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  1. Vexatus

    Expansion arriving

    Nevajas said: fconolly said: Here's a question… with the addition of two new races will the game support 5 and 6 players now? I second this question! I'd like to know that too. If the expansion adds more gold, cities, and replaces some of the original Rune Age cards - then I'd say 5-6 players is possible.
  2. When I play - we've always resolved the instant at the beginning of every player turn. So - instant card, then refill hand - then spend gold, influence, etc. etc. then another player - instant card, refill hand etc. Obviously when you only have gold, then you cannot fight the instant card, so you cannot fight it - so you'll take damage or other "when you loose" actions. But then you have your normal turn - and you can spend that 5 gold on anything. I'm a beginner though, I guess someone would need to confirm that.
  3. Hi, Is it possible for the defending player to use action cards, in particular - the "Forced march", it doesn't say "Use during combat on it" - so I would say no. But maybe I've misinterprted the rules somewhere? After the siege is finished, and the defending player has the next turn - he plays with what's left in his hand after the siege, or does he refill his hand to 5? Cheers
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