Faculty Office in Extra Curricular Activities (Dunwich box). If a location has a subtitle, it covers the keyhole symbol.