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  1. So, I was looking at the Eratta and the character sheet. It says the word Rank should be replaced with Tier. What is that used for? I see Tier in relationship to Talents, but I don't see a Rank, Tier or Level as far as a single character stat is concerned. Should this spot on the character sheet just be ignored?
  2. This item has you going to a journal entry. There is a spot where you can gain this item twice. Can I use it more than once? It doesn't make you mark a story progress spot, so I would think that, yes, I can use it as many times as the story gives it to me, just like Healing Potions. But, because of what it does, I was just curious.
  3. Ok. So I have been doing right. That wording threw me. It made it sound like you could either (a) have multiple units attacking a single unit or (b) a player could play 2 units against each other to protect it.
  4. So let me see if I get this straight. Player A attacks player B - Player B plays a Str 3. Health 5 - Player A plays a Str 3, Health 3 on that front Player A's unit is discarded and Player B unit is left with 2 Health - Player B plays a Str 1, Health 2 card opposite his orginal card, thus protecting both units because Player A must start a new front (unless you have tech that lets you damage units in some way)
  5. Try support on the Civilization Board Game page. It has all the rule books.
  6. I'm sorry. I must really be slow. How can someone have multiple opponents?? Here's how I understand combat: - Player A attacks Player B - Player B plays a card (I won't worry about type) with Strength 3 - Player A plays a card on that card with Strength 4. Player B's card is discarded and Player A has 3 wounds So, how can a unit have more than one engaged side?
  7. That can't be right for the city-states because the rules state "It can generate production, trade, culture, and other bonuses for the controlling player." So I am presuming that the outskirts of the city state are part of the capital. I just wanted an official yea or nay on that topic. And that combat statement from the rules "If all fronts are currently engaged from both sides, a player must start a new front." That is what is throwing me. Engaged from both sides?
  8. So I am reading the new rules for Wisdom and Warfare (I should be getting my copy Friday ) 1) The rules under combat, page 8 state: Engages Units Units cannot attack an existing front that has two units already engaged on it. If all fronts are currently engaged from both sides, a player must start a new front. What does that mean? I thought all combat was 1 unit on 1 unit per front? 2) This may become self evident after I get the game, but I'll ask here just in case it's still a question. The rules for City-States say: A controlled city-state is considered to be in the outskirts of the controlling player’s capital. Does that mean that the 8 squares around the tile are considered part of the capital's outskirts? Effectively doubling a starting cities squares?? (People will be fighting for these bad boys) Also, if an enemy unit is stationed on the outskirts of the City-State does it just blockade that City-State or also the Capital? I would presume just the City-State, but I'm sure it would be asked 3) Will there be any "Official" release of a 6,7 or 8 player setup, since we have so many tiles now? I mean, I know I could just make something up, but was just curious. Thanks for the great expansion!
  9. Correct. A lot of players are in the RPG mind set. "Kill the monsters, loot the room!" But, that's not the way it works. It's more like a video game. If you go through a level of a video game and exit the map, you don't get all the goodies you overlooked.
  10. Your reasoning seems sound. If the monsters are on the board before the "activate monsters" step, then they would be activated along with all the others.
  11. To just clarify a little on the OL card play. You can play OL cards during the Heroes turns. That's what Tripwire is for. You wait for the Hero to move, then tell him to stop at any point during his movement and play your card. Basically, any card that says it's against a Hero you typically play during their turn (kind of pointless to play tripwire during the OL turn, since the Heroes are not moving).
  12. The spawn point always isnt the entrance. But, no, there is nothing from preventing the Heroes from blocking spawn points.
  13. Then allow people to register their games (they all come with the stupid Proof of Purchase token) and allow owners to download a PDF. I don't see how it matters. Eventually someone will scan the thing and put it on a bit torrent. I see it as a temporary stall at best. It really only does you any good if you have the minis and map pieces.
  14. Triu said: Let's really hurt people's heads. Doing the math, I come up with average damage for the Act I Ettin (blue & red) of 3.14 and the Act II of 4.94 (blue & 2 reds). Working out the odds of at least one surge (my math might be off a bit here) times the damage bonus, I get 3.97 for Act I minion, 4.39 master, 5.43 Act II minion, 5.92 master. If you reverse the surge numbers between Acts I & II, the Act I monsters are nerfed to 3.56 & 3.97, and the Act II Ettins are now doing 5.92 & 6.40. In all, the difference between a minion & a master is roughly 10%. The difference between the Act I master & the Act II minion is ~25%. By reversing the surge bonus, that difference becomes almost 50% -- a big jump. I assume FFG did this on purpose to temper the addition of a second red die to the Act II version, and that the surge bonuses should be left alone. Adding a yellow die in place of the red die drops the average base damage to 4.11, almost a point. If you kept the same surge damage bonus for the Act II Ettins, they would be doing 5.36 & 5.99 on average -- almost identical to what they are doing with the decreased bonus with the extra red die. HAPPY FRIDAY!
  15. I dont see where having the quest book would be a big deal. You still need the Hero stats and the monster stats and the dungeon pieces. It would be nice to have it in a PDF format so you can have it on your tablet without having to have a large booklet out. I mean, sure, I plan on scanning mine for my personal use, but I don't see where having a PDF out there hurts them at all.
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