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  1. Thank you both. I´m glad I´ve been using it correctly, yet it´s a pity I can´t get some more form it xD As usual, both of you were very clarifying, thanks! PD You wew right, as usual. All chars that becomee an agenda use the word "instead" in English. My mistake was checking them in Spanish, the traslators didn´t use the same words
  2. So I assume it actually dies for all porpouses, and the word "instead" is just bad wording (I checked other char agendas and they usually say "when ...die, then", not "instead"). Therefore it can´t be cancelled (without blanking it) and i can use nasty things like Blood for blood, is all that correct?? Just in case my friends don´t agree without further explanation, is there some mechanic I´m missing that states this?? Thanks again
  3. I´m sure this is an old question, and probably has been answered several times, but I looked for it for about an hour and couldn´t find it, so... Quentyn Martell states that if he "is going to die, INSTEAD bla bla bla". So, when excatly does it go away? I know dying chars become moribound and leave game only at step 6, but since this card specifically states "instead", it sounds like it´s a kind of salvation, and therefore it should be used right at the moment of the char becoming moribound. In other words, I have Quentyn out there, and a couple unique chars knelt. Now I lose a military challenge... Yes, you guessed it right, I chose Quentyn to die. Now, if his ability to become an agenda is some kind of passive salvation, he would become my agenda right away, and at the keywords step, my knelt chars would stand up... I´ve always set it as agenda at step 6, but reading the wording carefully, I´m not sure anymore... Also, if I´ve been doing it wrong and it´s some kind of salvation, can it be cancelled without blanking the text? Thanks in advance!
  4. I made some more research after reading the first posts. You might be right there are some wins, but I don´t think there are that many. And looking at the top 5 or top 8 of the regionals I´ve seen, Martell´s are quite marginal tbh. About thematic, I agree Martell should not be strong in Naval. But something… Targa has no ships in the books. They had a few transports once, just like Martell´s merchants, but have none. Stark is suppossed to, but we haven´t seen them show up, so noone can assure anything on that end. And Lannisters have weak fleets now, just as Baratheon. So your statement that Martell is the only house with no naval armys is a bit off. My point is… no enhacemets at all? really? Stark is not a house that takes too much interests in intrigues, but that does not mean they have 0 intrigue. They are just "relatively" weak. And honestly, in this last cycle (is it 4 or 5 chapters already?), I think there is 1 Martell card that might (just might) see game. Maybe 2 if you are starting in the game and don´t have the old cycles. This, no matter how you put it, makes Martell lovers (like myself) start thinking twice about getting the new chapters. Because even though I like to play other houses every now and then, my main house is Martell and so, there is no excitement in getting that new card that looks good enought to give it a try. Martell is simply stuck since the last update. Lots of restricteds, very few decent new cards. Those are my thoughts at least, and I think they are quite understandable and accurate. I thought there would be more people a bit frustrated with the new cycle but maybe it´s just me…
  5. So, with the new cycle, we are seeing some usefull new mechanics, those naval enhacements surely give you flexibility. BUT, as most of you probably saw, there are NONE on Martell characters (I have missed 1 of the boxes, none on the other…4?). Someone may argue that Martell has no naval power in the serie. And I would answer that half of the houses don´t ever show more than a couple of boats in the books, wich I have read fully. Now, take this and add the fact that Martell got so bloodyly hammered by restrictions in FEB´s update and I start to think, as the title says, that someone in FFG´s design sector hates Martell. Of course it´s just a joke, but I was wondering if someone has seen recently a pro Martell deck going far in an important tournament, and maybe the list for it. I heard something about a martell-maestres deck, but other than that (and I also heard maestres is better with other houses), it seems like I´m the only one playing Martell. I personally like them a lot (both in the game and in the books), and have 2 decks now, 1 House Dayne-based and the other one with some "when I lose a challenge you lose more than I" events and chars. They are fun to play, but I feel as if they are a bit below my meta´s level, and can´t find better cards to include. Any thoughts?
  6. Arg, you are right. I should have known this one and feel kind of ashamed. But every now and again, I find myself lost focusing on a posible gap in a rulle, when there is a more obvious thing fixing it all. Thanks for your time
  7. So, I know that cards do not trigger their abilities if played during set up. BUT, are cost reduccions included? For exaple this new army everyone has that has it´s cost reduced by 3 if the opponent is using an agenda. Since it´s not an action or triggered affect, nothing that I can see in the rulles says it´s not active, but can´t be sure…
  8. also, the problem with Attack from the sea and Burning bridges is that it stops my own abilities to be triggered :S
  9. I find it simply too good to be true (bear island I mean). I reduced the number of attachments on my deck because I needed more chars, then I found this. Also, I play with the southern army (the shadows one), wich is "no attachments". It is great against most decks, but here, it´s just useless… I guess I´ll just have to get more attachments, even though my deck will be less effective against the rest… Just thinking it is in the same restricted list as martell´s venenous blade, wich is way less powerfull, makes my head hurt :S
  10. I found search and detain as well, but it´s also tricky to get it to work…
  11. Ok, so recently, this nasty card has been found in my meta, and played along with house of dreams agenda, I find myself unable to play around it with my martel deck. The question is, is there anything out there to get rid of it? My only thoughts are playing 4 city plots (wich would ruin my deck) or snowed under (wich is not very useful unless the opponent is a bit dumb or if you manage to force him to do it or lose…) Is there any other way of playing around it that I´m missing??
  12. As strange as it might sound, yes. You can declare a naval attacker/defender against yourselve. You can´t start (declare) a challenge against yourselve, but you can jump troops against yourselve in a given challenge, wich means I´m gonna get those neutral naval ehns on my martell deck. Aero is going to have so much fun… ^^
  13. I know this thread is old, but I have a question about this nasty attachment and thought it would be better to ask here to keep the forums cleaner (i can never find the answer to my questions using the forum searcher :S) So, the thing is I think you can declare stealth over a knelt character, no problem. But would it be considered "bypassed" for the porpouse of the response? Always, never or only if said char had some kind of ability to allow him be declared as defender? My common sense says it would NOT be considered bypassed, but my common sense with this game seems rather uncommon if you know what I mean… Like 50% of the times, it misses
  14. LFenix said: Yeah, I know that. But I´m Martel. The only house in the game with no Navals so far. So I hate them I think I´ll include a few icon removals if the naval keeps showing up more and more (as it looks like it will). My deck wasn´t based on icon removals, but considering how things are evolving… :S
  15. Yeah, I know that. But I´m Martel. The only house in the game with no Navals so far. So I hate them I think I´ll include
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