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  1. Oh man. I wish I had known this errata file existed beforehand, they completely revamped this quest in it. There isn't even a door at all in the revised version. Thanks for the info Steve-O! Here's a link to the file if anyone else is curious: Quest Compendium Errata PDF
  2. I started playing this quest as OL with my roommate and everything was going fine. The rules were pretty straightforward. That is, until he got to the final cube. I didn't notice the rule that states that the players can win if all the heroes make it through the door without killing the demon. The fact that this wasn't mentioned until the very last paragraph wasn't the problem though. The rules state that the edges of each corridor are adjacent to every other edge, as if the room were an actual 3D cube, just flattened out on the table. This means that the exit door (which is displayed on the map as a red rune door) is technically adjacent to the same squares that the players enter the cube from. Does this mean they can exit through the door from those squares? If that's true, then there's absolutely nothing I can do about it because they enter the cube directly after my turn ends. So the first they can do is exit immediately. The fact that I'm not allowed to spawn any monsters in that room or allow a monster to occupy any of those entry squares makes it even more difficult for me to do anything about it. Does this mean that the players really only have to just get passed the previous cube to win and not even worry about the end boss at all? Another thing that was unclear about this quest is why the final door is a red rune locked door, but there never is any key. I assume that just means it isn't actually locked. Does it mean the players don't even have to open it? Is it simply just a marker for the exit that they just walk through? There are a couple other things that I wonder about, but I'd like to get someone's opinion on this first. Anybody out there have any ideas?
  3. I guess I'll just do it that way. Announce that I'm attacking and then quietly sit back down and kindly let the players finish their turn. It does seem to be the way the quest guide states it. It still feels weird that it unfolds that way. Thanks for the insight.
  4. Apologies if this has been asked before but I haven't been able to find it. I was OL during this quest last night and the heroes made it to the room with the 3 stone naga. They avoided the bells and went straight for the gold (I've never seen new Descent players not do this, they must be afraid of scary question marks). At this point the directions tell you to read the following: "Thief!" Hissing, the remaining naga statues attack. Under that it says "All remaining nagas in this area are awakened. See above. My question: Are the nagas activated immediately? Or do are they simply turned normal? It seems weird to me that I would read that the nagas attack and then the remaining heroes get to continue with their turn and possibly kill one or two of them straight away. On the other hand it doesn't say that the nagas are activated, only awakened. Does it mean the player's turn ends and mine begins? Or perhaps only the nagas activate and no other monsters? If that's the case, do I get to activate them again when my turn comes around? Or have they already been activated for that turn? I'm probably reading too much into this but it's been bugging me and it would be nice to know before they attempt it again. I ended up allowing the nagas to activate in the middle of the player's turn and then activated them again on my following turn. This resulted in the heroes getting slaughtered. Anyways, thanks in advance.
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