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  1. When a card refers to itself, it uses "this"; "attached card" refers to the game element the card is attached to, not the attachment itself. I know it's weird, but that's how FFG rolls. Also, the text for keywords on cards is reminder text rather than game text, so it's not authoritative.
  2. It's probably more international than Worlds, because flying there isn't cheap (plane tickets from Western Europe to the States cost upward of $1,000), while playing online with people from around the world only requires planning.
  3. I think most big AGoT tournaments are run on Jousting. The obvious exceptions are those run by FFG itself (Worlds and Continentals). If there was an equivalent site for L5R, I'd bet most TOs would use it.
  4. Having access to pairings online saves a lot of time, the more so in big tournaments. I've been to 3 tournaments with 100+ players this year, and all 3 used The Jousting Pavilion.
  5. 3 rounds later, I definitely wouldn't go back on it. I also wouldn't go back on it if the cards have been drawn, or if an intervening play would have been affected (Scorpion Stronghold, for instance).
  6. After checking my copy, those cards are Unnatural Weariness (#35) and Dreadful Mechanism (#41). A complete set contains 3 of each.
  7. I don't have my copy with me, but I'll guess that these are cards are treacheries or enemies.
  8. Looks like there might a part III...
  9. I usually have only 1 deck built (even when building 2 decks is as perfectly possible as in L5R). I might build a second deck, but I might not bother.
  10. From your avatar, I take it you're not into monster-whacking.
  11. Both those words require decisions that change the game state.
  12. Also, if the cards have not yet been drawn, it wouldn't be out of order to redo the bids.
  13. In AGoT2 (not sure about SW, I stopped playing a long time ago), Forced abilities are not triggered by any player, but by the game itself. They are not opportunities missed by a player, and forgetting them results in an illegal game state rather than a missed opportunity.
  14. Whether you discard the cards one at a time or all at once is a bit moot: in the latter case, you (as the owner of the cards) choose what order they go into the discard.