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  1. ktom said: dcdennis said: which brings up a question ive been meaning to ask. can you respond to an action that doesnt happen? No. dcdennis said: meaning if both players pass actions in that window, can you still respond with this event? No. Remember that the "Player Action Windows" that appear on the flowcharts are not action windows. They are placeholders to tell you where players can take actions if they choose to. It is the actual initiation of an effect that opens an action window. If no one initiates anything, there is no active window, so there is no place to Respond. So, for example, if you don't use this Response in the "start phase" framework window that begins the challenge phase, and all players pass on triggering an action in the first "pre-challenge" player action window, you won't get a chance to play this event until the Response step of the "initiate challenge" framework action that begins the first challenge. Just to confirm, though, I CAN say "I'm responding to the starting of x phase by playing this" even if there are no other responses to the phase beginning? And also confirm that this would happen before Shadows?
  2. @DCDennis: If you show up, I will buy you TWO beers. That should help make up for some of the flight cost! @Cwethan: Re: Maesters of War, I don't love the deck but I hate to see people not be able to play what they want due to limited card pool. I will happily lend your friend 3x Maester of War. Re: the FAQ, Lucas announced that it is indeed in effect- TftE is really the only relevant part, since there is not a Melee tournament.
  3. ktom said: I'm surprised no one is mentioning that Melee will now officially be Swiss-paired. Yeah, I liked the TFTE change but this might be my favorite change of this round of FAQ/Tourney Rules.
  4. mnBroncos said: if havent read through book three spoiler! although not a fraction per say but most card supprised havent made yet because i think be cool would be a catlyn stark after the red wedding card They do already have that card.
  5. That is what he is hoping this means, yes.
  6. Haven't listened to the episode yet, but I have a more open mind about LRJ than most people I've talked to. I have a deck with it that I'm gonna try out on Monday, hopefully.
  7. Oh interesting, so preplot draw vs that plot is even stronger.
  8. Ratatoskr said: TLS and TftE is still good, just not *as* good.
  9. mathlete said: I like the changes and am happy with the FAQ. I wish that it would've been released a little sooner, but if the option is no FAQ or a late FAQ, I'll take this FAQ. This is pretty much my reaction as well. I am writing up a comprehensive list of changes in this & the tourney guide, because I think a lot of things won't be discussed.
  10. Hmm, interesting FAQ… I'm glad it's out, for sure.
  11. Correct. Unless the save effect either moves the character somewhere else (Like Citadel of Oldtown does to a Maester) or makes the character's strength be greater than 0, it cannot be used.
  12. I know that a lot of people say that happens, but I haven't seen a very successful 'tacked on' Maester build. The ones I see winning are Bara Maesters, Martell Maesters and Targ Maesters, all of which definitely take advantage of their maester-ness. That said, I know Eric B won a big tourney with the Lanni 1-chain maester deck, so maybe it's just that it's not a West Coast thing.
  13. dcdennis said: Feeling really bummed at missing Gencon and likely my only chance to meet some of you Dang, I thought you were going. That's a bummer.
  14. Phantazm said: Where is that said? The rules with the core set say exactly about a copy of the same card. The only thing those Shaggydog cards share is the name, since then they are definately not the copy of the same card. Page 19 of the Core rules. Also here is Ktom breaking it down earlier today: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=18&efcid=4&efidt=688686
  15. Hmm, apparently the links didn't transfer well, but you can copy/paste them into a browser to see what the different looks are between the old versions (which you will need multiple copies of for a full play set) and the new versions (which will give you a full play set in each pack).
