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  1. It does actually, thankyou. I didn't think of putting a flag marker on the objective, in retrospect it seems pretty obvious. Thanks.
  2. My friend recently bought Twilight Imperium, we've played it 5 times now. We don't have any of the expansions. We've got another person to join us, so we're doing our first 6 player game tonight. Anyway, I was reading the FAQ last night, to see if it covered any of our rules questions, when I saw something that makes me think we're doing Public Objectives all wrong. The way we've been doing them as follows. When it's time to claim Objectives, we go round the table in turn order (as the rules say). Each person can declare they've completed an objective, and then they take the card. Then we go round again, in case someone can declare a second objective. However, the FAQ says two or more people can both claim the same Public Objective, which means we've been doing it wrong. But then that means, presumably the card doesn't go away, if several people can pick it. Would that mean it just sits there, so people could pick it again and again in later turns? Or can people only pick each objective once, but it stays there? That'll be awkward to remember, whether people spent 6 trade goods 5 turns ago, or whatever.
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