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  1. So going second I play hand of dis and my oppent has only 1 creature is that creatrue considerd to be on both flanks
  2. does outmanvor trigger agsent this I would guess it does due to outmanv needs a a printed fire arc
  3. If Ihave 2 royal guard next too a imp figure and only 1 attck is made do both block or just 1
  4. Oppertunist can rasie proton rockets on a awing from 5 to 6 ?
  5. Oppertunist can rasie proton rockets on a awing from 5 to 6 ?
  6. so you would win the the plaent lets say its not the 1st plaent your warlord retrats to HQ and then the HQ phase
  7. Once you have commited your warlords in the command phase how ever there on diffrent plaent and there are 0 enemy units on that plaent what happens.
  8. hmmm meaning HLC is a monster on him
  9. After you perform an attack that deals at least 1 Damage card to the defender, you may spend a focus token to flip those cards faceup. does rex effect let him muti facedowns for 1 foucs or is 1-1 face down damge to foucs
  10. Just to confrim he boost his own attack and his teammates attcks
  11. Hi I was wondering there is no rules or actons to goven turning a ship, speeder or other, Around eg a Firespray is coming up behind a Ywing but the Ywing needs to turn round to be able to fire its weapons what acton manvnr govens or is it a case of using your manv for the round
  12. Hi i have read the rule on this and i do not know where they are geting the vaule form. any help would be nice. All let me see if i under stand this if I have a group of 5PCs and there faceing 3 NPC The players will genrate 5PC slots and the NPC will gen 3.
  13. Jax is now legal for reagnals
  14. Imps i own 3 TIE/LN 3 TIE/IN 1 TIE/B 1 TIE/AVD 1 Shuttle and 1 Firesrapy 31
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