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  1. So I've just started a game with a group and they are all starting at the base levels for Archtypes and XP. I want to introduce the special abilities from the more advanced Archtypes from the Tome of Fate, Tome of Blood and so forth. I'm thinking of having them purchased like Talents. What I would like is advice to what tier said abilities should be counted as.
  2. Perhaps Tau? I have a certain fondness for the high tech space communists myself. They give good adventrue seeds and some bloody hard fights. The warband could be trying to retrieve an artifact on a world the Tau are colonizing or the Tau could want it themselves for research purposes. The Tau being so naive could quite easily be duped into willingly being a sacrifice or even accepting a Heretic/Marine who will then betray them or steal something important. Although it's not quite a villain they are some very tough adversaries. An Ethereal as the mastermind behind them trying to convert/conquer a planet, maybe one belonging to the PC's. Having to fight a Battlesuit Commander who's leading the force or even specifically after the PC's after they sacrificed a Tau colony settlement for a ritual. Stuff like that. And as the Tau don't like static fighting it gives the PC's more of challenge running battles, having to deal with hit and run attacks. Hordes of Drones swooping down. For actual Villains Demon Princes are quite good. The badassness of a demon with a lot of the human motives and emotions. As a general rival or sending the PC's on missions to find stuff just to back stab them. I've always liked the sheer brilliance and stupidity of sending people of to find the things that create the item your weak against, just so you have it and hope they don't figure it out and use it against you.
  3. Well the Blood Gorgon bond brothers actually share a small part of their senses from what I read of it. As they are able to communicate their emotions and sensory information I'd say almost psychically. As in the book the main character feels the echo of his bond brothers knee injury. They also share experiences very minutely and know when one another are hurt or die. Game wise maybe be able to parry for one another, increased bonuses to tests if they work together. Maybe in combat do attacks together to give penalties to avoiding them. Just generally bonuses if their working together as they can almost act as one.
  4. Well generally being around beastmen might drive people insane not so much corrupt them. Beastmen don't really corrupt things unless they use their magics. Books corrupt very easily as does the search for power. But I suppose seeing beastmen alot or even getting captured by them might lead to corruption as people might think well "their very strong I wonder if I can get that strong" or if captured beseeching the gods knowingly or unknowingly to help them escape. But then again corruption can be gained from the most inocent things and the best of intentions. But I suppose very powerful Beastmen and creatures of Chaos might corrupt just by their pressence from the majesty and power of Chaos about them.
  5. Well its true. Beastmen live by strength and normal mutants as well as their weaker more pathetic kin are labled Ungors which they just use as food, weapons practice, to torment or as meat shields. They hate most mutants unless their actually strong enough to stand upto a Gor in a fight, and mutants are to them are just twisted humans and they HATE humanity. A rare few mutants will be powerful enough to be considered "blessed" by beastmen standards but those are few and far between. But mostly Beastmen will actually only keep mutants around if they get bored and want some sport to run down, they are evil in nature and they do evil just for the sake of it not for any greater cause then to gain power. sometimes at least, mostly just because then can.
  6. Ok Beastmen are creatures of chaos they were born because of chaos and every act they do is thus an act of chaos even if they themselves don't know it. Warpstone on the other hand isnt something your average old beastman carries around or is infected with, to them it's a sacred item normaly given to shamans to make powders and potions. Or stuffed into a tree and then imbuned with magic to turn it into an evil mutant tree. Beastmen don't like mutants. They aren't mutants themselves they are now actual creatures much the same way as Griffins and Manticores. They are birthed of chaos but aren't just mutants anymore, their a constant breed, a new species as it were. Beastmen have females, She-Gors you could say but you wouldn't be able to tell one from the other because Beastmen calfs can eat meat from the off. Minatours are much the same they just have cows instead and the bulls often have fights to see who gets mating rights. Normal Beastmen sometimes fight for mating rights but they genearaly "get it on" in their spare time along with drinking and brawling, and yes they will do the unpleasant act with humans. Theit not picky. If the unfortunate woman were to get pregnant she'd probabely die giving birth to the beast, and sometimes women who are too close to chaos will have Beastmen babies from the warping influence. If you want a character who radiates warpstone energy and can call the stuff down from the heavens, use Moonclaw although I wouldn't recommend it he's a nasty wizard and can control Morrslieb to give himself more power. He's the child of Morrslied afterall.
  7. The only book I can think of which actually has source material for Araby is Lure of the Lich King for second edtion WFRP. If you look for Khemrian source material alot of it is the similar as Araby is what became of the people of Khemria, their life style is much the same bar alot of them being nomads. I believe they worship Khemrian gods but only the undead Tomb Kings can now draw on their power.
  8. You get Eva's Winter Pack with Hoss and the cards for both Eva and John's Bonus packs are right, evn though as you say he got moving target although it's not a bad token really. Although the artwork on to show who the token belongs to isen't Eva in her winter outfit which I was kinda disapointed about, but what ya goona do.
  9. Cool thanky, means I can actually use pressence and awakening and screw up the Reich.
  10. With the revised rules Zor'Kas Presence has a null mental stat does that mean she wouldn't be able to use Awakening as she can't take the mental test?
  11. These are great, I've been toying with the idea of repainting mine and getting rid of the flash and now I've seen how they can turn out Im definately gonna do it.
  12. diversionArchitect said: We've house ruled that it is: Tesla Coil: 1 success per wound inflicted and Tesla Super-Coil: 2 successes per wound inflicted Well those are the way the Tesla Coil and Tesla Super-Coil are supposed to work now. But they do suck now I agree, the Voivodes one's are just infinately better. But I prefer the old rules for them as their now pretty much useless unless you plan on dying to even get a chance to hurt something.
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