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  1. Also very excited. Needs more release date info stat.
  2. KristoffStark said: I think you're misunderstanding the definition of "activate." I don't think it's an on/off state that determines whether or not something can act. Activate seems to me to be a term that means a figure (or token) receives actions. For example, familiars: "A hero player may activate each familiar his hero controls once during his hero turn" And monsters: "The overlord activates each of his monster groups, one at at time" Even the little card that heroes have that they flip over when they start or end their turn is called an Activation Card. The same goes for the Militiamen in Encounter 2 of Castle Daerion: "Militiamen activate at the end of the last hero turn each round" To the duration of an "activation" seems to be that figure/token's turn. When that turn comes around again, they are "activated" again. It seems not to be a persistent state. While I completely agree with your interpretation of the rules, that would make the Guard tokens even more useless than my initial post implied lol.
  3. In the "Death On The Wing" quest description, guards do not activate until a hero or monster is on the same time. What is to prevent the Overlord's monsters killing the 2 visible guards from the Waterfall tile with ranged attacks, which would technically not activate them?
  4. KristoffStark said: I'm not at home, so I don't have my Quest book in front of me, but I'm pretty sure I remember it also saying that they activate at the end of a turn in which they are attacked. looking now and i don't see anything about being attacked
  5. Rico said: It appears that the Special Rules are describing how the guard is to react. In other words, the guards are keeping an eye on the surrounding area and, as a guard is paid to do, will defend/attack within his assigned area. If either a hero or a monster is spotted then the guards do their job (ie: they are activated at the end of the hero turn). If you shoot them, again, the guards do their job. They are not cursed gargoyles triggered by some magical motion detector. They are people. If you shoot them from range they will come for you and should be in play once they are aware that the towers are being attacked. I totally agree with everything you said, yet the rules clearly state that they do not activate until a monster or hero are on the same tile.
  6. Having played the "First Blood" and "Death On the Wing", it's pretty clear the game is great. My group did run into an issue that we weren't sure how to handle. In "Death On The Wing" (Encounter 2), the special rules indicate that "Each guard on the same tile as either a hero or a monster activates at the end of the last hero turn each round." For my open group, I picked Goblin Archers (3 hero game - 3 minions, 1 master). What was to stop me from simply moving my goblin archers into line-of-sight and picking them off at range? Technically, they could not activate per the special rules. We ended up deciding that they could not be attacked until they were activated first. How are other people handling this? Thanks!
  7. So if you are at your limit in the outskirts as a flying monster moves from Dunwitch to the sky, what do you do? Remove all monsters from the outskirts and raise terror level by 1?
  8. Quick clarification when using Dunwitch Horror - The rules state that monsters on the Dunwitch board don't count towards the monster limit but that flying monsters can travel to the Sky on the regular Arkham board. Since flying monsters in Arkham DO count towards the monster limit, does that mean as soon as a flying monster that spawned in Dunwitch moves towards the sky that they are counted towards the limit? Has anyone dealt with this? Thanks a bunch. eeeealmo
  9. Hey everyone, I just bought Black Goat of the Woods yesterday and was looking at everything that was including and had a couple of questions : 1) In the set-up section, it states to place 8 of each color corruption cards on top of each other, yet 16 of each are included. Are you supposed to deal out 8 of each color or is this a typo and you should really make a stack of 32 (16+16)? 2) After reading through both the Cult encounter cards and the corruption cards, it's not entirely clear to me why any investigator would ever willingly join the cult or have an encounter at one of those locations, as they all seem to be almost entirely negative. Am I missing the point of something? 3) I now have all of the small-box expansions and after looking at all the Heralds, they all seem so unreasonably hard that I can't ever imagine actually playing with them. The game is hard enough as it is, does anyone ever actually play with a Herald? Thanks in advance! eeeealmo
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