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  1. Can Anyone help with Tyranid Profile conversions? id like to introduce them to my games Aswell as Tau
  2. Ah well necrons seem like abit of a stretch hmmm I might switch it to chaos then Since I am building a word bearers Npc using black crusade to lead some chaos marines and a couple traitor regiments. We haven't started playing yet I am just more or less setting up the enemies in question.
  3. The subject of promotion and such are covered in both the core rules of OW an its Gm's kit try tying it with the logistics rating of your PC's. Also have the promotions based on deeds accomplished in game and medals they have earned from combat well from what I have read anyway.
  4. Hey Fellow Gm's back from along hiatus I am currently developing a only war campaign for a local group and was interested in the idea of bringing enemies over from other sources and tweaking them for only war. the enemies I want my players to encounter are Rak'gol, Tau, Orks and chaos/traitor armies with maybe either Tyranids or Necrons making a later appearance and have the dark elder come in for real space raids every now and then. Any tips on brings some of the enemies I listed over with a few tweaks and adjustments?
  5. Nogard said: The ArmaGaunt, the idear of a new step between gaunt and warrior sounds nice. though 6 feet tall, thats 1.8 meters…. where a warrior is 2 and a gaunt 1.2. sounds a bit big. Especialy if its modeled after the gaunts posture of moving on 4 legs. Id suggest you reduce it to 5 foot ( 1.5 M ) or even 4.5 foot. 1.3 meters. as it will than be a bigger version of the gaunt. Or was your intention to make a smaller version of the Warrior? so it walks on two legs, and has four limbs to attack with. reading your one weapon aptitude i doubt this though. The rest of your idear sounds nice. a psycic version would have a bigger head or headplate though to tune in on the hive mind. The flying one having less armor is also a good decicion i think. Thank you for the advice and opinion also being a 40k table top player I respect your insight. The main thing I wanted to do with the armagaunt is basically up the size of the gaunt aswell as durability (thought it doesn't look like much). This is only phase 1 draft so far and waitying for more input.
  6. Ok got my first unique tyranid up on the death watch forums guys here ya go! www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp
  7. Ok here is one of my tyranid creations! Armagaunt This unique gaunt species has been encountered any number of times during the first tyranid incursions to the current conflicts, most notable Hive fleet Xiphon incurisions lead to encounters with these creatures. There have been many reports though all lacking in detail, the known survivors has given the biologis magos a description that this guant resembles a mixture of the gaunt genus and the more formidable tyranid warriors. Its posture and veracity resembles that of the warriors while retaining some of the gaunts sleek features and single weapon capacity. Standing at 6 feet tall and armed with interesting weapons this monster is armed for close assault and room cleaning. Some reports suggest this creature may be adapted to fly but has to sacrifice armour to do so. One unique report came from a captain of the 789th Volkaren grenadiers saying that these big brutes of gaunts lead the Other lesser tyranid organisms on other fronts were other synapse creatures are not present. If any or all of these reports are true there maybe more sub-species of this creature then we originally thought.... Characteristics: Movement: 4/8/12/36 Wounds: 15 WS: 35 BS: 35 S: 40 T: 40 Ag: 40 Int: 15 Per: 40 WP: 30 Fel:-- Skills: Awareness (Per), Climb (S), Dodge (Ag), Swim (S) +10 Talents: Swift Attack Traits: Dark Sight, Natural Armour (Hardened Carapace), Improved Natural Weapons (Teeth and Claws), Instintive Behavior (Lurk), Tyranid. Armour: Reinforced Chitin (7 Body, 6 Head, 6 Arms, 6 Legs) Weapons: Spine Stormer (30m; S/2/-, 1d10+4 R, Pen 4, Clip N/A, Reload-; Living Ammunition) Gear: None Special Rules Horde: Armagaunts may be used in a horde see Deathwatch Corerulebook pg 359 Biomorphs: At the GM’s discretion, A Armagant may possess the Toxic (1d10) Trait. Terror Drone: At the GM's discretion, The Aramagaunt may possses the Flyer (15) Trait. They also lose 1 AP all round to be able to fly, Armagaunts with wings are known as Terror Drones. Centurigaunt: At the GM's discretion, The Armagaunt may replace its Instinctive Behavior Trait with the Synapse trait. Give +5 to BS, WS and +10 Wounds, Centurigaunts may not be used in a horde. New Tyranid Weapon Spine Stormer: This bioweapon is a more powerful redesigned version of the spine fist, This weapon is standard for the Armagaunts role of close range support and in shock assaults. (Class: Basic, Range: 30m, RoF: S/-/-* Damage: 1d10+4 R, Penetration: 4, Clip: -, Reload: -, Special Qualities: Living Ammunition) *This weapon being a heavier version of the Spinefist allows it to work in similiar principle, Swift attack gives the weapon a semi auto fire of 2, while Lightning attack gives the weapon a full auto fire of 4
  8. Well this is just alot of back and forth tomfoolery... Ok I can see the dissapointment that OW is no longer the supplment for DH as it was originally announced as way back when. The reason for dissapointment is because it was expected and it expanded on a some careers like the guardsmen and possibly the asassin. Kinda like they did for the Arbitrator and Scum with book of judgement and the Cleric with the blood of martyrs and to a lesser standpoint. I think for the people who are dissapointed wanted supplements that expanded the core books' careers. Though at the same time a good chunk of people who are looking forward to OW being its own line is that we get to work with the Imperial guard in its entirety. Lets behonest here people fitting the entire Imperial Guard in a supplement would not work. That is why I am gonna go out on a limb and say that while this was originally intended to be a supplment, they stumble upon the idea of making this its own system to garner more attention. Also I think "Only War" would of been mistaken title for a DH supplement. When I think of Only War, I think of a mass of infantry charging and screaming into battle, tank squadrons clunking away while letting loose with massive guns to support squishy soldiers, commanders barking orders over vox comms to tell their men to hold the line. While DH is more about political intrigue, investigation and weeding out the heretics and the like from the faithful. All