  16. Here is a list that I put together for one of my friends when he asked a similar question: Big: Core Set- 4 decks for Lannister, Baratheon, Stark, Targaryen- All cards x1 Medium: Deluxe Expansions for every house- All cards x3 Kings of the Sea (Greyjoy) Princes of the Sun (Martell) Lords of Winter (Stark) Kings of the Storm (Baratheon) Queen of Dragons (Targaryen) Lions of the Rock (Lannister) Small: Chapter Packs- released ~monthly. A CLASH OF ARMS CYCLE- Black-bordered, 40-cards (So 3x of some cards, 1x of some cards- you will need 3x of each pack to have a play set) War of the Five Kings Ancient Enemies Sacred Bonds Epic Battles Battle of Ruby Ford Calling the Banners A TIME FOR RAVENS CYCLE- First WB chapter pack (all the rest are WB too). Originally printed in 40-card format, now reprinted in 60 card format. Here is how to tell if it's the old or new version (I'm not sure if it says on the box or not): Front of 40-card version Front of 60-card version A Song of Summer The Winds of Winter A Change of Seasons The Raven's Song Refugees of War Scattered Armies KING'S LANDING CYCLE- Exactly the same as A Time For Ravens Cycle, originally 40, now 60. Front of 40-card version Front of 60-card version You can see that the picture is the same, but they re-did the boxes to look more like current CP boxes. City of Secrets A Time of Trials Tower of the Hand Tales of the Red Keep Secrets and Spies The Battle of Blackwater Bay DEFENDERS OF THE NORTH CYCLE- Exactly the same as King's Landing Cycle, originally 40, now 60. Old version New version Wolves of the North Beyond the Wall A Sword in the Darkness The Wildling Horde A King in the North Return of the Others BROTHERHOOD WITHOUT BANNERS CYCLE- This is the first cycle that FFG made ONLY in 60-card format, so you can safely pick them up without having to check if you are getting a playset Illyrio's Gift Rituals of R'hllor Mountains of the Moon A Song of Silents Of Snakes and Sand Dreadfort Betrayal SECRETS OF OLDTOWN CYCLE- All 60 cards Gates of the Citadel Forging the Chain Called by the Conclave The Isle of Ravens Mask of the Archmaester Here to Serve A TALE OF CHAMPIONS CYCLE- All 60 cards Tourney for the Hand The Grand Melee On Dangerous Ground Where Loyalty Lies Trial By Combat A Poisoned Spear BEYOND THE NARROW SEA CYCLE- All 60 cards, this is the most recent cycle so it is not yet completed. Valar Morghulis Valar Dohaeris
  17. Phantazm said: Rules say that you cant have more then one copy of a unique card in play (except for duplicates). Attachment of Shaggydog is not a copy of character Shaggydog, so using both is according to the rules. Am I right? Uniqueness rules are based on title. So even though they are different card types, you may only have one or the other in play at any given time.
  18. Amuk said: I have a related question: If I anticipate that I might draw, say, a Baratheon character, is there anything that prevents me from triggering a reducer (Seat of Power, for instance) prior to triggering Val and have it reduce a character I draw due to Val (which would be the next Baratheon character I play, since I must if I can)? I know there's no "pool" of Influence like mana in M:TG, but does lack that extend to reduction effects? There is nothing that prevents this, no. Totally legal play. Edit: Fristed!
  19. Hmm…I'm slightly more reassured, I suppose, if this is how they always do things.
  20. ktom said: Short of banning Maester's Path, nothing in an FAQ posted in the next two weeks could be so serious as to undo anyone's prep. for Gencon, especially when you consider the usual "1 week" practice. While I don't think banning TMP is likely, making one of the links or the agenda itself a restricted card seems very much on the table and could definitely alter prep, I'd think. Also the question of whether or not VD and CD chapter packs are legal is a bit important. Not sure what the '1 week' practice refers to, as I've been playing < a year. And lastly, the possibility of Griff being 'House Targ only' like all the other chargendas could change some stuff.
  21. bara2424 said: "Aggro"? Aggro is not a thrones-specific term, and it could have a couple different meanings within AGOT LCG. It's short for Aggressive obviously, and that's what it's going for in this context. It could either mean a fast deck like Bara rush or a deck that kills a lot of the opponent's characters such as Stark.
  22. •Glad they stopped the patches in favor of power counters, that seems way more awesome & useful. •Unless that's just a production photo, those are not the same cards as Regionals cards- Stark had LoW Cat, Martell had TOC Doran, and Danerys was a different picture.
  23. If I could "like" the above post, I totally would. Very smart.
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