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  1. "The Realms Addendum" ? or something like "Realms of Glory"
  2. Okay - my top two suggestions The Forsaken Realms The Dread Realms And a few others: The Uncharted Realms The Discarded Realms The Abandoned Realms The Unsung Realms
  3. In our current game, the Grave Robber landed on the Graveyard space, which had a face-up enemy card on it (I forgot how it got there) The player using the Grave Robber said that his special ability (picking 8 Adventure Cards looking for objects) should trigger regardless of the outcome of the battle, because the Graveyard had been visited - it was where the battle occured. Other players argued that the Grave Robber must first defeat the enemy before he can encounter the board (and only then encounter / visit the Graveyard). I'm torn. The second option seems more consistent with basic Talisman rules - but I can symathize with the Grave Robber that it seems wrong that he can't use a special ability as printed on his card. Any thoughts?
  4. Oberon, Maybe try giving the Harbinger a more localized effect. He appears on the board as normal, but you only have to draw from the Harbinger deck if you are within 3-4 spaces of him (on either side). The rest of the region is unaffected. Or - when the Harbinger is in the region - roll the dice and you only draw a Harbinger card on a roll of 1-2 (or whatever). Otherwise, draw from the Adventure Deck as normal. You should be able to find a way dilute the Harbinger's impact while still including him in the game. In our games, we include the Harbinger himself, but don't use the Omens etc.
  5. In Talisman, we're very comfortable using House Rules to shape the game "our way" when there's something we don't like. With the Harbinger expansion, we just weren't that happy with the Omen Cards, or the dreaded countdown to doom. We didn't like the idea of "everyone dying", or anything that artificially shortened the game (we love our 7-hour games). So, we just don't use the Omen Cards. How does this change things? Well, we still use the Harbinger. He comes out when someone draws an Event, and characters in the same region must draw cards from the Harbinger deck (which we've made extra spicy by mixing in the Nether Realm cards). Yeah, I was initially against mixing two separate decks together, but after a couple of games, I don't really notice it - and this gives a "legitimate" use for the Nether Realms. When one of the Seven Signs is drawn, the Harbinger goes away until the next Event is drawn. So, we still have the danger ramped up by the Harbinger deck, but without the extra badness that the Omens bring. All the Omen-specific cards were removed from the Harbinger deck (not that many actually). When you land on the Harbinger, dice roll encounters 2-5 are the same. On a 6, you can move the Harbinger to any space (instead of this happening every time), and on a 1, that character must suffer the effect of the most recently drawn Seven Signs card (keep the latest one visible near the discard pile). If none of the Seven Signs cards have been drawn yet, then you got lucky and there is no negative effect. I might find something different for a roll of 6, and go back to allowing you to move the Harbinger every time - haven't decided yet.
  6. Setting up a game now. Nothing better than Talisman and pre-Easter chocolate.
  7. Playing 2nd edition in the mid 80s. I was volunteering as a Big Brother, and Talisman became our go-to thing if there weren't any movies we wanted to see.
  8. If you face the Doppelganger (exact stats as character) at night, would the creature get +1 to his combat roll (disrupting the "mirror" image), or would he be exactly equal to the player even including the nighttime factor? In other words, does the nighttime bonus get ignored because it's a Doppelganger?
  9. Triple A


    With so many of us Canadians around, of course this forum was going to be nice, helpful & civil. It's the law.
  10. I can certainly see the logic in limiting sets from a thematic point of view, but for me, the joy of Talisman is the "everything including the kitchen sick approach". I love the chaos! Also, the symbols depicting the various sets are so tiny, I'd go blind trying to separate the cards after each game.
  11. Yeah, we also limit the scribe to once-use only, and don't allow you to buy a pet if you already have one (although you could get a second pet from the City Adventure deck).
  12. That's a good idea. We also put a few fate tokens in our dragon bag, but when drawn, it just means the lucky player increases their fate.
  13. Yesterday was a very snowy day in Toronto, so the boys and I decided to break out Talisman. This is our first game using the Nether Realms Deck. Our House Rule states that the first Adventure card drawn after nightfall must come from the Nether Realms deck, and it worked really well. We were all trying various (and sometimes extreme) ways to avoid drawing the card, and then breathing easier once the card was encountered. It adds a bit more danger and excitement to the basic game. Strong characters can potentially be seriously damaged or killed without warning, which does give all other players some hope that a runaway leader could be unexpected removed from the game. However, if that does happen, it could extend the length of the game.
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