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  1. Khudzlin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    If we constructed the wheel based on the Core investigators, we'd get Guardian - Seeker - Mystic - Survivor - Rogue (Roland is Guardian/Seeker, Daisy is Seeker/Mystic, Agnes is Mystic/Survivor, Wendy is Survivor/Rogue and Skids is Rogue/Guardian). We also have some pairings crossing that wheel (Minh is Seeker/Survivor, Sefina is Rogue/Mystic and Yorick is Survivor/Guardian).
  2. Khudzlin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    It's fun to see the speculation.
  3. They need to proofread better, there's a grammar error in there.
  4. She doesn't have the Battle Maiden trait, though. So I'm reluctant to peg her as Utaku.
  5. There might be more in the non-uniques without the family name in their titles. I'd add the following to the "generic" column: Ide: Giver of Gifts (because he's a courtier) Iuchi: Master of the Swift Waves and Meishōdō Wielder (because they're shugenja) Moto: War Dog Master (because it seems foreign) Utaku: Battle Maiden Recruit (because she's a Battle Maiden) I'm not sure for Border Rider, Child of the Plains, Minami Kaze Regulars, Swift Magistrate and Warrior Poet. That leaves Shiksha Scout, who is obviously not from any of the families.
  6. Khudzlin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    I can make out "when a card" (there's probably an adjective on the next line), "enemy" (can't make out the rest of the line), "effects (choose one):", "lose resources" and "or receive horror"; I can't make out the reminder text.
  7. Khudzlin

    XP and Weaknesses

    It is a thing, but only for playing scenarios in standalone mode (if you play in campaign mode, you start with 0 XP). Weaknesses never count against deck size.
  8. Not to mention, some players might have a favorite clans, but play other clans they see as stronger in tournaments and would revert to their favorite in a heartbeat if they thought they had a decent chance of doing well with it.
  9. Khudzlin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    It's too blurry for me, too, to be honest. In any case, Rita is a track runner, so it makes more sense for her to move herself rather than enemies.
  10. Khudzlin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Then the Spanish translation is incorrect (since the box is publicly announced, I can say I playtested it).
  11. Khudzlin

    About provinces

    True, but there are no cards that target or reference unique or non-unique cards that aren't characters. So uniqueness of holdings, provinces and strongholds has no gameplay impact at the moment, but it could have one in the future. A card that counts unique cards would be enough.
  12. Khudzlin

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Nope, Rita moves, not the enemy.
  13. Khudzlin

    Eztli Guardian attack

    They are, but you can engage them (like other Aloof enemies). And once engaged, they attack normally.
  14. Khudzlin

    Splashing multi-class cards?

    Articles are often unclear about rules. Sometimes, they're even plain wrong.
  15. Khudzlin

    Splashing multi-class cards?

    How Permanent interacts with deckbuilding has been well-defined from the core set, so there was no reason for argument when actual cards with Permanent were revealed: