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  1. I was reading a thread on Boardgamegeek.com discussing the special abilities of our heroes. The card we've seen most often is Leoric and he has 2 special abilities. I was browsing and saw a a version of his card that only has 1 special ability with no second box. The chinese photo we've seen shows several characters with small boxes belows their special ability but not a full box like we've seen with others. The card we've seen from the conversion kit of Landrec the Wise has not secondary ability either. Some have suggested that it might be a double sided character card. One with a secondary ability and one without. Thoughts? Speculation?
  2. Hope they balanced it a little more to be able to play with less than the full compliment of heros as it seems they might have.
  3. It's not your judgement that was clouded, it was the picture they took. The quality could have been a lot better, however it provides some additional details. For instance, there are several cards with backings we haven't seen yet. Can't wait for the next preview.
  4. Beren Eoath said: Widow Thara is a mage - you can see that on the picture from chinease version. She is the one on the right. www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/771306/gtm-back-page-ad-focuses-conversion-kit Check out the picture of Widow Tarha's character card. The "snake girl" card in the chinese version is Widow Tarha as has already been suggested.
  5. I hope I'm wrong and we do get it earlier, especially since I pre-ordered. At least we have a time frame for what should be worst case. I don't see FFG postponing past that event since that is part of their marketing for the event itself. Till then my friends and I are anxious to see the new previews. Hopefully we'll get another this week.
  6. No official word yet but the release date range has been hinted at. There is update on the main page regarding Realms of Terrinoth 2012 scheduled for Late June/Early July that talks about being the first to play the game. Thus, the release date will most likely be in the vicinity of that event.
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