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  1. Yeah, I milled a guy out with brass link and Inn of the Kneeling Man out of GJ one time. Probably the best option.
  2. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4342 Looks pretty sweet! I am a little confused, however: The first two league kits to include alt art made the character the 'rare' and the plot the 'common'...but now we get a plot that you usually run two of and it's the rare and the character is common? Oh, FFG, you so silly.
  3. Congratulations, ser. I went a similar route, had some friends set up a table with dessert/candles/flowers on Coronado beach...at least for mine I had the bathroom to escape to for last-minute details, I can only imagine being at a live performance will increase the nerves. Hopefully everything goes off great!
  4. Looks like we aren't getting a tour http://fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4332
  5. I have not been playing for that long, so it's likely I wasn't a part of it, but some have! We actually played a game of AGOT (board game) a few weeks ago and I brought one of the expansions back from GenCon, so it's certainly something we'd be up for. Welcome back
  6. I do not believe that there will be a NorCal edition of it, sadly. There's some talk of a big event down here in SoCal but nothing firm yet.
  7. Hey! Always good to see new faces. We play every Monday night at Game Empire in Clairemont Mesa- it's pretty much a straight shot from La Jolla on the 52. If you have Facebook, we have a SoCal Thrones group that we'd be happy to add you to. If you want any more info feel free to shoot me a PM.
  8. Very sorry to hear that you're leaving us. :/
  9. I agree with Dennis that the games are not easily comparable, but the OP's point stands that it would be nice to have some 'special' touches given to AGOT as well- I suppose it's possible that an 'Iron Throne Tour' or something is in the works, we can cross our fingers.
  10. Gandalf the Grey approves of this picture. What a fantastic evening this was, thanks to everyone who I shared a drink with. I had a lot going on that night, and it was great to hang with such good people & take my mind off it for a while.
  11. Congratulations, Steve! Thanks for the compliments, they are appreciated. As I said after the game, I don't begrudge you at all not allowing me the takeback, and I felt bad about getting mad about it. DC's loss is the west coast's gain- look forward to battling many more times!
  12. Christian, LaughingTree is Jimmy Bagels. I think his post was referring to the OP, not you Dobbler said all that I would've said, so I don't think I need to respond to the OP, except to say that I do not look forward to meeting anyone who would try to tear down the community like this.
  13. It's funny, they weren't until I signed in. Now, I agree.
  14. I dig 'em. Much better than the old ones (finally.) Good work FFG, I hope we get some sweet discussion going on.
  15. Ah okay, so your argument is against the specific method of marking them rather than any alters at all. That's reasonable, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something in the tourney rules.
  16. dcdennis said: Marking your cards in this manner would make them illegal for tournament play. Why is that?
  17. The Pasadena regional was won by GJ no agenda (Damphair), not TLV.
  18. Toqtamish said: Seemed pretty obvious to me. Cannot overrides anything else as per the Golden Rule on page 11. Agreed, I wasn't surprised by this ruling at all.
  19. asylumspadez said: It's an enjoyable game but it's a bit of a money pit. I bought the card game for 30 and the Five Kings starter set for 12, Enjoyable to play but I am the kind of guy that wants a solid amount of cards for variety, To spice things up a bit because playing with the same cards over and over again is boring. I do plan on buying the Iron Throne starter set that costs 15 (to even out Five Kings) as well as a chapter pack or two (about 12 dollars each) for the 4 houses to even things out but that's as much as I am going to spend on it. I am a bit annoyed with how pricy the deluxe expansions are, 30 dollars for 60 new cards!?!?!? Especially when they are similar cards to what are already in the main game, Bit of a rip off imo. I hate to break it to you, but I think you bought some CCG cards (the Five Kings and Iron Throne starters).
  20. Kennon said: I've been begging for years and finally they follow through! To quote Joe Biden- "This is a big ******* deal." Ok, maybe not as big as the early release Star Wars boxes at Worlds. But pretty freaking awesome regardless. Agreed! Very excite!
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