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  1. You can trigger his ability when you bring him back with Rapid Response, because its trigger is "after Nick Fury enters play". You couldn't do that if it said "after Nick Fury is played" or "after you play Nick Fury", because "play" and "put into play" aren't at all the same thing, but both cause a card to "enter play".
  2. The damage from Concussive Blast is separate from the attack, so you cannot use Backflip on it. "When revealed" abilities are normally resolved only when cards are revealed (which applies to new villain stages, new main schemes and during step 4 of the villain phase). Step 10 of the setup sequence adds a case where those abilities resolve. Keywords are abbreviations, but not for "when revealed" abilities (they are keyword abilities). Surge would not be resolved from a minions put into play by Underground Distribution.
  3. Only heroes have defense (allies take all the damage from attacks). Though there is one change I find suspicious: the section that said playing a (defense) card made you defend has been removed.
  4. Also, when a card leaves play, all lasting effects on it end.
  5. So far, I've sleeved all standard-sized cards, except for the extra cards beyond the playset. I use a single color for player cards and another single color for encounter cards, so no resleeving is necessary. Double-sided cards and non-shuffled cards (identities, villains and environments) get clear sleeves.
  6. Except that triggered abilities (which includes When Revealed) always have immediate effects unless they create a lasting effect (in which case, a duration will be specified - see Lead From the Front, for instance). Only Cards that stay in play (everything except events, resources and treacheries) can have effects with an unspecified duration of "as long as this card is in play".
  7. Except in extreme cases, theme can always be adapted to rules without issues. Doing the reverse leads to overly complex rules with loads of special cases.
  8. When damage is moved to a character, it is dealt to that character. But you still need actual damage to move in the first place.
  9. Thing is, Dominion-style deckbuilding and CCG/LCG-style deckbuilding are not the same thing. The former is about building up your deck over the course of a game (from a pool that changes every game), the latter is about making your deck before the game (from a pool that is valid for many games). And the latter also dates back at least to 2008, which is when CoC and AGoT switched from CCGs to LCGs.
  10. And it also doesn't count against Steve Rogers' ability for that same reason. "Play" and "put into play" are mutually exclusive ways for cards to enter play.
  11. Your first sentence is far too general. You do reveal the next villain stage when you defeat a villain. You also reveal the next main scheme when the current one advances. But an encounter card entering play is not sufficient for its When Revealed effect to trigger, it has to be specifically revealed (usually during the last step of the villain phase) or enter play during villain setup.
  12. Those are much weaker than Web-Shooter, because Web-Shooter costs only 1 (and so gives you a profit no matter how you look at it) and generates wild resources (which means it's much more flexible). While I'd guess that signature cards should be more powerful than aspect cards, which in turn should be more powerful than basic cards, that's a huge difference.
  13. As long as you've paid the cost, the ability's effect resolves regardless of what happens to the source card. That's how cards like Indomitable or Tenacity work (you have to discard them to use their abilities).
  14. Which Enhanced Awareness cannot provide, because it's a Hero Resource and Superhuman Law Division is an Alter-Ego Action. That's an additional downside of these cards.
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