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  1. Skowza said:

    Tomdidiot said:


    KL Sansa, KL Arya, Brienne, Bouncing Catelyn, the NCF, and the Blackfish



    Lol, I only used one of those cards in my GenCon deck and wouldnt consider any of those an auto-include.


    Yeah, that list didn't seem quite on par with Meera to me either.  I agree with your POV: It wouldn't really surprise me either way.  She's very good but really, what are you taking away if you restrict her? S&D?

  2. BBSB12 said:

    TLDR: Collusion is tolerated in MtG tournaments in a form of intentional draws and intentional loses. :-P


    It should be pointed out though that this is far from an automatic negative.  In generalities, MTG tournaments are larger and more rigorous (# of rounds), and seeding even outside the cut matters more.  If you are at the point in an MTG tournment where you can afford to draw into the top 8, for instance, you've already had one hell of a tournament.  It might not be right for Thrones, but there are valid reasons why it is allowed under the MTG tourney rules.

  3. I'm trying to put together a Cube of CCG-only cards, but starting at exactly zero cards is proving difficult, so I'd like to pick up a large CCG collection, if anyone is looking to sell one.  I am not extremely particular about the contents, although I don't want to spend a fortune on this.  I would essentially be using it as a base for my Cube and then filling in cards individually.  If you have a collection that you're willing to part with at a reasonable price, drop me a line at imrahil327 at gmail dot com.

  4. Hey all, I'm looking for any of the following:

    Any stone/crystal/acryllic house card

    Any event-based house cards EXCEPT Worlds 2011, DOIAF 2011, Regionals 2012 or the new league kit


    Any special power tokens EXCEPT the Targaryen ones from the new league kit or the Lannister bead-style with the felt bottoms



    Any special playmat EXCEPT Lords of Winter, Regionals 2012 or the new league kit


    I'd also be interested in the leather deck boxes, if anyone has them, or any special Thrones things that I haven't listed here.


    Drop me an email at imrahil327 at gmail dot com!

  5. Deathjester26 said:


    Kennon said:


    Is Ryan a young Santa Claus?



    We call him "Party Bob".




    Now that I think about it, though, he reminds me of the Spirit of Christmas Present from Muppet Christmas Carol…


    Great report buddy, wish I could have been there by your side representing the meta.  You did us proud.

  6. Kid Gruesome said:

    There's only a little bit of regret.  I'm glad I did so well, but at the same time I'm upset that two screw ups on my part basically cost me a chance to possibly make the final table in Netrunner and the cut to 16 in agot.  I'm fine getting beat, less thrilled when I help my opponent do it with dumb mistakes.

    I lost a regional that way, I know what you mean.  :/  It's a crappy feeling but hopefully something that helps us learn.

  7. Twn2dn said:

    I too will avoid FFG's competitive melee tournaments (will continue to participate in joust) so long as the rules remain opaque. And I will advise new players who join our meta of the risks of putting too much effort/devotion into melee. If they want a serious tournament, they had better focus on joust or find another game altogether.


    Regardless of the reasons, I can definitely get behind this sentiment :)

  8. mardukch said:

    My point is that surprise is essential to the success of a deck at a Regional and, if several people play the same deck or a deck that is widely famous, their rounds will become increasingly hard as the Regional goes on.

    I tend to disagree with this.  If a deck is strong, it will be able to win without surprise. An element of surprise CAN add to the strength of a deck, but I definitely don't think it's anywhere near required for a deck to win.

  9. Ignithas said:

    Maybe have different formats like in Magic. One that has every card in it and that is balanced by a banlist and another that contains x amount of cycles.


    The reason that this works for MTG is the sheer size of its player base and its longevity.  The AGOT community, as awesome as it is, simply doesn't have the size to reasonably support multiple formats at once- whichever format shows itself to be most popular is the one that will get the time, attention, and perhaps most importantly, the balancing from Design.

  10. rings said:

    Every serious card game has done it, including aGoT (multiples of times).  YGO is the only one that hasn't, and it it a profit machine that prints power creep to make 99.9999% of old cards useless on purpose, which works with 14-year-olds (new?  shiny!?!). 

    As much as it is fun to say 'we can be the first not to', that usually doesn't tend to be the case.  FFG should have had it in place on Day 1, so they wouldn't lose whatever % of people always act surprised and offended when it is announced (which did happen in 2006 or whatever when CCG first rotated). 


    Actually, there is one exception: Star Wars CCG.  But it is the exception that proves the rule, as the metagame eventually collapsed under its own weight, and after seeing the negative effects Decipher initiated rotation for both of its other successful CCGs after it (LOTR TCG and Star Trek CCG).  Despite the fact that I still play SWCCG, I will freely admit that the huge card pool is an incredible/near impossible barrier to entry, and having seen its results, I can say that I am definitely in favor of rotation at some point.

  11. Brummy said:

    Does anyone think a Bolton deck could become a competitive non agenda build ?

    The newly released Bolton character ( The Bastards Boys ) is a great card for the sub themed deck and it just made me think with the like of "Damon Pole Dance for Me" VD and "Rikard Karstark" WLL ,is there a possibility at some point soon of maybe playing a tournament standard non agenda Stark deck fueled largely with the Bolton theme.


    Not really, no.  The Bolton 'theme' is more about the side-switching characters, such as the 3 big cheap armies (Bastard's Elite + 2 others), and the newer Bolton cards that you mention, although they have the Bolton trait, don't encourage this theme.  In fact, the Bastards Boys DIScourage you from playing the Boltons mentioned, since their response doesn't work if your opponent gets a hold of one.  There are some very good Stark characters who happen to be Boltons, but I don't think a Bolton-THEMED deck will be taking the world by storm any time soon.

  12. ktom said:

    Something else, in addition to infusion, that I think would help encourage innovation in deck building is if we could come up with some sort of decent draft system.

    One of the best things about draft in the CCG days was that it forced you to play with cards that everyone would otherwise overlook. Very frequently, that turned into the "second look" that sparked whole new deck ideas.

    With so little encouragement to look twice at the "less obvious" cards, the LCG card pool tends toward "shallow," no matter how many cards are actually in it. Draft was a great format for creating that encouragement to look at the "less obvious."

    I'd definitely love this.  I'm building a Cube of CCG cards that I'm really excited about, but it would be interesting to put something together for LCG cards too.

  13. Kneel 1 influence to save a unique (Stark) or (Greyjoy) character from being killed. Then, attach Rhymes with Meek to the saved character (counts as a Condition attachment with the text ' Attached character cannot have its STR raised or lowered by card effects.')

    There is some debate as to whether or not this is able to remove terminal effects, and thus save vs Targ cards.  I don't think it does, but definitely worth checking on.

  14. Diaz said:


    Do you happen to know any online shop site that sells agot lcg singles in Europe? There seems to be a lot of options in the states but the shipping costs makes them unreachable for european customers.



    Can you list some? I'd love to find an LCG singles site here in the US.

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