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  1. First of all, it depends who the first player is. If you, the choke player, are the first player, you may take ONE action before he takes an action, then back and forth like that. SO: If you are first player, you may use either Cragorn or Ice Fisherman to steal a gold, then your opponent has a chance to take an action. The wisest action on his part would likely be to try to spend all of his gold. If he doesn''t spend it all (either by playing something that costs less than the amount of gold he has, or doing something else like using a resucer), you could then use your other character to steal another gold. Then he would get another action if he had any gold left to play something. If you are not the first player, he gets the opportunity to perform an action (potentially including playing a guy to use up all of his gold) before you could use one of your gold thieves.
  2. I sleeve all my AGOT cards in a single color of Dragon Shields (Black in my case) and all my plots in a different color, so I can easily switch cards between decks.
  3. That''s awesome, everything I''d read had said there were no assurances. That makes me feel a little better, although now we need someone to buy them out of the other 4 packs from that cycle.
  4. LaughingTree said: imrahil327 said: I can certainly respect that stance, but what do you tell players joining now who literally cannot purchase certain important chapter packs? Are they just out of luck? Thats more of an FFG distribution issue and not something that should affect game environment decisions. Not sure which chapter packs cannot be purchased, though, Clash of Arms? FFG should just re-release those as 3x and that would fix any of those issues. The first two in the Seasons pack cannot be found online. I guess I don't understand how 'FFG distribution' and 'game environment' can be separated. I certainly agree with you that they SHOULD release them as 3x but there has been no indication that they WILL. @Kristoff, we can agree to disagree on your last statement, I suppose. I think that some people being unable to play something while others can is far worse for the game than everyone being unable to play it equally.
  5. I can certainly respect that stance, but what do you tell players joining now who literally cannot purchase certain important chapter packs? Are they just out of luck?
  6. aborgship said: Is there any organized play at Game Empire Pasadena? I saw some people playing a Saturday night a month or so back, but I was there for another event and didn't sit in. I'm not pushing GE necessarily, its just closer for me than MB. There isn't a regular weekly group, but we have tournaments there every couple of months. If you'd like to join our facebook group to get more info on SoCal Thrones, drop us an email at summeriscomingpodcastATgmailDOTcom!
  7. Our third episode is up, featuring a guest appearance by 2005 World Champion John Bruno (as well as another guest from our local meta), and a breakdown of allies. Check it out: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/podcasts/_/summer-is-coming/summer-is-coming-episode-3-guests-and-allies-r78 Please continue to send topic ideas, questions or comments to summeriscomingpodcastATgmailDOTcom, and we'll be happy to discuss them on the air! This episode was recorded before the first Regional, but I believe John Bruno's offer stated in the show is still valid!
  8. mondaymadetofall said: I'm a new player (how new? never played) but I'm not new to card games, and I'm looking to learn AGOT. Still playing in manhattan beach? Or does anyone play closer to LA/Hollywood? I don't really have the cards to play, at the moment (just the core set, to learn), but I'm considering dropping some cash on it, if it's good. Is there a playgroup I could crash and observe/learn the game? Thursdays seem pretty good for me if you MB folks still play. They still do play regularly on Thursdays in MB! Email Tiny Grimes at summeriscomingpodcastATgmailDOTcom and he'll get you set up!
  9. mathlete said: rings said: Can't believe you couldn't find ANYONE (hint, hint). ...or someone who was at Kingdom-Con! (hint, hint) lol Oh I see, you're a podcast ***** now??
  10. Deathjester26 said: I like to do enough to have 1 person undefeated at the end of swiss. papalorax's table is spot on, and can include 4 rounds for 9-16 players. We should have had only 5 rounds at Kingdom-Con, but for some reason I was thinking that hitting 32 pushed us into having 6 rounds. My bad. 3-3 sounds waaay better than 2-3, thanks for the gift round!
  11. I'll say one thing for our game, counting my gold was easy.
  12. The KingdomCon regional (32 people) was 6 rounds cut to 8 and I thought it was pretty much right on. Cut it down to 5 rounds if you're at less than 32. How would timed wins in cut work- would the player with the most power at time advance or ?
  13. Haha, I never connected your board name and your real name! Despite our game being a bit rough with me getting my events early, I was quite impressed with your play of putting your chains in your deck vs mine, that was very smart I thought.
  14. I'd be curious to hear how many of the other issues potentially have to do with hand destruction/denial- another one I've seen a lot of complaints about recently is the TLS/Threat from the East knocking a player down to 4 cards while the Bara player stays at 7.
  15. I think there is some validity in what you are saying, and I think it is especially true in a mirror match. Crevic and I talked about this during our regional on Saturday, as he played the GJ winter vs another one at least once and maybe twice, and that seemed to be consistent with his experience. I can tell you that I'll definitely be paying attention to the first couple turns of the game much more in the near future to see what I find. In my preparation for regionals, I definitely felt myself trying to maximize the possibilities of my flop, and 2 of the 3 games I lost, I was only able to flop 3 cards after a mulligan. It is interesting to note that Bruno won with a KOHH deck, which is the ultimate example of a deck that doesn't care about a flop, but that might mean there's even MORE emphasis on turn 1. I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get to see what Bruno's deck did.
  16. Twn2dn said: Increasingly, however, the competitive environment is moving away from interactive gameplay to pseudo-solitaire. If I can get my combo off, or do what my deck does best first, then I'll win. Think about it this way: In theory, the order of cards I marshall and which cards I search for when using search effects should be highly dependent on my opponent's deck. In practice, does that really happen? Or do I pretty much always play the same cards on setup no matter what, and search for the same maester or look for the same game-breaking combo? Unfortunately, powerful effects are speeding up the game in a way that necessitates competitive players take advantage; otherwise, you lose. Can you expand on this a bit more? I'm not sure I agree, but I definitely respect your opinion when it comes to thinking on a larger scale about the game.
  17. Ratoskr and Francisco G.: I will be writing up an analysis of the decks we saw here in San Diego for the Small Council, and I'll make sure to answer the questions you had in there!
  18. It would be nice if part of the 'list' from FFG for Regionals included the format. For instance, I read that the OK one referenced above will be a one-day, combined melee/joust event. The Covenant guys are doing a good job of advertising that on their facebook page, but if I just saw the date and location here on the FFG website and the format was something like that I might be a little put off.
  19. mischraum.de said: Don't make fun of this thread! An iOS version would be awesome. I don't think anyone is making fun- I played vs GrugalM on OCTGN while he was at work, so I know that he at least is serious!
  20. It really depends pretty greatly on what your goals are. If you are just going to be playing amongst the four of you, I've heard the 4 decks from the core set are quite balanced against each other. If you intend to play against a wider variety of opponents, such as in a tournament setting, you're definitely going to want at least another core set, likely two more, so you have access to 3x of each of the cards. Another important point is plot selection- if one of you wants to use a plot that is in someone else's deck, obviously you'd need a second set for that.
  21. JackT said: Mathias Fricot said: I guess the only counter to that is to have you write something for us! Until then. Except the premise of the thread was how YOU could improve cardgamedb. Was it? I don't see that in the title or OP.
  22. imrahil327 said: Still looking for all of the above.
  23. All these east coasters chiming in, gotta play c-c-c-combo breaker! I'll be attending all of the CA Regionals except for the San Francisco one on May 5th.
  24. Your initial statement on how that power challenge would resolve is correct: 1 for unopposed on your house, 1 for each renown character onto the characters, and none from your opponent's house to yours. You are also correct that power on characters (either from Infamy or Renown) is not eligible to be moved for the claim of a power challenge.
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