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  1. Crevic said:

    Twn2dn said:

    As it stands right now, technically only the second chapter pack is legal for regionals events, right?





    Technically, according to the tournament rules, only up to and including Valar Morghulis is legal.  We really need an update before Gencon.  The sooner, the better.

    This.  I was really hoping we'd see it today, but every day makes things tougher for those going.  Is Griff really going to be available to every house? Will Castle Battlements work at all? Who knows?

  2. To elaborate a little more, Mill (coming from the MTG card Mill Stone ;) ) in AGOT is a strategy used almost exclusively by Greyjoy, and tries to gain benefits from cards being discarded from your opponents deck.  Typical cards that mill are Motley Crewman, Bloodthirsty Crew and Desperate Looters.  Cards that take advantage of mill are Corpse Lake and Fishmonger's Square.


    While Khudzlin was correct about the two names, the more common use for them around here is as follows:

    There are three psychographic profiles, or ways of describing the type of decks that players like to play- Ned, Shagga and Jaime.

    A Ned (or Nedly*) player prefers above all to play decks that closely mirror the situations in the book.  For instance, even if it improved the deck, a nedly player would never consider adding a Lannister card to a Stark deck.


    A Shagga player prefers to play combo decks, focusing more on splashy effects or combinations of effects.  It is often possible for a Shagga player to enjoy a game quite thoroughly even while losing badly, if he is able to get his combos off effectively and show off his cool tricks.


    A Jaime player is the type who likes to win at all costs.  He does not care what house he plays or what cards are in his deck as long as they give him the best chance to win the game and eventually the tournament.



    *It should be noted that Nedly is also used to describe the text of cards- as in "That card has a very Nedly ability," meaning that the card's function is very similar to how its namesake acted in the books.

  3. Choke: A strategy (usually out of Greyjoy) that denies resources to the opponent.  Common 'choke' cards: The Sparr, White Raven, Burned & Pillaged, as well as anything that knocks out resource locations (e.g. Newly-Made Lord)

    Kneel: A strategy (usually out of Lannister) that focuses on kneeling an opponent's important characters in order to push through challenges.  Common kneel cards: Enemy Informer, You Killed the Wrong Dwarf, Castellan of the Rock, Lannisport Brothel

    Burn: A strategy (usually out of Targaryen) that focuses on challenge control & killing an opponent's characters through strength reduction effects.  Common burn cards: Flame-kissed, Forever Burning, Incinerate, Hatchling's Feast, the plot Threat from the North

    Rush: A strategy (often but not always out of Baratheon) that focuses on quick power grab using the Renown keyword.  Common rush cards: Stannis Baratheon, Robert Baratheon, Melisandre (RoO)


    Hope those help, others can jump in with other terms, or you can post some more that you've heard.


    Re: Clansmen, they can definitely be scary and deceptively strong- Tyrion Lannister from LotR and some of the claim-raising effects they have can play havoc on an opponent.  That said, there are two things that Clansmen can struggle a bit with: First, their characters are often somewhat expensive, so a choke strategy can deny them sufficient resources to play their best characters, or a kneel deck can easily neutralize the one or two threats that they can afford.  Second, many of their most potent effects rely on having fewer cards in hand than the opponent.  This is somewhat of a double-edged sword, as it requires precise control and effects that let you lower your hand size, while still getting proper throughput of your deck using some sort of draw mechanic.

  4. For anyone curious:
    John Kraus won Bruno's random plot tournament with Bara rush, beating my Greyjoy Aeron Damphair saves-a-lot deck.  There were 12 random plots (all CCG era, with Valar and Wildfire being the only 2 direct copies), and instead of revealing, each player rolled a d12 to choose a plot.  Awesome tournament, tons of fun was had by all.


    I am not 100% on this but I believe that Eric Wood won the melee with Lannister infamy.  There were something like 6 of 12 players who played lannister in some form, pretty crazy.


    Lucas S. took down the Ascension tournament, adding to his regionals win from earlier this month.


    Joust tomorrow!

  5. msommi said:

    ScottieATF said:


    First, thank you for posting this deck.  It's great to see top decks posted, though I understand why some a reluctant.

    Other the obvious Val-TLS and TLS-Plot Synergy, what are some of the major tech of the deck that really made it a success over just any other Bara deck featuring the previously mentioned combos?




    Woudn't call TLS- TFTE a combo but rather a glitch. Hope they fix it soon. The sooner the better.


    How is it a 'glitch'? I don't really expect it to get fixed.

  6. Amuk said:

    Actually, I may have misspoken and confused him with another card.

    That said, would not At The Gates allow you to put him directly into play without the gold penalty?

    No, At the Gates only plays an in-house maester, it's been errata'd.

  7. Kennon said:

    Kerwin isn't terrible, but out of the cards in this pack, do you have any thoughts on what you'd vote to take his place in the bottom 5?

    I haven't had a chance to catch up to this episode yet, and for some reason I insist on listening to them in order, but my bottom 5 from the pack:

    Futile Gestures

    Both Martell Cards


    Last spot is either the bounce river plot or Ward.



    Kerwin being able to counteract Search & Detain, Varys, any of the Stark Murder effects, etc etc makes him pretty valuable in my book.

  8. We discuss some cards from the new CP and our Martell Maesters deck that took first at Fresno, and begin a discussion of draw engines (this time focusing mostly on neutral options).  Hope you enjoy it!  Email us comments and especially questions to be read on the air to summeriscomingpodcastATgmailDOTcom!



  9. Awesome report! Nice to see Lannister get some love in melee.

    The Nick-ler said:

    He had board position, more power on his house and we had every reason to believe that the last maester in his deck  would eventually show up and get that last chain off, but no such luck. I won by default as he had a chain left on his house.


    I thought that's how it worked too, but according to KTom in this thread, TMP only prevents full wins (from what I can tell):




    That Dothraki deck sounds scary, I've been messing with them but haven't gotten them to gel properly.  This gives me some motivation to try again!

  10. "Character loses all traits and immunities"

    Setting aside that it would be slightly difficult to pull off in the first place(Nightmares or Meera), I am assuming "No Attachments" is NOT an immunity. Is this correct?  It's logical that it is not since it doesn't use the word 'immune' but weirder things have happened…

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