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  1. In addition, see my thread 'Secret Deployment Deck' Aug 26. I agree that most players are concerned with 'variation' of the decks.
  2. After having purchased and played the game. I have spoken to others and read reviews calling for expansions. I had a rather unique idea that no one I've discussed it with seems to have considered. A Secret Depoloyment Deck. A deck that would be divided by cost and placed 'face down' with the cost to purchase on the card backs. When a player wished to purchased one of them, he would spend the required Gold, Influence, or Strength, then draw the top 3 cards, keep 1 of his choice, and return the other 2 to the bottom of its deck. The chosen card would go into the players' discard pile so as not to be seen and would only be uncovered when the player plays it from his hand. The deck could be divided into 3 piles based upon Cost & Strength of cards and could include neutral allies, traps, ambushes, intrigue, and special weapons. Nothing overpowering, but providing some interesting variables. This could add a lot of tension, uncertainty, and flavor to an otherwise very good game. I can't think of any other deck building games that have a similar mechanic and Rune Age seems to be perfect for it, especially due to its direct conflict themes. It would also create variability that some are suggesting the game is missing without having to produce hundreds of cards.
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