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  1. In the CCG, Desperate Rush read "If the enemy card's Force is now 0, destroy it." (not the same wording as Chi death, afair) to indicate a one-time effect otherwise similar to this. I'm not aware of any precedent for a one-time effect similar to that (reduce a stat and discard/kill if the stat is 0) in the LCGs.
  2. The Crab are annoying that way...
  3. The answer is the same, though: a limit is per copy, while a max is per card title.
  4. Good thing it costs 3 influence.
  5. My signature on many forums says "Reading cards is broken. That goes double for reading rules."
  6. True, that's what I get for not rereading the card.
  7. Multiple costs are paid simultaneously, so you pay the honor at the same time the character is leaving play. And the honor gain is "when the character leaves play", which makes it simultaneous with or prior to the character leaving play.
  8. In the CCG, cardtype was enough to determine which deck a card belonged to, but it's not true in the LCG, because of characters. So there was never a real risk of trying to put a dynasty card in a hand or a fate card in a province (there were effects that exchanged cards between players, though, but the LCG nips that one in the bud). I'm not sure, but there might have been a rule preventing cards from entering the incorrect deck or discard pile.
  9. True, "shuffle into deck" effects usually involve cards in discard pile. There are also effects that put cards on the top or bottom of deck from play. On the other hand, there is no other LCG where one card type can normally be found in different decks (except the coop games, where it's not uncommon to see player-typed cards with a scenario back). In AGoT, plots don't mix with other cards (the plot deck functions more like a hand, anyway); in ANR, corp and runner cards have different types (even when functionally equivalent like events and operations); in SW, objectives don't mix with other cards and cards from different sides don't mix either.
  10. Then I'll flat out say that I think Brad should change his mind about that.
  11. I'm deeply skeptical about dynasty cards being allowed to go into areas made for conflict cards (and conversely), since both have different backs.
  12. My eyes aren't up to numbers that small, but I'll take your word for it.
  13. @Matrim I don't see any way your first point wouldn't be true. I'm not sure about your second point, though it makes sense to playtest using mostly cards from the campaign's cycle, since those cards have to be tested, too.
  14. Not right away. But, based on the Siege of Annuminas, it'll make its way to the stores some time after the convention.
  15. That looks thoroughly impractical. The chafing!