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  1. Recent experience had an investigator return from OW to the gate; he didn't have enough tokens to seal the gate. He closed the gate as usual on his Arkham Encounter phase. He did not leave the location. The Mythos card for that phase changed the environment, allowing for sealing gates in arkham with 2 less clue tokens. Could he remain there until the next AE phase and seal the gate with the clue tokens he has, since he has not left. I cannot find a specific rule that requires that sealing must immediately follow closing the gate, but we have always played it that way. If he had failed to close the gate, the changed environment would allow him to seal it. Since a failed gate closure can be rerolled ad infinitum until successful, we saw no reason that he could not remain there and seal the gate. Unusual, but then AH is unusual, isn't it? What say you?
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