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  1. Thank you for answer and that turtoril video !
  2. I understand how to make deck wizh that 8 card at start. But I don't understand how to make deck after that? How to make new dcke when I use that eight card!
  3. I understand that but how after frist turn make deck I don't understand that.
  4. Can someone explain me how to make deck at the start of the game? and how to buy card from deck?
  5. LuciusII

    1 player

    Thank you for help
  6. LuciusII

    1 player

    I just buy this game and I'm intersting is this game can play solo (1 player)?
  7. I have the same problem. If u find solution pls tell me.
  8. ?, from Croatia and when I try to write XXXX instead of zip code I can't enter in my profile. Is someone can help me?
  9. If I have active location and during active phase my her get 6willpower and threat is just 2, and I need 2 point to explore that location! What happen with other do I put that on quest as progress token or what?
  10. When I played this card. This card is only for "monster" from encounter deck? I can't use it against shadow card effect do I have right?
  11. ty aha that mena if is location active that I will put progress point on location instead of putting on quest.
  12. ty aha that mena if is location active that I will put progress point on location instead of putting on quest.
  13. Can someone explain me this step I understand all other basic rules. How can I explore "active location" during travel? Is that travel mean that I can put redy charchter to explore that location with willpower during travel phase or what, how that funcionate?
  14. Ty. for answering I understand everything except answer on number 4.)! Is that mean that after I complete quest "monster" and location stay on the stagging area or?
  15. Can someone pls answer me these few question? 1.) How much resources tokens give me each hero during resources phase? 2.) How to explore location during travel phase? 3.) When u put shadow card on enemy during encounter phase do u that card after phase put into discarde pile or back into encounter deck? 4.) what happen with enemy is satgging when I complete quest? 5.) Can someone explain me quest 3B from 1st scenario? Do I need to find that monster from encounter deck and put into stagging or I need to wait that player came into play?
  16. Can someone explain me how to got 3rd succes token as attacker in a story? first I will get if I win in investigation duel, 2nd if I have more skill points at the and. And how to get 3rd?
  17. I know that I can got first action but I think that 2nd player have advantages bcs when I put charachter into story he can easy put his charachter to block me and got more investigation points. Do I faild with understand rules.
  18. 1. Can someone tell me how to use card "cathouse" in the game? 2. And I want know what is advantages of be active player?
  19. U can chose how many character can participate in challenge there is no restriction, but after challenge you must kneel participate characters.
  20. when u ask about card the best it to put image of card on post. U can find all card on this link agot.dbler.com javascript:void(0);/*1330266956618*/
  21. On the top I put wrong image sry.
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