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  1. I plan on voting for fisk as well because of the aforementioned reasons. I would like to see the collective return but reworked. It has so many great ideas with a big hand size and low influence but it just seems like a card that will break the game. Here are my two cents on how to fix the card 1) Add a cost in credits to perform the action. If it cost four credits plus 3 clicks on the same turn it would somewhat mirror the price of the biotic labor card with one requiring the chance of receiving the card and the other requiring 3 consecutive clicks of actions. This would cut out the fear of an early economy rush while forcing us to develop combos. 2) Limit the number of times this can be done in game. Force us to choose whether we want to go for this early economy rush or save it for a big play. Please keep the card art, keep the general feel of the card because I would love to see it in the game. Just don't break the game.
  2. I wasn't that interested in the theme until I saw a card which was for the son of satan. It was named lucifer whateley and showed a baby with what looked like blood stains around it. Then I realized, I could have cthulhu (wakeley's), demons (the fallen, lost angels), spirit warriors (Sioux Union), and steampunk (collegium). There is also a possible inquisition like deck(agency) and pirate deck(maze rat) but I am not sure how applicable it is since I have only read the rules and seen a few cards. The 7th Sea looks to have amazing mechanics but for some reason sailing a ship doesn't seem like something I'd dig and I would agree that a western doesn't seem that much fun either but if it offers a mixture of genres in a western setting, I think it could be great.
  3. Have you ever heard of Doomtown. That ccg has mechanics like no other. They even released things in episodes like how ffg is doing there lcgs. There is also a dune ccg which is kinda like other ccgs but focuses on achieving influence and gaining spice. I feel like adding those two would not subtract from the others, especially doomtown. Also, in my personal opinion, I feel like the newer lcg's have a better game concepts than the earlier ones. So as long as they keep boosting the quality, I'll be happy. edit: I see that these games have already been mentioned. I just learnt about the 7th sea as well so that's great.
  4. I was curious if there was any chance of an online version of any of the LCG's. I don't know whether it would be possible but I would love it if I could transfer my currently owned collection online and play with friends. I would definitely put more money into expansions if I knew this could be a consistent game rather than one I only get to play once a month or so.
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