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  1. Is there any use in dropping raider tokens during the final adventure in the third age? Since they aren't resolved, we found them to be quite useless during the entire third age.. (unless you are conquesting, but that was not the case since we owned many provinces each already).
  2. Hi there! I am new to these forums, but not new to Fantasy Flight and their games. I recently bought Age of Conan and love it! However, I feel there is room for more, and with the expansion being cancelled, I am wondering if we, the fans, can get together to make some new stuff for this game. What I'd like to see would include: - More characters from the books - NPC's, like Xaltotun, Bêlit etc. that have some effect on the game if Conan is present - That idea about Conan the Warrior and Conan the Thief (Mood Wheel) - Adventures that span 5 tokens - Spells? I read somewhere about new cards you gain when you complete objectives, to make them more attractive, cannot remember where though.
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