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  1. I am really looking forward for F&D (I have bought all the EotE and AoR books), but I am not so keen on armor wearing jedi's. I havent seen Ep I-III as much as the "real" Star Wars movies, but I dont recall seeing any of the jedi's (or sith's) wearing any armor - not even in the big battles. I know Disney "gave" Obi-Wan and Anakin some armor pieces in the animated series, but I like Lucas vision much better - Jedi's want to be fast and agile - not being slowed down with armor. As a rpg mechanic I am sure this will work good and be balanced.
  2. Wow! This is really great work. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for at very good answer! You did answer my question perfect. Even though I did not write my question very perfect! Thank you
  4. First of all I am but sorry I can't seem to paste links or add Pictures. I am using the newest IE and really dont know why I cant do anything. Back to the question. Is a unit played from hand considered as being deployed? If yes... Can you use a Splintered Path Acolyte to reduce the cost for a unit like fx Posseded to 3 (printed cost for Posseded is 5) and put it into play?
  5. This card - and its ruling - makes me think that FFG should use more time on playtesting the cards before they put them on the market and less time on how to maximise their profits (by "making" us buy the 3rd core set and throw away most of the Cards).
  6. Ok thanks... good to know. I thought it was me going crazy when I couldn't find it in the rules (I Read the rules over and over again). Strange FFG didn't make rules for it.
  7. This book from wizards of the coast is an ok book: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Knights_of_the_Old_Republic_Campaign_Guide I know its not what you are looking for - You will have to do some work yourself. :-) (If you do please share).
  8. I have looked in the balance of the force rulebook. I can't find any difference between a 1 vs 2 and a 1 vs 3 game. Have I missed it?
  9. Hi guys I was looking in the rulebook for 1 vs. 2 or 3 players. I cant seem to find any difference between playing against 2 or 3 opponents? Except I think its more challenging to fight against 3 opponents. We normally play 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 but if someone gets sick or as an alternative it could be fun playing 1 vs. 2-3 Anyone with good or bad experience tried it?
  10. Hi guys Just to be 100 % sure. If Alderaan's Promise is allready destroyed you can play Bail Organa right? In other words... Its only if Alderaan's Promise is destroyed while Bail Organe is in play you will have sacrifice him? (Sorry guys can't paste the cards text - dont know why?)
  11. I must confess that I haven't read the beta rules, but I sure hope there is a reason why 99.9% (in the movies) of the Jedi/Sith use a single lightsaber (most of the time used with both hands). I loved Darth Mauls and his double-bladed lightsaber (the only really good thing in that movie? ), but there must be a reason why Yoda, Luke, Duko, Mace, Vader, Obi-Wan and the Emperor used a single "two-hander". I dont think neither of them had any concerns about the price if a double-blade og dual wielding was superior to wielding a single lightsaber. Of cause wielding a doubleblade (or dualwield) should give some other options, but also have some drawbacks. Perhaps that is already covered in the rules? I hope so. Good gaming!
  12. Hi fellow Blood Bowlers One question: What size Card sleeve fit the team/staff upgrade Cards? (the small ones). I need the measurements in cm / mm thanks!
  13. I support you EmraldArcher. They (FFG) should make an "expation" containing all the "missing" cards from the core set! Or do it like SW-lcg where you only had very little useless cards from the 2nd starter. I know that FFG wont make this (people have been asking about this with Invasion for a loooong time - with no succes).
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