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  1. Howdy, Can a fleet alter their objectives after the first round? For example, a player discovers their fleet is not as good at an objective as they hoped. In round 2, they want to change their objective to something more favorable. Is that allowed, or are you stuck with your initial choices? Thanks!
  2. I sure hope the heavy TIES and arrestor make it in. I like 'em both. I think this and Rogue One are doing a good job of keeping the new designs in the OT universe. The arrestor is not the traditional grey triangle - this is true. However, we have a bunch of those already. Presumably this is some utility ship with an experimental slot. Maybe a new tractor beam card! The heavy TIE could be a tougher basic fighter, though hopefully it's got some new keyword that isn't "heavy".
  3. Well, it was good advice. That ion cannon defense is brutal. Close game, but those ion hits put me over the top. He swung in from the right but still ran over the tokens. Got 5 rounds of shooting with them.
  4. Wow, you guys are amazing. Thanks! I'll try it out and let you know how it works out.
  5. He's got a pair of vcxes, and a few awings and Lancers. I've got bossk, zertik and an advanced. I was considering some rogues to help out. I've only got 4 activations right now so one more won't help much. However, one more target isn't a bad thing and it does do damage....
  6. Hello, all. I'm an Imperial in a campaign right now, and the Rebels are about to assault our base for the first time. We've been getting pretty trounced so far. The Rebels are using a 500ish hammerhead Antilles Crackenswarm. I've got a 430ish Vader Cymoon fleet that is well out-activated. I don't want to take the Ion Cannon defense because the enemy fleet has some good Strategic support. Any recommendation on the others? Fighter Wing to get some bombers? Armed Station help with the pinging?
  7. Ap works great for me! It’s become my go to squad builder.
  8. I am going to be very surprised if one mc-75 doesn't have a fleet command slot. That'll save you from taking a pelta. Less room for hammerheads though!
  9. You must be looking forward to the new bored-ing parties then!
  10. The bridge looks a little Star Trek-ish, but it feels close enough. Much closer than Naboo style anyway. This is one heretical case where I think the original movie design is inferior to the cartoon.
  11. Those new Resistance vessels don't really qualify as capital ships. They're flotillas at most. And you know what? That's awesome because they're flying in a flotilla formation in the trailer. These would look awesome grouped together on a small base. Controversial statement - maybe these are new B-wings! They're more gunship than fighter sized, but SW dogfights are inspired by WW2. These could be B-17s! Those were a lot bigger than their escorts. They even have ball turret defenses. My heart yearns for a proper capital ship scrap, but we might need to wait for the 3rd in the trilogy again. This looks cool too.
  12. To be fair, a lot of the bad EU designs come from old video games where polygons were very limited. That's no excuse for the E- and K-wing though. And the Star Crusher. Oy the Star Crusher.
  13. It's a grey triangle. The Empire would sue for copyright infringement.
  14. I think you're right. We'll see them sometime. They'll cost a fortune and they'll be lots of fun. However, let me unleash my nerd rage for a moment. Jovial pirates...stole a super star destroyer? Aren't there thousands and thousands of personnel aboard each one? How could a group of cheerful pirates possibly have the resources to pull that off? I doubt the Rebels would even have the manpower to keep one, but Johnny Depp does? These are the shenanigans that make the Empire look like Keystone Cops...and it implies the new expanded universe will have just as much dumb stuff as the old one /nerdrantover
  15. Hey I just wanted to say thanks! Your articles are thorough and entertaining. CGYSO is my favorite Armada strategy source. My fighter-fu is already much improved.
  16. I think we've got more to come, but if not, it's very very possible that part of the release needed to be timed with some date from Disney. If that date got pushed back, FFG needs to go along with it. License partners can be tricky to deal with. Obviously that's speculation, but we know Fantasy Flight wants us to buy their plastic ships. They're going to do everything they can to get our money and satisfaction. The other thing is...The slower release schedule means I AM buying more of the old waves. If the release window was smaller, I wouldn't have 4 CR-90s.
  17. Maybe they're waiting for a Rogue One trailer to show off the other stuff.
  18. I bet they count as a ship. See how the combat refit has no side dice? That's probably to prevent spam with Ackbar. They can't attack from the sides so they can't get his bonus. Those arcs hint flotillas do benefit from flagships.
  19. Ohhhhhh, they didn't let the transports have side dice so that you can't spam with Ackbar. Makes sense.
  20. Since they are on a capital ship stand, I bet they come prepainted. I love the idea of these convoys flying about. I think they are both likely cheap squad command options
  21. I can't wait for a Liberty. A strong front arc seems reasonable but it makes me a little sad that it won't synergise with Ackbar.
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