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  1. I had seen it tried signing up for the message boards but didnt get approved yet. Its about an hour and a half away so once a month is not to bad i think i would like to go there and check it out.
  2. I honestly dont think you have to. the rules say that you can allocate as many defenders as you wish in a zone under attack. So if you choose 0 that is on you.
  3. I used to play Waronline whenit first came out I was a chaos knight I loved it but it always got owned i felt like i did crap dmg maybe it was my build i dont know but thats why i quit i felt like i couldnt do anything.
  4. My first ccg was marvels overpower had a billion cards but the game was bad I don't know why i played it lol
  5. That would be awesome War Fantasy vs War 40k. that would be epic.
  6. I just started playing the game. But find it may be hard to find players in the NJ area I wish FFG had a store out here.
  7. Hello I am new to the game and I was hoping I could find players so anyone in the NJ are up for it?
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