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  1. Hello. When your at the final location and say you go through the one blip pile do I take from the blip deck and replace the blips stack or do I leave it as is?
  2. Never mind I found the info. Although I'd like to know if the artifact stays with the player after traveling to a new location? Also when the deck of blips runs out do take the slain genestealers cards and just reshuffle them to make new blip piles?
  3. When traveling to a new location do I discard any blip cards to make a new stack of blip cards for the new location?
  4. Hell yeah I had a good holiday. Let's see my wife got me the new TFA core set for x wing, a T-70 plastic model, TFA movie ticket for opening day, a tie phantom and B wing for x wing. My son received a PS4 from his aunt (unfortunately not the Star Wars edition). Eventually I'll get the battlefront game. I only care about the star fighter battles.
  5. My wife let me open my gift early this year. She got me a ticket to see TFA and the TFA core set, Phantom, and B wing.
  6. Agreed. I can't wait to see the film again. **** now I'm in the mood to play more X wing. Curse you Disney marketing.lol
  7. I just got home from watching episode VII. I have to say it was a fun and great movie for me. I do agree with many points already brought up. I'm just happy that the chemistry between Fin and Ray is there unlike the forced coupling of Anakin and Padme.
  8. Thanks all. I just got back into x wing with the new core set and I bought a phantom and defender because I always liked the designs since I first saw them in a video game a long time ago.lol I'm looking forward to the new vet set. That's one set I must pick up.
  9. I'm still new to the game even though I bought the core set when it first came out.lol Well I've noticed that when people here talk about the tie defender it sounds like it's not a good ship to run. As a rookie pilot I'd like to know what's wrong with it.
  10. When she hits and takes a focus token does the focus token get used in the next round or is mainly for defense that turn?
  11. If a phantom remains cloaked can it still perform an action? Next question, if a ship has a target lock from a previous turn and this round takes a focus action, on the attack can the ship use up both the target lock and the focus token?
  12. I do like the idea of releasing the bsg ships as a wave instead. Makes more sense.
  13. Don't know if this has been asked but I will anyway. Since FFG does have the license with universal has there been any mention of making a BSG game using the x wing rules? I'd love to fly vipers and cylons against ties and x wings. MODS: if this topic is not appropriate please delete.
  14. That's impressive. Got anymore pics?
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