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  1. Midnight Chronicles, in my opinion, is immeasurably better than either D&D movie (the second being only "less bad" in my opinion that the first), although that's hardly saying much. This movie is also better by far than the vast majority of other fantasy movies, aside from LotR, Conan-caliber stuff. I bought the iTunes version, because after previewing all of the "free" stuff I could about the film beforehand - gunshy of fantasy movies as I am - I wanted to see it right away. I was NOT disappointed - quite the opposite. So I also bought the dvd, which I'm minutes away from introducing to a buddy even as I type this. Now, I'm no expert in the subtleties & nuances of film-making, so I can't comment on the technical aspects. I just know - and am extremely pleasantly surprised - that this movie, far from "sucking," actually kicks some ass. In the name of all that is good and right, more needs to be done - as promised on the dvd insert(!!!) - in the Midnight setting. Could write more, but my buddy's here and there are Midnight Chronicles to experience! BOOM!!!
  2. Definitely(!!!) needs to be more!
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