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  1. Khudzlin

    A solution to ganging up?

    Having only one set of rings makes claiming them all pretty much impossible (it gets harder at higher player counts), however.
  2. Khudzlin

    Mirumoto Hitomi

    There is a rule that you can use a reaction or interrupt only once per trigger (whether they share a window or not). Since the trigger for Proving Ground is "After a character you control wins a duel", each character that wins a duel provides a separate trigger (unlike a trigger of "After you win a duel", which could only create a single trigger per duel).
  3. Khudzlin

    Kitsu Warrior

    Here's the relevant multiplayer rule. Kitsu Warrior doesn't fall into the exception, only the controller's rings count for the boost.
  4. Khudzlin

    Using Backpack

    The difference between "play" and "put into play" is a very important one (and a staple in FFG's games, by the way). You can't use Sleight of Hand on a card attached to your Backpack.
  5. I play mostly Guardians, with a side of Mystics. None of the 5 XP Guardian cards appeal to me (and there's plenty to do with 2-3 XP cards).
  6. I have yet to include a single 5XP card in any of my decks.
  7. Khudzlin

    [Ruling] Unmatched Expertise vs Pride

    The first player chooses the order between simultaneous forced/mandatory effects. See the 2nd bullet point below:
  8. Khudzlin

    Using Backpack

    Not quite. You can only play them, not commit them or put them into play.
  9. Can't fathom this one, either. Unless we're talking about Blackjack level 2.
  10. Khudzlin

    Diana Stanley - cancel/ignore

    Events do not enter play while being played (unless they are explicitly put into play by their own effects). That doesn't stop Diana's reaction from working on them (they're probably in the discard pile when the reaction is triggered). So I don't see why it couldn't pull an asset from the discard pile.
  11. Khudzlin

    Diana Stanley - cancel/ignore

    A card doesn't have to stay in play throughout the resolution of its abilities. It just has to be there when you initiate the ability. For instance, Beat Cop (0) doesn't stop working just because you discarded it to pay for its ability. Same goes for Grotesque Statue's last charge.
  12. Khudzlin

    Charge and Reaction

    No, it doesn't. "Put into play" is different from "play" (it's a consistent distinction in LCGs).
  13. Khudzlin

    Fastest defeat?

    I can't remember how many turns it took, but we first tried The Gathering on hard with Marie in a group of 4. She drew Baron Samedi in the first or second turn. Damage mounted up real fast.
  14. That's what it means in L5R, too (though the lack of "if able" is a bit weird). If you can make her eligible for another conflict, knock yourself out.
  15. Khudzlin

    New LCG on the Horizon?

    Especially since FFG already failed to get a Dune license. That's why they remade the Dune boardgame in the Twilight Imperium universe.