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  1. Khudzlin

    True Understanding question?

    Scenario cards are all cards that are controlled by the scenario. That includes agendas, acts, locations, treacheries, enemies and story assets that haven't been earned yet (for instance, Lita Chantler in The Gathering).
  2. It wouldn't be a problem if roles were not locked.
  3. Pack 5 is officially spoiled. Iuchi Shahai is #91, #92 is a fire-role only neutral character and Scorpion get 3 conflict cards.
  4. Remember, reactions and interrupts are optional, unless they're forced.
  5. The issue is mostly one of choice. What I absolutely despise in the initial system is having a handful of players make decisions for every other player. In the new system, a lot more people can hope to get a vote.
  6. I can't think of single card game where using a card's ability automatically bows it (or whatever word is used in that game). Cards bow because of game rules (when a creature attacks in Magic, for instance) or because of explicit card text (including a symbol), either as a cost or an effect.
  7. I've yet to find a 2-handed weapon I like (and yes, I play on hard), because they just don't have enough ammo. When I find one, I'll run Bandolier to be able to have a one-handed weapon at the same time.
  8. Yeah. This is at least a step in the right direction. We need more deckbuilding options.
  9. The French translation posted here clearly says "instead" ("à la place").
  10. Polls only reflect the population's opinion if they use a representative sample. So the polls we have prove nothing, one way or another. However, I still think role locking is bad for the game, because it restricts deckbuilding and makes the meta stale without solving problems with too powerful role-locked cards.
  11. The second role choice will only apply for Worlds and one other in-store event, not for Kotei. Really having a second role might make things a bit better, but 1) it's not happening yet and 2) I doubt it'd be enough. #FreeTheRoles
  12. Yes, interrupts are resolved before their triggering conditions. Otherwise, you couldn't trigger the interrupt at all, since you cannot trigger an ability on a broken province.
  13. No, you can't. Rebuild can only replace the card in an unbroken province.
  14. There's no such thing as a "location asset", you're needlessly confusing yourself. The ability can be used by anyone in the room because it's gained by the location. The forced ability is there to ensure someone keeps the diagram; without it, the diagram would be removed from the game when its controller is defeated.
  15. You mean the 4th cycle, because the 3rd is TFA (1st is Dunwich, 2nd is Carcosa).