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  1. i agree, Baird needs 2 ammo to start…but we found that to offset this is to have him either activate the first room available (specially if it has ammo), or you have him pick up hammerburst from drones first (meaing if someone kills a drone and drops a hammerburst, leave it for baird to pick up first). in case he can't do either of these on his first turn, then have him stay back while the others advance.
  2. here is the file for download http://www.mediafire.com/?dy08tetc0tna6yd let me know it downloaded ok.
  3. Hello guys, wondering if any one of you can kindly post some pics or more detail info about these missions/cards? Please and thank you!
  4. can anyone post some pics of the components?
  5. one more thing….make sure to tell them to do 100% print size…do not 'adjust to paper size'.
  6. glad you got it downloaded….well, what i did for mine was this: the HEADQUARTERS AREA….printed on glossy sticky paper…then stuck it onto foam board for the PLAYER AREAS (make sure to print 2 sets at least!) and the SHARED AREA…they fit perfect in 11" x 17" tabloid sized cardstock paper. hope this helps
  7. Hi Tarus, here is the link for MAP 18A. http://www.mediafire.com/?c2zyqbk0bdlbb60
  8. HEY freddy….that is odd…I just tested the link and it worked fine….mmm…also, i could see in the MEDIAFIRE website that this file has been successfully downloaded 6 times….so…i dont konw what the problem could be….here is the link again…please try it again. http://www.mediafire.com/?dju93219nea4r9q
  9. Hello everyone….I am finally posting the 4th mission! It is FORK IN THE ROAD. Including also is the map for this scenario. Also I wanted to spice up this series of missions by creating a campaign system, so included in the files is also a campaign description. The link for the entire folder with ALL MISSIONS, CAMPAIGN CARD AND MAP 18B is here: http://www.mediafire.com/?cxxm3o1fs6cdc2c CAMPAIGN CARD--one thing to point out….each COG keeps record of his OWN experience points and then may exchange them at the end of each mission. They may also combine their experience points to help each other out. MISSION 4 - FORK IN THE ROAD MAP 18B (if you already printed map 18A, glue this one to the back of it) OK , THAT IS ALL FOLKS! please let me know how mission 4 turned out for you…and…if you will use the campaign. Have a great day everyone! PS…please let me know if you can't download the files. thx
  10. Hello everyone…I wanted to share with you the playmats I made and use for my ToI game….this is the link to get the files: http://www.mediafire.com/?dju93219nea4r9q the files that you will get are the following: HEADQUARTERS: This is a large file, when printed it should fit nicely within the original TOI box witout having to fold it in half (it fits mine perfectly)..there is space for the strategy decks (where the photos are) and space for the strategy cards in your headquarters (face up cards), space for weather cards and tokens, round turns and vicotory points track, PLAYER PLAY AREA: these can be printed on 11"x17" …I suggest you cut these in half length-wise and then join them so you get one long mat. This is much better because it helps whenever you have limited space on a table top. SHARED AREA: Use this to place all shared strategy and operation cards. Also has spaces for sabotage cards and spaces for whatever else you want to have on it! hehe… PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD THE FILES!!! Have a nice day every one!!
  11. It is true! i looked it up…i already corrected this in the cards…so i will (once again) repost them along with the new one (mission 4) which i just finished. so thanks Dam for showing me this error…and i hope u enjoyed the missions….anyways..ttyl
  12. By the way… I really appreciate everybody's feedbacks…I am glad you all found them fun to play……I have been away from GoW for a while now, due to playing other games such as Tide or iron, City of thieves, death angel, and others….but now that I finally saw the new expansion for GoW I am again getting excited to play more of this game ….I will work to have the 4th mission done as soon as possible. I apologize for not having finsihed it before..but I will get it done….Also, I dont know why rapidshare erases my files, I guess becasue it is the free account…but I will again upload all 4 missions once I have them ready. Thanks again to everyone for your commments…also fyi, check on the forums for the Tide of iron and city of thieves boardgames, I will be posting there some stuff I have made, including a solo play instruction for city of thieves. have a nice day everyone!
  13. Hey Dam…i guess it makes sense what you said…but I was just naming the scenarios the same way as the names on the video game, that is all. I believe the first scenario is called this, or am I wrong?
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