that said I think people just need to look at not only the rule changes but the theme of what the core rules represent in its line. For me, ya I'm dissapointed that I don't have a DH supplement that would of give me career options, cell directives and new weapons, But hey I get new line of books that focus on the Imperial guard. That is sure as hell is a improvement from a simple 250 some odd page splat book. Now for the compatibility issue people are getting at.. Admittedly yes there are quite a few minor mechinical changes such as the merging and editing mechinics of how certain things work and could potentially cause problems when trying to use other books. An example being DH mixed with BC. I personally feel that the problem is not only the mechanical changes and quirks here and there, but also how the GM uses and interprets the rules. Sure it doesn't make sense to change one of the careers in DH accordingly to the changes in BC's talents...thats just rediculous. The RoF mechanical modifiers though can be easily transplanted. As well as the psychic mechanics can be tweaked for use in either of the core rule books. It just takes alittle effort on the part of the GM and his players. Now on the other hand I can see the benefit to a reworked combined 40k rpg core rules with supplements expanding on the different themes (like Alien codexes and such). You worry less about other lines dying out, its easy to update it and easy to support it. My final words are that FFG are the ones incharge of these products and its up to them if they wish to change the way they pursue the products evolution, while it is our resposibility as the consumers to make responsible and informed descions on if we want said product or not. While me and the company don't see eye to eye on some things i still love the books and keep coming back to them. That there folks is my cents worht anyway
  9. Alright ladies and gents I got and idea for you all. I am in the middle of creating a Tyranid species for my custom Hive fleet Xiphon, Right now it is called the "heavy gaunt" till I can come up with a better name. I am ironing down the weapons and stats for this creature and I was wonder, What kinda of species can you or have come up with for your own hive fleets? I would be appreciative to hear from you all.
  10. Ah Bassenmandrh make the stats my friend, Your actions shall help expand the hive minds influence... Anywho Ironing out the heavy gaunt I am thinking some sort of more armoured shock troop kinda a range alternative to the genestealer.
  11. Lol planed on giving the gaunt a size increase to man size capable of weilding barbed stranglers or new weaponry or why not both.
  12. Glad to be of assistance fellow DH member. As of now I am going through Rough draft of a tyranid organism mostly. For right now it is dubbed the heavy gaunt.
  13. Adeptus-B said: The appeal of tyranids is that they are a cataclysmic force of destruction that can't be reasoned with. They are basically a cosmic natural disaster of epic proportions, which challenges the human race's basic right to survive. Yeah, they don't lend themselves to intrigue-themed games, but for a change-of-pace burst of Survival Horror, tyranids are unparralleled. Yeah pretty much this in combination with what I said
  14. Apologies for minor heresy for adding on to my original reply but it goes hand in hand. I see hive fleets as a tool for later to shake up a campaign. Maybe your group is trying to find a heretic but while in the middle of a investigating a genestealer cult just busts out and is all up in your groups grill, or the first wave of gaunts has dropped while your group is attempting to arrest him. Acension just flow better with hive fleets due to the influence mechanic. Having trouble aquiring a new xenos specimen from its race requisition a imperial guard company for additional fire power. Having your group in league with the Ordos Xenos might make the campaign less disjointed, but hey your gm what ever you say goes you could have a tyranid speak gothic and fire a gun from questionable places and have wings for ears! Back to the original point my view on it is while the creatures themselves are sorta one dimenstional you need to look at which hive fleet that creature came from. Simple Hive Fleet design questions; #1) Where is the Hive fleet coming from? (before any smart ass answers not just from the dark void of space sillies) Are the coming from above? below? or the way of the compass? #2) How does this Fleet organise itself? Does it go in Splinter fleets? or a massive force? #3) How does this Fleet pursue planetary assaults? (such as does it sort priorities or have some sort of special ability the other hive fleets don't?) #4) Does this Hive Fleet have unique species of organisms? (pretty obvious yes or no answer here..) #5) How do you feel this will effect your campaign in the long term (if characters suceed maybe a few planets will be spare if not the sector is doomed kinda thing). Thats my convoluted take on tyranids anyway.
  15. Well for me as one dimensional as the individual creatures seem, its the whole hive fleets behavior that is unique to the hive fleet in general. The three most cannon examples are hive fleets Behemoth, Kraken and Leviathan Behemoth Just pushed into the galaxy into a focal point (if you see the maps in the codex or online). Kraken Split up into smaller fleets and ravaged entire sectors until being stopped at the battles for lyanden Craftworld and Ichar 4 at the same time Leviathan end up Flanking the entire galactic plane. Though there are notable other examples like Hive fleet Gorgon, which was capable of adapting faster then any other hive fleets to crush resistance, Then you have Hive fleet Jormungandr that threw orbital debris down side its mycetic spores which not only confused the anti aircraft systems but smashed the defenders below and assured the saftey of the tyranid organisms. It is these difference that give the individual hive fleets character smaller examples be unique carnifex variations or certain use of a particular use of a biomorph or it could use and entirely new species of organisms in its planetary assault stage. The personality of the hive fleet is only limted to one imagination. So in short your not looking to change the om nom nom one dimensional aspect but the way they pursue om nom nom, think of om nom nom as the coodex astartes while it has over a thousand strategies an some spacmarines follow it t the leter there are others who just use it as a guide line, or how normal people interpret the bible. =)
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