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  1. Of course. Yes. Either buy a hero on its own and he can join any possible unit of your army or buying him as a command section due to his Leader special ability, but then you are not allowed to buy Hell Boys or similar units for the same platoon.
  2. Ozz has movement characteristic of 12 while Corps Officers have 6, so he can´t join them. Every hero (right armour rate, same movement characteristic, no superhuman and doesn´t have the flight rule) can join any unit (even command section units) due to normal rules for joining units. If a hero was chosen as a command section due to his Leader special ability, he can only join a squad of his platoon, which then becomes the command section of its platoon. A leadership hero and a specific command section unit (e.g. Sturmpioniere, Corps Officers, Hell Boys, The Boss, Red Guard Command Squad) can´t lead the same platoon.
  3. They have the same stats as The Gunners with one exception: one M1 AR is changed to a M9 Bazooka (total of two Bazookas).
  4. But you can attach a hero to an observer team as normal due to hero rules.
  5. Nice blog and board, but unfortunally your forum always tells me that my email adress is a spam?!
  6. Am I blind? I can´t find an edit button?! Unfortunalley not all cards are on arkangl´s blog, but on www.dust-models.com/products.php?nid=13 are nearly all!
  7. Look at arkangl´s blog: www.twc-dust-tactics.blogspot.com/
  8. As I heard that was the original product placing plan of AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group). Since FFG overtook the publishing of Dust, it seems that there is another plan!
  9. Okay, my bad! I was referring to the original Core Set and that what other people told me. Now I would rather bet on prepainted buildings. :-P
  10. Hanomag said: Will the Premium version of Cerberus have just the painted heroes or will the Building be painted as well? I wonder if we will see Dust Studios put out some more buildings now that the rules are being released for them. -Jeff The ammo crates and tank traps weren´t painted in the Premium version, so I bet the building won´t be painted too.
  11. Interesting idea, but don´t you think it´s a little bit bold to talk about that in an official FFG board?
  12. Is there a background part in the Revised Core Set as comprehensive as in Operation Seelöwe?
  13. Definitely the apes need an upgrade or the zombies a downgrade. When you add Marcus to the apes, then they have a big punch, but without him they are not as good as the zombies. And there are coming some zombie heros who give their squad more health points, what make them even stronger, nothing you can compare with the "no softcover crap".
  14. Really nice work, dude! But you should drybrush the walker, especially the right arm to highlight the rivets
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