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  1. I really think the 3:2 xwing/tie would make a huge difference in peoples decisions to buy the game, I know most people posting on these boards are in no matter what but if some gamer sees the boxes on the shelf and sees 1 x-wing and only 2 ties I think they may hesitate to purchase it, that is barely enough to have an interesting battle even with different pilots. The bottom line it is still 1 ship vs. 2 even if once one is destroyed another enters play I cant see very many interesting scenarios revolving around 3 ships on the table at a time. The starfield map is a great idea FFG could even print the starfield on one side and an ad for the game on the other so when we do buy the deluxe map, we would have a cool poster for the wall.
  2. Well, I really hope Halflings are 1 of the new races, I may have to get this game finally if they are.
  3. "Dark Future" and its expansion "White Line Fever" would be great to see redone and then expand on it with 18 wheelers, I would be first in line for that.
  4. Well, my wife and I love playing coop games with our kids, so we are very excited to play the game based on one of our favorite movies.
  5. I dont know how many people actually saw the movie Flyboys, but I think the dogfights are exciting and well done. Even though I thought the movie took quite a few liberties with the story the dogfights in Pearl Harbor are pretty cool if just a tad unrealistic, lol.
  6. Heres one we are not proud of, Our whole group thought you could move your sliders on each line the amount of your focus so when we found out the proper way to do it the games became quite a bit more challenging for some of the characters. Ace Fortune
  7. I think that is a great idea.
  8. player158212


    Hello, I have been a lurker on the FFG boards for a while now and want to thank everyone for the friendly discussions I see one these boards caompared to many many others on the web. My question has to do with the scenarions, the description of the product say this "X-Wing features a number of unique missions, and each has its own set of victory conditions; with such a broad selection of missions, only clever and versatile pilots employing a range of tactics will emerge victorious" Im curious as to how many unique missions we will see for three total ships if that is indeed what is going to be included in the base box. I have always liked FFG games and we play them all the time so I do have faith but Im a little concerned about the amount of playability out of one box. This could all be moot though because Ill probably buy a couple of boxes and FFG hasnt let me down yet, thanks for any insight. Ace Fortune
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