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  1. Did this ever get posted somewhere? It does not look like it did? I would absolutely love to fiddle with a creator like this.
  2. Is there any way to get the Dungeonquest cards and characters without buying Dungeonquest? Does anyone know of a bits seller?
  3. I am fairly new to this game and trying to figure out what additional heroes exist for Descent: Journeys in the Dark. I have the base game, which included twenty heroes, and all five expansions, three of which included six heroes (WOD, AOD, and TOI), and Sea of Blood, which included Nara the Fang. That gives me a total of 39 heroes. What I need to know is if the following list is an exhaustive list of all of the additional heroes outside the 39 I already have: 1. Jonas the Kind, Tobin Farslayer, and Truthseer Kel. It is my understanding these were released as some kind of set?? How do I get a hold of them? 2. Six heroes from Dungeon quest that are featured on this website, including Tatianna, Hugo the Glorious, Lindel, Brother Gherrin, Challara, and Krutzbeck. Do I have to buy Dungeonquest to get access to these heroes? Does the Dungeonquest box include the Descent character sheets? Are there any other heroes that I am missing? I am looking only for the heroes that FFG has published, not player created heroes. Thank you!!!
  4. Tallahassee Florida. I run a large group of nerds, so hit me up if you want to play.
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